Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crash and Burn

It's official. My computer has crashed. I was playing games online when all of a sudden I hear a sound go "Bloop", and then the screen went black. Then the whole thing shut down and decided to not work.

I'm so glad I saved MOST of my folders on an external backup drive, but I had some important stuff that I wanted to save but forgot to. 

I took it to the workshop to get it fixed and the technician said "he'll see what he can do". I think this is code for "This is a crappy situation." He said I should get a new one. Well, I should have a long time ago, but I was lazy, and now I'm bankrupt and in debt (damn credit cards).

I want it to work! It MUST work. This lady can't stand not having her old, faithful broken-down piece of metal. *sniff*

Sunday, December 21, 2008


If the title doesn't explain itself, allow me to elaborate. I am really tired of getting excited over a cute guy without knowing if he's married or not. I'm not going to delve into the subject of single or attached, it's kind of a gray area. Let's just say that checking out a married man is completely different from checking out an unwed attached guy.

For those of you who are not Kuwaiti, let me explain that most of the Kuwaiti men do not wear their wedding rings. When I asked some of my married male relatives why, they answered that it feels like they're wearing jewelry and that rings were made for women. Also, that wedding rings are not a Kuwaiti tradition, but more of a western tradition that got incorporated into ours. However, Kuwaiti married women almost always wear their wedding rings.

Anyway, it happens to my friends and I all the time. We're sitting at a restaurant or cafe or wherever, and a cute guy would be checking one of us out. Well, being the 'good girls' that we are, we don't do anything (except ask each other if he's still looking). Most of the time, it doesn't go anywhere. After we (or he) leave, nothing happens and you don't see the guy ever again. Other times, the guy might be waiting for you to reciprocate. But truthfully, how can you tell if he's single or not? Which brings me to another problem, which I'm going to talk about in another post, why are men not making the first move nowadays??

Back to the marriage thing, there's this one guy who ALWAYS stares at me and checks me out no matter how I look and thank God I have no interest in him whatsoever because I just found out I KNOW HIS WIFE. Now imagine if I had been excited by this, how would it feel to know that he's married? I would be hurt! Imagine if someone pursued a relationship with the idiot?? They would be crushed!

So finally, before this post gets too long, please help this poor single lady out, and make her road to couple-dom easier by wearing your freakin' wedding rings!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'll Give It a Shot

Ok so I thought I'd give this a shot again. And by 'this' I mean blogging. A lot of times, when I'm thinking about something, I say to myself "I've got to write about this." And then I'd get on my computer, write it, hit save and turn off the computer. I like to write, and I do almost everyday. But sometimes writing something and saving it isn't the same as letting other people read it. When others read what I write, even if its some random thought, it's like letting them into your personal space. And sometimes I need that. Because God knows my mind sometimes speaks to itself!

Anyway, some people emailed me while I was away (thank you guys it really meant a lot to me!) asking me if I'll come back to my blog, so I thought, "I must be doing something right if people - even if it's just a few- actually want me to write again!"

A couple of things that made me consider quitting:

  • Some people make it their soul mission to find out who a blogger is. If I'm writing with an alias, it means I don't want you to know! Being anonymous makes you write more freely. And if I can't get that, then what's the purpose of my blog?
  • Another thing is, I felt like blogging made me part of "a group". I don't really know why, but I just didn't want that. I have my own 'group' in real life, but blogging is the other side of me - the independent side. In some ways, blogging felt like we all had to stick together and say nice things about each other, kinda like a clique. And there was a lot of "You visit my blog and I'll visit yours". I want you to read this because you like my blog, and not for any other reason.
  • Sometimes controversy can get out of hand. If you're a constant reader here, you'll understand what I'm talking about. I actually enjoy controversy because it means that we all have our own thoughts and ideas and not afraid to speak our minds. But threatening, trash-talking and other things that I don't want to get into? That's just crazy! If I say something that makes you mad, then by all means GET MAD. But GET OVER IT. That's life!

Pheew! Now that's that over with.. I think I'm back. For now.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Not Definite. Still Maybe.

I miss my blog. I've been missing it for a while now.

I took a break first, then during my break I decided I didn't wanna do it anymore. But now I miss it. I read lurk some of the new blogs out there and I reminisce about my (so-called) old days.

I heard some of the bloggers I used to know have stopped now. I don't know. Guess I'll have to find out.

There are many reasons I decided to stop. I'm not going into detail unless you really want to know.

Anyway, this is not a definite "I'm back". It depends on how I feel after I post this.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Leave


I'm tired. Exhausted. Emotionally and physically.

Thanks to those of you who emailed or commented asking about me. To keep this short. I'm taking a break.

I'll be back. I just don't know when. Maybe in a week. A month. A year. Maybe not that long.

Until next time, friends..

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Monday, April 28, 2008



Am I the only one who doesn't understand this commercial?

Please explain.


Image (source)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Technical Help Please

Can anybody recommend a good Internet Service Provider in Kuwait?

We're currently with UCC, previously QualityNet, and we're not too happy with our current provider. The connection freezes up a lot and often we're left with days of no service. Also, every time we call, they don't answer the Technical Support calls unless you call the Sales desk - who always answer the calls -  and complain that the Tech people aren't answering.

So, any recommendations please? And some explaining as to why, would be excellent thanks.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Reply

Since it is going to take a long time to reply to each and every one who commented on this post, I decided to reply in a post, just to make some things clear.

Swair: please research your facts before you post an accusation like that..

I got a lot of comments stating the blogger credited PostSecret when she first started the Post.a.No.Secret blog. Well, I DID research the facts. Otherwise, I wouldn't write a post about it. It doesn't matter if you credit something if you're going to copy it, also with a very similar name. The idea of PostSecret is a good one, and really fun. But what I'm saying is, WHY COPY IT? I'm sure there are so many different spin-offs to that idea.

Delicately Realistic said: Thanks for bashing the memory of our old friend.

Why are people offended just because I dissed a blog for copying an idea? They're taking it personally and defending a blogger called Papillona, who is the one behind the blog.

Why?? This is not something personal! And I'm not bashing any 'memory'. The memories you had were related to her other blog. I did not insult her in any way, I only criticized this new blog, regardless of who created it.

When we create blogs, we have to prepare ourselves for criticism because we're putting ourselves out there. Do you think world famous artists weren't criticized at some point in their life? Does that make them any less loved? There are so many artists who credit other artists in influencing their work. But do they copy the original artist's style and work? No, they work FROM it.

I'm sure she was loved and has fans who were sad when she stopped blogging but this is a critique of the blog - and not the person or her personality.

Miyafushi said: I think you owe Papillona an apology.
Either way, just to let you know, you just dissed one of the first and most loved bloggers around.
Not good.
P.S. Is this post your equivalent of creative?

Again, why is this personal? Creating a blog that's an imitation of another and having someone not like it, does not mean that it makes that person less loved. It just makes them look less creative. This has nothing to do with her personality. I'm sure she's a great person who started the blog with good intentions.

The reason I wrote that post was because it really annoys me when in the Arab World, we have people who frequently copy ideas from others whereas they have SO MUCH CREATIVITY that if put to good use, they could come up with GENIUS ideas.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Repeat After Me: COPYCAT

There's a reason why our part of the world are called followers and not leaders. It's because of people like this.

This is not meant to be a blog bashing post, but seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Ok, let me elaborate. There's a very POPULAR blog in the blogosphere called PostSecret. They're so popular they've even published books about it. Basically, readers and the public in general are invited to send postcards to PostSecret that state their deepest secret, and of course it's posted on the blog. The idea being that sometimes, you want to spill out your secret to the whole world, but you want to do it anonymously. And that's a fun and creative way to do it.

Now, what bothers me, is people who go and SHAMELESSLY AND BLATANTLY COPY the whole idea, and claim it as their own. Today, I found through Safat, a blog called Post.A.No.Secret.

The 'blogger' invites people to send images displaying their secrets to his/her email, where in turn he/she posts them on the blog. Ok, let's break this down shall we?



FIRST, Copycat's layout and black background, is the same as the original.

SECOND, the Original blog is called POSTSECRET, because of the POSTCARDS that people send to the blogger. At least have the decency to come up with another name!

THIRD, to protect the identity and anonymity of the sender, the postcards are MAILED (with no return address) and not emailed.

FOURTH, come up with your own God-damned freakin' idea!

So, again, if I bashed this blogger, I'm sorry, but he/she probably deserved it. PostSecret has had hundreds of millions of visitors since they started because of their originality and ingenuity.

Maybe if the copycat blogger channeled a little bit more creativity into his/her blog, they would probably have some more original content, and would spare us the shame of people claiming that Arabs/Kuwaitis are imitators.


Oh My God. Blogger's Block?

Is it happening already? Do I have writer's blogger's block?

God, I don't know why, but the posts are just not. coming. out. I used to be able to write a trillion posts a day, due to the overflowing amount of thoughts in my head.

Could it be that I am *GASP* at a loss for words? Trust me, if you know me in real life, you will know that this DOES NOT HAPPEN. I am a woman of opinion, and I always have something to say.

I think it may be due to the fact that:

A. I discovered I am NOT workforce material.

B. I am turning into such a political freak it's scaring me.

C. I CAN'T WAIT for the elections. Seriously.

D. It's wedding season, and I need to be in better shape for all those dresses that I'm gonna be wearing.

E. I'm constantly thinking about the summer holidays, and how I'm not going to be able to travel with my family like I used to because I have a freakin' job and I can't take 3 month long vacations. *sob*

F. It could also be the fact that I am sooo behind on my emails and blog reading that I just want to delete everything and start from scratch.

I realize that I could go on until Z.. So I'm going to stop.

So please excuse the lack of posts. I know you're disappointed. Stop pulling your hair out and bawling like babies. Put the knives DOWN. You don't want to hurt yourselves (or me) now do you?

I need a solution. Any ideas, people?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Tidbit

I realized that I missed a few people who were blog supporters and readers since I first started blogging, and because I was -and still am- reaaaally busy (you can't even imagine), I forgot to add them to my Blogroll.

I know it might not be important to some people, but it is to me because really this blog would NOT be here without your constant support, criticism and sarcasm. And maybe even jealousy due to my super success and (in the words of Miss Kimora Lee Simmons) fabulousity, not to mention the millions I'm making off these ads).

So I'd just like to say that I'm going to be adding people to my blogroll as I go along, and whenever I remember them..

Today I remembered Amuq8. He used to visit my blog a lot, and comment, etc etc.. And I just completely lost touch in between my busy-ness. So here's to you Mr. Amu. You probably don't even remember my blog, but thanks for supporting me in the beginning!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well.. Well.. What Have We Here?

I checked my blog today to find some interesting news. Apparently I've been added to Safat. I don't know when this happened, since I've applied ages ago (9 months to be precise). I might as well have given birth. But anyway.. thanks? I guess..

It's going to be kind of a new experience finding comments from new visitors. Just like the days when I first started blogging and I found a myriad of new visitors every day.

I'd like to give a big hug and huge thanks to those who stood by my side all this time, through the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope I made your time just as enjoyable as you have made mine (you better be nodding your heads). I really REALLY couldn't have done it without you.

And to all the new visitors.. Umm.. welcome?

I hope you enjoy your time here, because this is truly one of the best blogs out there. This blog is a drug. You will become addicted. You will come back. Many, many times.

You've been warned.

Friday, April 18, 2008


           cartoon internet surfing

In continuation of my previous post, I thought I'd post this tidbit regarding some statistics related to my blog.

According to my Sitemeter statistics, the majority of my readers visit my blog between 12 am and 3 am Kuwait time.

What am I? Porn??

If this is you, visitor, you better have a good explanation for this! Because I will not, I repeat NOT, be the mistress in this blogging relationship.

You better make time for me during your 'supposedly' busy day. Don't blame it on being swamped at the office because we all know you do most of your web surfing over there. And don't go making excuses about the time difference, because I KNOW 90% of my readers live here.

This Lady has a boat and she's not afraid of using it, because there are PLENTY of blogging fish in the sea. Hmph.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Search Queries That Get You Here


I'm going to add this feature to my blog. Ever since I added sitemeter to my blog, I (naturally) get statistics regarding my site. One of the cool things about it, is you get to know how people came found your site, (through other sites/blogs or through search engines) and what they searched for.

Some people searched for the weirdest things! And what's even more funny, is how the search engines decided that my blog fit that search query so well.

@hotmail.com  safat  2008

Is this an address search? An email search? Why is there a year involved?

Girl on girl action (22 times and counting)

Poor guys (or girls) must be really disappointed.

Rubbing shaking fat off

Apparently Google heard that I was on a diet.

I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirm able Bank Draft

This is from a Japanese search engine. This was typed in the search engine box when I got there. Creepy! They might as well have said "I'm watching you".

Transparent Bra

Ok that's justifiable. I have a post with that title.

Cruella DeVille Hair

Obviously Google thinks its funny to send Cruella seekers my way. I have 3 grey hairs and you have to rub it in??

Girls funny stories about bras

I'm assuming this is a guy because we girls are tormented by bras, and rarely find them funny. To him I say: Try attaching two heavy sacks to your chest and hold them together with a strap and two strings. How funny is it now? Not so much, right? What's that you say? Backache? Yeah I thought so.

الناس صنفان موتى في حياتهم

Translation: There are two types of people. Dead when they are alive.. (incomplete sentence)

I shudder to think WHY they were directed to my site. WHY??

Bottomless Girl

As opposed to a topless girl? Jerk. Sleaze-bag. Or maybe they were looking for a girl with literally no bottom. Poor thing..

Lady on girl

That would be illegal wouldn't it?


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Sunday, April 13, 2008


The title says it all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Office


The Cubicle Cult. "Get me outta heeeere.."

Yeah, no not the show. My office. The place where I work. Which is not as hilarious as the original The Office (both the U.K and U.S versions).  It's not even mildly hilarious. To be honest, if it weren't for the $$$$, I would be outta there in a nanosecond.

I have to include you guys into the wonderful snoozefest of a world that I call my work. From this day on, I'm going to call it The Job or The Office.

Ok, so I work in this place. So far, it has been boring. I doze off during meetings. I check my emails, read blogs and surf the web during work. I then stopped reading blogs and logging into my account because of The Snoop and The Ghost (see below).

My department is made up of cubicles. Lots and lots of them. You have a better chance of finding me in Alice in Wonderland's Maze than trying to reach my cubicle at work. My cubicle makes me feel like a lab rat. The department is full of men. Plenty of sleaze bags. No good-looking guys. Whatever shall I do! *Sobbing*

Unfortunately, I feel I have to introduce you to the cast of The Office. Some of them will be permanent fixtures, others will make appearances. And some of them are just extras on the set - you see them, but you don't hear them. 

The Snoop/ The Know-It-All: She likes to know everything about anything and anyone. She also knows what shoe size you wear, reader. Yes, even you Grey. And Wendy - all the way in NY. She creeps up on me and always looks at what is on my screen. She's also the office know-it-all. She knows the ins and outs and everything in between. She likes to remind you that she knows everything.

The Diva: I've heard that she makes a big deal out of everything. Drama Queen, if you will. Haven't seen anything yet. Can't wait for the dramz!

The Friendly: Friendly. Helps a lot.

The Indian Guy: He's the office number geek accountant. He works hard for his money. He has a really thick accent. Often, I don't understand what he says. He's nice.

The Ghost: He's the boss. He has no footsteps. He makes no sound. He appears suddenly behind your desk. *Shudder*

The Coffee Guy: He could be my best friend. He understands my (coffee) needs + moods. He gets me coffee without me even asking. He knows I'm watching my weight, and always gets me green tea and/or sugar free coffee. Aaww!

Extras: The Kuwaiti Guy, The Mom, The Workaholic, The Other Kuwaiti Guy, Another Kuwaiti Guy, The Sleaze, The Other Sleaze, Even More Sleazes, The Egyptian Girl. Other Indian Guy.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

You Asked, I Answered

So, my lovely readers/lurkers/stalkers/friends, this is the moment you've all been waiting for.. The answers to your intruding questions and more questions. I answered each and every single one of them honestly and without holding back. (Thank you N. for the majority of questions :p)

And you know what? I discovered that behind this screen/blog, I'm not as shy as I am in real life. Does this mean I should wear a mask when I go out? Just a thought. Enjoy!

Chika: If you were invited to attend the bloggers meeting, knowing that females will be attending, will you show up?!

I want to meet my blogger friends, so I might. I don't mind if there are guys there either. Unless I decide to stay Anon, in which case I won't. But I will RSVP!

Hasan.b: Who will you vote for in the upcoming elections? The 4 people that you will vote for with their names please!

For now, I'm leaning towards:

Adel Al-Sarawi, Mohammed Al-Mulla, Naji Al-Abdulhadi, Ahmed Al-Mulaifi.

They're all subject to change, except for Al-Sarawi. He gets my vote definitely!

Peaceful Mind: How many times have you fallen in love?

Zero. Which is a bit sad really. But considering that I'm single, it's probably a good thing because I would have been heartbroken had I been in love. I don't believe in the saying "Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" because I've seen friends who were in love and lost their mates, and they were crushed. It sucked big time. So none for me thanks. I DO want to be in love, but I want to be swept off my feet. Literally and metaphorically. Haven't met a person who did that.. yet..

N.: Where's the post about work? Is it so blah that it doesn't deserve a post?

It's coming up. I wrote it, I just always forget to publish it because something more important comes along.

Grey: Why the name 'this lady says'?

I dont know actually. Its the 2nd name I came up with. I can't remember the first name I came up with. 'This Lady Says' was befitting for me because I always have something to say, and because I'm a lady (I think?)..

N.: What's your type of guy?

GORGEOUS! Tall, dark hair, boyish features (no cutie baby or girly faced ones for me). NOT HAIRY. Ew. I dont care if he's thin or chubby, but NOT FAT. It's a matter of perspective, really. The guys I think are hot, are usually ones my friends think are not. So.. I don't know. I dont like huge noses. Crooked or imperfect is fine. Just not a big ass shnoz. And I don't like short or white guys either. I like my men to have a bit of color. No ghostly pale ones thankyouverymuch.(Sorry if I offended anyone)

N.: What is the worst thing that you've done?

I was a bully in Middle School, and probably during High School as well. I wasn't THE bully, but I did bully or make fun of some of the 'nerds' and 'weirdos' at school. And I remember really well that they didnt have any friends, and they always sat alone during lunch breaks. Whenever I remember some of the things I did, and whenever I remember those people, I feel like the worst creature on earth. I wrote about it, but I didnt publish the post. I dont know why.

N.: If social norms and such didn't hold you back, what would be the wildest thing you'd do?

Probably live abroad in a big glam city like New York or London. I would probably have a boy toy or live in boyfriend or some kind of "male" species lying around the house. I would live a jetsetter's life, assuming that I had the money. Hmm.. I dont know if that's wild enough, because I'm a pretty laid back person.

Shoush: Any love/crushes lately? If so, what's the story (in detail :P)?

I crush 600 times per minute. I forget a crush every time I find a new one. I wish I could say that one of them developed into love, but sadly no. I feel like a 12 year old because I still CANNOT get out of the crush phase DAMMIT! Why did you have to remind me??? (To know the types of guys I crush on, refer to N.'s 'type of guy' question above)

eshda3wa: Ever went on a blind date or met with a stranger?

I met with an Internet friend once when I was a teenager. She was really sweet and funny online, but in real life she was a bit weird and she knew a lot of guys - if you know what I mean. And she was not my type.

Dee: Out of curiosity, did you ever watch porn?

You said the magic word, curiosity. I'm not ashamed of saying yes I did, purely out of curiosity. And I was really young too! To say that it grossed/freaked me out would be an understatement. I also wondered why it was that only the women were fully nude, but the men weren't, their privates were always concealed. I still don't know why. I still get the odd funny/dirty email forwards from my funny/dirty friend, and I still freak out all the time. My (future) husband will have to deal with his wife's issues!

N.: Ever wanted to be a guy? if yes, then for what reason?

Yes. For all of the reasons possible. For a more elaborate intellectual answer, read here. And for all the obvious dirty/pervy reasons, read any guy's brain!

N.: Do you consider yourself normal?

Sometimes I think I'm the weirdest person in the world.. until I find someone who thinks the same way I do about a specific silly/weird topic. Then I think I'm not. But overall, I don't think I'm 'the norm' at all. I'm as different as they come.

Big Pearls: Have you ever been in love?

See above for answer.

Oranjina Fadidra: What's your deepest darkest secret that you always try to hide?

I actually don't have one. My life is an open book. I try to be secretive sometimes, but it just doesnt work! Maybe I dont have one because I never did something reaaaally bad either. I'm trying to remember but every secret of mine, there's at least one person that knows about it.

Oh, and if I had one, I would definitely not say it! There's always a chance of my 'identity' being found out..

Four Me: What is your biggest regret?

Oooh plenty! Mostly they're education choices, like "Why didn't I study at that college?" or "Why didn't I study that major instead of this one?".. Probably my biggest regret is being sort of a mean girl in school, and maybe turning down a few guys that could have been 'The One'. I don't know I'm trying to think about THE BIGGEST regret, but I'm not getting any.. Just a few small ones.

g and I: What's your favorite blog?

I'm being absolutely honest. My Blogging Familia (see right) are my favorites. I make it a point to read them before anything else. I didn't have a Blogroll before because I read so many blogs, but now I decided to add one that includes my top faves. The ones I always navigate to first and foremost, and the ones who have read my blog from the beginning..

marzouq: Have you ever flapped (slapped?) someone really really hard?

No. I have zero muscle strength, so even if I tried my hand would fall off. I might have slapped my bro when we used to fight during our pre-teen years but I can't remember.

zed: Are you making money from these ads?

Yes I am, but very very little. My ads are getting better thank God! I get some banks and Wataniya ads and other more appropriate ones than the "Online Dating Singles" ones. And you don't get a check until you reach $100, which I'm still not even close to. But anyway, it doesn't hurt to try! (Just in case I get kicked out of my job)

ms.d: What movie star do people say you resemble?

Angelina Jolie. LOL. I don't know I've been told I look like more than one actress/singer/etc, but I will refrain from saying just so you don't get any false images in your head (and no not all of them are hot). I will say that  I'm always told I resemble some of the more ethnic stars.

ms.d: Do you know how to draw/paint?

Yes I do, its one of my hobbies.

ms.d: Do you eat kidneys/livers/tongues?

Eew! NO. Never. I hate them. I tried but it tasted like blood, so NO.

ms.d: Are you an accountant?

NO. I hate accounting. I DO know how to manage my money, but I choose to spend it hahaha. No really, I do have some savings "7ag il yom il aswad" Hahaha. Translation: For the black day. If you need any help, seriously I can help.

And that's it! I had fun! Really I never knew an 'interview' could be this enjoyable. Sorry I had to make you wait, but I hope it's worth it. Cheers!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Chance..

Hey dudes and dudettes,

This is your last chance to ask me any nosey and completely inappropriate questions this weekend. I compiled all of the questions into a nice neat little questionnaire. So far, I've answered all of the questions you asked.

If there are any more people out there, or if the ones who already asked would like to ask another one, feel free to do that (I'm scratching the "only one question" part).

My next post will be posted on Sunday.

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Laptop Choice - Help Needed

No this is not my laptop, but it might as well be. Source gaygamer.net

I need a new laptop. Mine is literally hanging on by a wire. The screen decides to flop down when it gets tired. I get all types of pop ups and errors and it freezes a lot. I'm also pretty sure there's a cockroach inside trying to get out because it makes the weirdest internal noises. It could substitute for a heater during the winter season because there's something wrong with the fan and it gets insanely hot. The fan can also substitute for an airplane engine due to its loud noise. It also shakes when the weather is cold. I think its part human. Was once drowned by yoghurt. Sometimes used as a tray (when extremely-bright-maid decided to put a cup of tea or coffee on top, as well as the odd bowl of cereal).

Remind me why I'm getting a new one? This ones a keeper! It's multi-purpose! Actually its been through a lot and it deserves to have some rest. I'm keeping it as a substitute/side computer thing.
Also its too heavy for me now (for more on my health issues go here) and I've had it for a while now - 5 years maybe. I don't know what to get. I thought I'll ask some of my more tech enthusiastic bloggers (Read: Marzouq et al.).
Here are some of my criteria:
  • It has to be a laptop. No desktops.
  • Not heavy. I want to carry it around.
  • No tiny screens. I have poor eyesight.
  • No unknown brands.
  • Good screen - visual quality.
  • Sleek and chic looking.
  • I'm not too keen on a Mac. I'm loyal to Windows.
  • Something of good quality and available in Kuwait.
  • No extremely high prices and complicated ones. I'm no Bill Gates.
Recommendations please.

What Do You Want To Know?

I saw this on someone's blog recently. Sorry I can't give them the credit because i can't bother to check cant remember.

Since I love my blogging familia so much, I decided to do a fun thing. I will allow each person to ask me one question only. It can be anything you've been wondering about. It can be something private. It can be something silly. It can be ANYTHING. I will answer as honestly as I can. If I feel some of them are innappropriate, I will ignore them, but try anyway :P

On another note, do you get the feeling that you know a blogger so well, you might as well be friends in real life? There are so many i want to meet, and I'm kinda scared that if I ever see them, they won't look like what  I imagined, and everything will be ruined! Hahaha I know I'm weird.

But seriously, I would love to meet each and every single one of you people on the right (My Blogroll) and more if possible! Most of you were with there for me ever since I started blogging, and some of you I just added recently.

So anyway. Shoot. I'll collect all the q's and post them (with everybody's name), so you'll know who asked the silly or pervy ones :p

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Banner

See the banner to your right? The one that says VOTE 2008. I made it to show my support for the elections.

If you want to show your support as well, you can right-click, save it and add it to your blog.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the upcoming elections. Many of you are probably sick to death of political talk and whatnot, but really i have to do this. this is something i'm passionate about. Not politics, but MY COUNTRY. The goings on in Kuwait is not something i can just watch without doing anything about. the least i can do is talk to people about it, write about it, and choose to act upon it.

I think that the parliamentary elections are SO important, i cant even describe it in one post. Voting for candidates is CRUCIAL! These people are the legislatures of our country. they MAKE the laws. They are the voice of the public because they were nominated by the public, and voted for by the public. THEY ARE THE PUBLIC.

They are the crew of a ship called Kuwait. They will lead us to our destination or they can get lost on their way. If they work together cooperatively, they will acheive goals. If they dont, then we'll all die in the storm.

What they do and say affects US. Every single one of us! How can we just sit by and let the elections come and go without doing anything about it?

I know many Kuwaitis were dissapointed by the majority of the previous members. I know they failed us in more ways than one. I know that. And this is why we should do our part and vote for the ones we think deserve it!

If you're not happy with the returning candidates, then don't vote for them! Vote for someone new and fresh. Go to their rallies. Listen to them talk. Hear what they have to say. Don't let anyone's opinions change what you feel. If you feel that someone is deserving, then go ahead. Give them your vote.

And please PLEASE do not vote for someone just because they are a relative, friend, acquaintance, part of your tribe, have a certain religious belief, Sunni, Shiite, man, woman. Vote for them because they DESERVE IT and because THEY'RE GOOD. No not good. GREAT.

I will vote for someone who I believe takes a stand. I will be religiously blind. I will not vote based on math'hab (Sunni vs. Shiite). I will not vote based on tribe. I think that's ridiculous. I will be gender blind. I will vote for the better person. Not the better sex. I am a woman. But if i feel that a male candidate is more deserving, then he will get my vote. I will use my brain and that part called logic, to see who is more deserving in my mind.

The candidates. You, voters, can make or break that person. Dont think that you cant do anything. I remember the last elections, and some people won with a difference of TENS of votes. Its that close.

A few other bloggers already wrote about this topic. I can only remember Baroque, and she makes a good point.

However, to reply to Baroque and others who are just as pessimistic as her, I'd like to tell them that if they dont want a certain candidate to win then they should use their vote to help someone else they think is more deserving. And believe me there are so many who are deserving. Hear them out. They need you and you need them.

The future is literally in OUR HANDS. Just a few checks on that peice of paper, and dropping it into the ballot is all it takes. A few seconds thats all. And YOU can change OUR FUTURE.



Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Radio Stations, Please

The title says it. But I also need to repeat it. WE NEED MORE RADIO STATIONS IN KUWAIT. If not, then at least some GOOD MUSIC for God's sake!

You're probably thinking, "T.L, what the hell? Who listens to the radio here anymore?" And to answer that, I'll say, "Of course I don't listen to the awful Kuwaiti radio stations, but this is what forced me to.."

My iPod's battery ran out last week ( I know, last week). Well I'm a lazy cow cat sometimes and I'm superbusy all the time, so in turn, I forgot to recharge my iPod. Also, I only listen to music in the car (or in parties) because when I'm with people, or when I'm doing some kind of work, I like to focus. Another thing, I have a car but I don't go driving a lot because my only outings are to specific destinations and back. Therefore, limited music time.

Aaaanyway, forgot to recharge iPod, blah blah blah.. So I got in the car Thursday and was about to turn on the iPod, when I remembered it was dead. So I turned on the radio instead. And what I got was a load of crap.

To summarize:

88.8 Marina FM- I loved them to death. Funny DJ's, always have something to talk about. I LOVE DGHAISHEM. HE. ROCKS. Funniest guy on Radio. Ever.

However, the morning DJ's are annoying. Noura and someone else. They have the most awkward dialogue and can't put a sentence together to save their life. For example, DJ Unknown in the morning show was reading a newspaper snippet about a girl who was born with two heads. And he said, "Oh now everyone will call her TWO FACED and FOUR EYES." WHO SAYS THAT???? The poor girl has another head sticking out of her neck! Ya think she's gonna have a hard time?

Also, increasingly sappy music almost all the time. At least its the best of the bunch.

92.5 Easy FM- Jazz or classic music I think. Do they still call it 'Easy FM'? Anyway, not my type. Don't listen to it.

95.7 Sawa- Ho-hum. Its ok. No DJ's, just music and brief news report. They like to repeat the same songs as well.

99.7 Super Station RKFM - Please God, tell me that they're kidding when they call it the SUPER station! Did anybody notice that they always play "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica?? Someone on that station has some issues. I swear every freakin time I turn on that station, it has that same cheesy 90's overplayed song! Its not even a classic! Jeez! Plus endless 90's songs like 'Barbie Girl' WTF? etc. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR DJ'S.

And how about that Latina Mina ? She's annoying. Overdoing and promoting her latinolicious self. Sorry. And your show is 'The Drive Back', its not the 'Salsa Show' so why do you play it all the time? The percentage of Latinos in Kuwait is probably equal to the percentage of Russians here. She has a better chance of becoming popular if she played some Indian or Pilipino.

103.7 (The Arabic Music one)- NO COMMENT. Actually I do want to comment. The fact that I don't even know the station's name says it all. Your callers are annoying. They sound like ignorant male chauvinists who blatantly say they're ditching work and are hungry for machboos*, or baby-voiced women/girls/ladies who call to say they have nothing to say. "Emm.. madri shagool.." Translation: "Um.. I don't know what to say" THEN DONT CALL, IDIOT!

How about their horrible choice in music? Unknown musicians? Check. Sappy crappy voice/lyrics songs? Check. Repeat above choices? Check and Check.

107.9 - (Not sure about the station #) The American radio station that transmits from the US I think? VOA - Voice of America? Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll catch a nice set of songs. Otherwise, its jazz, or introduction to the English language. Snooze.

97.5 - Arabic Talk radio, which if I need to hear voices, I'll listen to. Sometimes they have good topics.

There's also the Koran station which I don't listen to because I don't like the reader's voice and because I like to listen to music in the car. 

In the end, I decided to turn off that shizz and listen to the floating concert of thoughts in my head. Much more entertaining.


*Kuwaiti dish - rice piled high + meat or chicken thrown on top. Delicious.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How To Beat Time

(And other funky tips)


A lot of times I find myself with little time on my hands, but enough to do something with it. So I decide to check out the blogs I usually read. If I have more time, I’ll check out others as well.

Due to the insufficient amount of time on hand, and the growing amount of favorites, it’s too much of a hassle for me to check each and every blog by clicking on Favorites.

And then there was light.

And there was Google Reader.

It is the BEST! It’s like your own personal Blog Aggregate. Hah! Take that Kuwait-Blogs-Aggregate-who-still-did-not-add-me-after-6+ months.

  1. You enter the blogs that you want, and every time someone updates a post, it will show that Blog’s name with a number between brackets next to it, telling you the number of posts you haven’t read yet.
  2. It even updates as you are reading, so no need to refresh the site or anything.
  3. Added bonus: It doesn’t need installation. Just login and get going. Can be accessed anywhere.

Oh Google guy! Marry me! Make me the most efficient (and happiest) woman alive!

Next up: Del.icio.us

It bookmarks sites, posts, articles and whatever else you find on the Internet. Before I started using this, I used to copy and paste the posts I liked, or saved pictures directly to my computer. I created folders within folders to organize all the files and photos. But with Del.icio.us, you can save them without the hassle. This is done in 2 ways:

  1. Involves installing a toolbar to your browser, and then every time you want to save something you like, you click on “Post to Del.icio.us” and then edit the details whenever you want. The toolbar is installed only on your computer.
  2. Works by copying the link and posting it to your Del.icio.us page, in which case you should always leave another browser page open to your Del.icio.us account. Useful for office computers when you can’t download anything.

Added bonus: can be accessed anywhere and there’s no risk of losing your bookmarks thru lets say a computer crash. Neat, huh?

Stay tuned for more tips from the ever so kind and generous and gorgeous This Lady.

Sunday, March 16, 2008



I am officially E.M.P.L.O.Y.E.D

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Realized..


That my biggest fear..


Is Fear itself.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Reason(s) I Was Away

I love my blog. I didn’t think there was ever a time that I was intentionally going to be away from it, or to stop blogging. Ever. It is such a writing/venting outlet for me, to say things that I want to say, express my thoughts, my anger, my humor (yes, I think I'm funny), my mind in general.

Well, the past month was a really hectic one for me. I was running around doing all sorts of things people-who-want-to-earn-a-living have to do. They’re so many, and I need to explain them, but that would take a month, so I’ll just list them and briefly elaborate.

· I was applying for jobs. Overdosed on CV’s, phone calls, paperwork, the whole deal. Hated it.

· Doing house chores/errands because my parents think its ok to treat their kids like oompa loompas. Love/Hate.

· Gazillion social obligations that I had to do because I’m Kuwait’s Paris Hilton. Love/Hate.

· Trying to organize my hobbies & side projects to fit into my socialite life. Hate.

· Attempting a new, healthy balanced diet & exercise regimen. Unsuccesful. Hate.

· Keeping track of my numerous emails which I realized are too many for 1 human being (where the hell did they come from??) Love/Hate.

· Wanted to take a break from my life before I start work. Love it.

· Traveled for a little more than a week to Dubai. Loved it! (More on that in later posts)

I'm so worried that when I start working I'm going to have to reduce performing one or more of the above tasks. How can you bloggers do this? Blogging frequently, I mean. Gold stars to all of you!

At this rate, I'm going to have to marry a blogger, get him to write about ME, and thus provide more time for ME.

Which brings me to this point. I don't have a lot of ME time. Really, I need it.. Hmm.. maybe during the summer when the social scene is quiet and my family travels abroad. Quiet time for MEEE..!

And finally..

To all of you readers/friends/fans/stalkers, thank you so much for asking about me via this blog, thru email and the letters flooding our house's mailbox. It means a hell of a lot to me to know that my writing actually appeals to some people. Stalkers: not THAT kind of appeal.

Who knew, right?

Thanks and big hugs and kisses go out to you all. Buy my album – it’s dropping next week.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Beautiful Mind

A Tribute to Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubei

1949 - 2008


Yesterday, Kuwait lost one of its most respected and influential men, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubei, Harvard Graduate, Professor of Philosophy at Kuwait University, former Member of Parliament and former Minister of Education, in addition to being a well known political activist.

I am extremely proud to call this man a Kuwaiti. He was known for his golden tongue, his beautiful mind and his uninhibited prose. A man whose speech was never devoid of meaning. A man whose work was in constant evolution. A man whose heart belonged to this country.  A man whose patriotism knew no ends. A man who never stopped believing in this country. A man who never stopped believing in the power of the youth.

I was fortunate to have seen Dr. Al-Rubei on several occasions; in several lectures in universities; political rallies; and TV appearances. I am not exaggerating when I say the man’s speech delivery was mesmerizing. He had a way of convincing you in more ways than one that what he was saying was right. Not in a sly way. But in a truly logical way.

A model of modesty, I will never forget when a student asked him in a lecture at Kuwait University “What will you do if you are not elected as an MP again?” and he answered simply and honestly “I will go back to the chalk and the chalkboard (el 6abasheer wil saboora) of course!”. I remember thinking to myself, “An MP and former Minister declaring ever so simply that he will go back to his days of teaching! How very humble!” How many people would say that, let alone do that, honestly? Very few, I tell you. Very few.

Your actions and movements towards the development of Kuwait will never be forgotten. Your sacrifices and your constant efforts to make this country grow stronger and more united will never be in vain. Rest assured, Dr. Al-Rubei, they were never in vain.

My only consolation to your family, Mr. Al-Rubei, and to the rest of the country, is not to mourn a beautiful life for ending, but to celebrate this life for having achieved so much, and giving so much, in this brief period of time. Others may live longer than you, but they will never achieve the tiniest fraction of what you have done.

You will be remembered in history as an activist who never stopped giving, and who never gave up. You will be remembered by young people like me, as a father figure who never stopped guiding us. You will be remembered by your friends as a loyal brother with the most motivating discussions. You will be remembered by your family as a loving husband, father, and brother.

Words are not enough, sir, to describe you. To say you have a beautiful mind is not enough. To say you led a remarkable life is not enough. To say you are the epitome of patriotism is not enough. I hope the world never stops producing more Ahmed Al-Rubei’s. Of that, we can never have enough.

You will be missed, Dr. Al-Rubei, but never forgotten. Never forgotten.


Yours truly,

A daughter. A sister. A student. An activist.

A patriot.

Just. Like. You.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Reply

After my two previous posts The Patriot and The Audacity , I got some pretty interesting comments (and one hate mail). I decided to reply to the comments in a whole post because replying to each individual will result in an extreeeemely long comment.

First off, to clear some things:

In The Audacity post when I said I’d rather be an Isreali than a Hezbollah member, yes I meant it, and still do. To me, it’s much worse for people of the same religion killing each other, than for people of opposite religions to do that (at least each one of them has a completely different faith). I don’t encourage any kind of hate, especially religion, but when it comes to choose, I’d choose the lesser of the two evils.

For Shosho who asked if they found out who hijacked the Jabriyah plane. The whole world knew ever since the event happened that Meghniyeh (and Hezbollah) were behind the hijacking of the plane because there were hundreds of witnesses on board who attested to that fact.

Anonymous, who are you kidding when you said that Hezbollah is protecting Lebanon from Israel? They’re Iranians who were smuggled into Lebanon during the civil war and took place there. They’re not even original Lebanese. Their whole beliefs and ideologies were the product of Khomeini, leader of the Iranian revolution.

Israel was Lebanon’s neighbor since the beginning of those countries’ existence, and they had their fair share of conflicts, but definitely not as much as now. Now tell me why is it that Hezbollah decided to change its goals, deciding to become protectors of Lebanon? Maybe to give a more legitimate reason for their existence in Lebanon? Wasn’t that also Syria’s reason for staying in Lebanon? To protect it?

I can’t see how Lebanon has been protected, because you can’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening there these past few years. Now tell me, where are those great protectors of yours? Lebanon sure could use them at this time, don’t you think?

Other points I’d like to add:

You don’t have to defend Hezbollah if you’re a Shiite, they’re not prophets, and they’re humans like you and me. Just like you don’t have to defend Taliban if you’re a Sunni. They’re both groups of individuals who I believe made really bad choices in life.

Some MP’s in Kuwait decided to ignore the public’s feelings and hold a funeral/ceremony for that murderer. This hurts.

Shosho also said, not all Shiites are loyal to Iran. You’re absolutely right. I know so many prominent Kuwaiti families who have been in Kuwait for as long as anyone can remember. The Behbehani’s, Marafie’s and so many more families, many of whom have never even seen Iran. I know for a fact that the majority, if not all, of Kuwait’s oldest Shi’a families have loyalties that are rooted to the grounds of this country.

It really gives me immense pride and pleasure to see so many of you ‘patriots’ coming forward and not afraid to reply to my posts or say ‘We’re with you’ and ‘You’re right’..

Most of us were too young to remember details of the Iraqi Invasion in Kuwait, but my parents always tell me that it was at that time that people really knew they were one community with one loyalty and one faith.

I urge people and encourage them to forget these little differences. I’m Sunni and you’re Shi’a. So what? I’m Bedouin and you’re Hathari? So what? I’m liberal and you’re conservative? Again so what?

I’m a Kuwaiti. You’re a Kuwaiti. That’s all that matters.

Note: If any of my friends have been missing me visiting their blogs these past couple of weeks, I've been really busy applying for jobs, and doing interviews and stuff. I'm going to be away for a week during the vacation. So I'll see you when I get back inshallah. I can't wait to see what you've all been up to!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Audacity

The audacity of some people. The mother-effing audacity!

We were watching the news today after lunch and they put clips of the events taking place in two different parts of Lebanon.

In Beirut, crowds of people gathered to listen to Lebanese MP’s in a political rally, and remember the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hareeri, on February 14, 3 years ago.

In the Southern part of Lebanon, it was something so unbelievable. It was like Iran inhabited Lebanon! They were mourning the death of Imad ‘Gone to Hell’ Meghniyeh. They had soldiers and a military parade and flags and the whole shebang. And you know what the sheer audacity of the event was? That IRAN sent its MINISTER OF EXTERIOR AFFAIRS to speak on behalf of President Ahmedi Nejjad.

The man was a famous terrorist, and yet you choose to acknowledge him in front of the whole world. Says a lot doesn’t it? And just to send another message to the world, the guy started talking Farsi. It’s Lebanon for God’s sake, why are they talking Farsi (Iran’s mother tongue)? If you love him so much, why not hold the funeral in your country?

Then Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader, started rambling about how Meghniyeh was a martyr, and yada yada yadaa.. And then of course he rambled on about Israel, and how they were responsible for Meghniyeh’s death, and that this was an ‘Open War’. Who are you to declare war on a country????? You’re not the president!! You are a leader of a group of people who inhabit the South. That’s it. Not even Iran is stupid enough to say that. They just feed you the bait and you take it like a hungry fish.

Well, you know what? I’d rather be an Israeli, than be a Hezbollah member. Matter of fact, I LIKE them. Because they’re beating the crap out of you, and you deserve it. And because unlike you, they never hurt us innocent Kuwaitis. You talk about how they kill Muslims, well SO DO YOU. They monopolize other countries? SO DO YOU. They want to take over the world? OH, MAN. SO. DO. YOU.

I think that’s enough. I’d just like to add that even with all this bad news, today brought a new sense of happiness, or comfort at least to two Kuwaiti families, and the rest of the country as well. The families of the two men, Khalid Ayoub and Abdullah Al-Khaldi, who were killed on board the Kuwait Airways “Jabriyah” plane that was hijacked by Meghniyeh and other Hizbollah criminals.

What happened to them was something tragic of course and it must have been torture for their families to know that the killer was still at large. Although their sons will never come back, I wish the families peace and solace in the news that their sons’ murderer was gone for good.

Rest in peace Khalid and Abdullah. Rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Patriot

I’m feeling patriotic today. Actually not today. Everyday.

I love my country. I love this freakin’ land! I love it! I adore it! I would die for it! Yes I would!

I was born and raised here. My parents were born and raised here. Their parents were born and raised here. And their grandparents were born and raised here. Their great grandparents were born and raised here... And well, you get the picture.

I don’t just love it because it’s my home. I love it because it has been good to me and everyone else. The majority of Kuwaitis live a well-off life compared to the rest of the world. Where else can you get free healthcare, free education (from kindergarten to university), free housing, and so much more? It’s a place where everybody knows everybody else. And even though we’re not without faults, we’re still a pretty good place.

But you know what really guts me? What kills me? What makes me want to punch someone so hard they would end up in a coma for the rest of their life? (Yeah, it’s that serious to me)

It’s when people live off this land that has been nothing but good to them, only to reap the benefits and not give back anything to this country.

The men in my family refused to leave Kuwait during the Iraqi Invasion in 1990, and spent 7 months battling terror and pollution and simply stayed put in the land that made them who they are. They lived without their families, electricity, cars and the food that they were used to, while others fled the country without looking back.

Before you attack me, I know that not everyone who fled was a coward because some didn’t want to leave their families alone abroad. I know. I’m talking about the others. They know who they are. The ones who packed up and left, thinking this country is not coming back.

How about those politicians, ministers, government authorities who think that just because Kuwait is a rich country, then it’s ok to stuff some of its money into their pockets? Their bank accounts are so full of 000’s from all the embezzlement; they must need accountants (plural) to do their bookkeeping for them.

Then we have those evil EVIL politicians who claim they want to benefit the country by forcing us to abide by non-existing Islamic laws, whereas we all know that they hide behind a curtain they call Islam, only to monopolize people into thinking they’re right so that they can become filthy rich and powerful. God, how I hate you idiots!! I hope you burn in hell for all of the problems you’ve caused this country.

And today, I heard the most audacious thing ever. Iranian politicians and Hezbollah members in the Middle East (INCLUDING KUWAIT – please don’t tell me we don’t have Hezbollah members here) mourning the death of one of their commanders, Imad Meghniyeh. The man famous for hijacking planes, kidnapping westerners, terrorist attacks on embassies, and so much more. A MURDERER. He was one of the people responsible for the hijacking of Kuwait Airways in the 1980’s. And please no one tell me that Hezbollah were not responsible. They were. He’s guilty, they’re guilty and you damn well know it. And I think I know why you might be defending him.

I could go on and on and on… but I won’t. I’m too tired. I just have this to say:

To all you people who call yourselves Kuwaitis, but your true loyalty lies in countries not too far away. To all you leeches who suck the blood out of this country and then leave it and go when you have nothing more to take. To all you idiots who don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it. I hope the day comes when this country exposes you for what you are, you filthy maggots. I hope you rot in hell, and while you’re there, I hope you see us true patriots in Heaven, looking down at you and not having an ounce of sympathy for you and all your maggot friends.

I’m done.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Sad Post..

I'm feeling especially sad today..

My teenage cousin was just diagnosed with Cancer. The doctors say it's in Stage 4. I've always heard this term. "Stage 4". But I never really knew what it meant. I searched online and to put it simply, it's the most dangerous type because it means the cancer has progressed far along in the body. As some people put it, "There is no Stage 5".

It hurts so bad to know what my cousin is going through. She's really young, she didn't finish school yet and she has her whole life ahead of her. And she now has to endure all the pain and suffering from this disease, not to mention the rough times she will have from the chemotherapy. She's going to be treated outside of Kuwait, so there's the added pain of being away from home.

I wish her all the best. I wish there was some way me, or anybody else can help her. The only thing we can do is pray for her, and be as positive as we can.

Please, please pray for her, people. She really needs it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Darling Government

Ok. I am pissed!! No actually I’m seething! I’m seeing red. There’s smoke coming out of my ears and nose. I feel like crying. Our darling and very clever government announced today that it is initiating a program to monitor Kuwaiti political websites and blogs.

Al Watan Newspaper reported today that Minister Abdullah Al-Muhailbi said that the government will propose a law to the Parliament that will enable them to monitor all Kuwaiti political websites and blogs. This is to promote and ensure the well being of the Kuwaiti society by preventing the establishment of rumors, political and otherwise, and decreasing the exchange of misleading information as well as minimizing public indecency.

You can read the whole article here (in Arabic – sorry)

The Minister goes on to say that this proposition will not affect the law of freedom of speech; instead, the law only aims to protect the society and its values. Those who will not abide by the ‘law’ will be punished (of course).

What a load of crap! By monitoring our writing, you’re trying to limit us from saying what we feel like saying! What? We shouldn’t speak our mind?? We shouldn’t criticize? Stop sticking your heads in the sand and face up to the fact that no society is without its fair share of sins and corruption. Don’t lie to the world and act as if we’re perfect.

The internet is free grounds. We should be able to say what we like without anyone interfering. If I like something, I’m going to say it, whether it’s considered ‘immoral’ or against my culture’s values. And if I don’t like something I’m going to say it too!

And frankly, dear government, I do not like you right now.

Oh, I forgot to add that by ‘monitoring’ there will be restrictions for the writers because the Minister said that those who will not abide by the ‘law’ will be punished. Of course! How could we think otherwise?

I’m so sad. That’s our government for you. One step forward, 10 steps back.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Boycotting Starbucks

What is up with Starbucks hiking up their prices in Kuwait? I haven't been to Starbucks in a while, but today I just got slapped in the face when I ordered a (small) latte, cheese sandwich and a skinny blueberry muffin (which tastes like sugared cardboard by the way). I took out 3 KD (approx. $11 - American reader) and the barrista said "4.750 KD, ma'm" (17$).

*Blink. Blink* Whaaaaaat??

Remind me again what I ordered?? There is absolutely no reason why the prices are this high!
Everyone knows that a teabag costs you less than 10 cents from the poor tea-leaf pickers from Sri Lanka or some other poor undeveloped country. Oh, so the coffee is more expensive? 30 cents for a shot, and I think I'm overrating it, too. You also employ cheap labor like Philipino and Indian barristas. You don't want to give higher wages. That's why you stopped employing Lebanese workers.

Starbucks-Kuwait people, if you want customers to make Starbucks a daily routine, why don't you try attracting them? Don't assume that this country is full of money and is therefore willing to spend so much on a measly cup of coffee. My Nescafe at home does the job just as well, if not better. I can add cocoa powder, vanilla or cinnamon, and I don't have to go bankrupt. So there!

You can call me cheap if you want to, but I'd rather save 90KD a month and buy something useful, than waste it on money moochers like Starbucks.

This lady is boycotting Starbucks. Until further notice.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Lady Mary Jones Thinks I'm Stupid

I received this very funny email from Lady Mary Jones. Well, I guess she thought I was an actual "Lady" and wanted to scam some money from me. But Gmail is a smart motherplucker, and knew that Lady Mary's scam email, was in fact SPAM, and that's where it was delivered. Only to be flushed out of my email in one click.Spam Mail can be so funny sometimes, and since I was bored, I decided to read the 'interesting' ones for some giggles.

"Lady Mary Jones maryjones@yahoo.co.uk


I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirm able Bank Draft of $800.000.00 United States Dollars, but I did not hear from you since that time. Then I went and deposited the Draft with FEDEX EXPRESS DELIVERY, West Africa, I travelled out of the country for a Months Course and I will not come back till end of January. What you have to do now is to contact the FEDEX EXPRESS DELIVERY as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date. For your information,I have paid for the delivering Charges, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country. Again, I would have paid for the security keeping fee but they said no because they don't know when you will contact them and in case of demurrage.You have to contact the FEDEX EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL with the following information

First name:
Last Name:
Telephone/Fax number:


there and know when it will get to your address. Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping fee of $250.00 US Dollars for their immediate action.

You should also let me know through email as soon as you receive your Draft.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs.mary jones "

Tsk, tsk, Lady Mary. You could have come up with a better story than that! You're a freakin' lady for that matter. Use your women's intuition. I could come up with 100 better scams. But I don't kiss and tell.. *wink*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Souq Al-Mubarakiya

Yesterday, I went with my family to Souq (also written as Souk) Al-Mubarakiya. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's an old Kuwaiti market that sells all sorts of traditional clothes, accessories, homewares, kitchenware, and some other stuff too. There are fruit stalls and a (very stinky) fish market as well. There are also some out of place modern stores like phone shops and electronics, but the majority is antique/vintage or just plain traditional. It helps that the architecture and decor of the place is old fashioned.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and lots of laughs and lots of pictures.. Despite the creepos who were ogling and following us around until I threatened (by telling my mom, knowing they would hear me) to take their pictures and give them to the police. We also bought some unnecessary items but who could resist the dirt-cheap prices! There were a lot of great things, but you know me, I have to put the interesting - funny - ones here, which are items from a "Women's Stall".

Bad Hair Day? Extensions aplenty! Blondies don't worry, there's something for you too.

Highlighted hair? Here's a ponytail for you.

I can has eye infection?

There are lots of colors to choose from. I love how someone just abused that turquoise shade.

For those days when you just 'lost' it, take a long hot shower with 'Virginity Soap'. Might I remind you that it's 'Women*Special'. Tough luck, men.

And just for giggles: visit Kuwaiti Ruin Home for 'entics' and Remaining Pieces. Umm.. okaay? I think they mean Kuwaiti Home for Antiques and Ruins. Close enough.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Excellent Blog Award

I know that it's an honor to be nominated. But it's a hell of an honor to WIN!!

My lovely blogger friend Grey, such a sweetheart, was awarded the Excellent Blog Award. He then passed this award on to a couple of other bloggers. I'm not going to list them because it's MY DAY. MINE MINE MINE!

You can check the list of Grey's winners here. I guess its customary to pass this on to others. Dammit. I'll do this later. In the meantime, it's time to PAAARTAAY!

Thanks for this, dude. You really lifted my spirits ;)

Technical Stuff

How annoying is this stupid blogger bar up on top? Since Blogger.com decided to add Arabic, Hebrew and Persian to their list of language preferences, everytime I visit my blog or if someone visits mine, they get the black bar on top (where you can sign in) in Arabic.

Just because I live in Kuwait does not mean that I prefer that bar to be in Arabic. They're not doing me any favor there. Does anyone know how to solve this thing? Do you see it in Arabic or English?

Oh and if you're feeling depressed, the ads above might be of some help to you since they seem to have caught up on my last topic (my Heath Ledger post).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mourning Heath, Myself and Everyone Else

I’m crying so hard I can’t help it. I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor guy. His life must have been torture if he had to resort to drowning his sorrows in antidepressants and sleeping pills. Being a celebrity is a double-edged sword. If it doesn’t kill you, you’re going to kill someone with it. (I don’t mean that literally of course. Metaphorically)

Deep down, I don’t think he committed suicide. I believe it was an accidental overdose, since the guy was embedded in so much work and The New York Times interviewed him recently and he said that he doesn’t sleep because he has so much work to do, and he’s been prescribed sleeping aids. The guy probably mixed prescription meds with other illegal drugs (if he had any).

Making excuses doesn’t help anything, I know. What’s done is done. But it just really gets to me when I hear or read about stories like this. The man was in his prime! He was riding the highest wave of his career. He has a 2 year old baby! He was a brilliant actor!

This is not the first and definitely not the last Hollywood death of this type. As the cover reads (above) “A Gifted Young Star, A Tragic Old Story”. But I hate it when young people die from the stupidest causes. No matter how depressed you are, or how happy you are, you shouldn’t take things for granted! You think that by ending your life, or giving up that you’re doing something good. But no! You’re hurting people in the process. And those who think they are having fun and enjoying life probably think they can avoid death, but NO! THEY CAN’T! WE CAN’T! IT’S UNAVOIDABLE!

It’s so tragic that Heath, like so many other young stars before him, had to leave the world this way. I am a firm believer in God’s will. I believe everything happens for a reason. We might not know why he left this world so soon, but there is an explanation for everything. Time only can tell. But no matter what I believe in, pain is pain. Time only can heal it. Time.

Is it weird that every time somebody dies I worry if they’re going to go to Hell? Its weird right? It freaks me out too. Is it sad that I cry every time I hear about a young/youngish person’s death? Is it bad that I sometimes get angry at God for taking away these precious lives? I feel like s**t for even thinking that. But again, I can’t help it.

Please, people, think about every action you take. Live life to its fullest. But not it’s craziest/dumbest. We’re all going to die one day. But if I’m going to die, I’d prefer dying peacefully and without causing pain for my family and loved ones and cause them to think “What if..?” their whole lives.

I’m feeling so depressed. I’ve been crying for hours. I think I’m crazy because I’m crying over someone I don’t even know. Isn't the cover (above) just gorgeous? I'm rambling.

It doesn’t help that my blog ads are promoting help for Arthritis and Abdominal Aortic Aneurisms (whatever the hell that is).

Image via perezhilton.com

Monday, January 21, 2008

24 Going on 60

I’ve been having some knee pains lately. I cant bend one of my knees, it hurts like hell. So I went to the doctor to get it checked. He performed some tests like bending and pulling my legs. Then he decided I should get X-rays as well. I brought back the X-rays, he hung them up on the ‘lighted board’ thing and stood there shaking his head and “Tsk-Tsk”-ing. I felt my heart sink, I thought there was a tumor or something!

He turned around and gave me a frown. I fake-smiled. It turns out that my knee pain is due to the loss of cartilage and fluid in my knees. Something that happens to OLDER people. He said it happens to people in their 60’s, and that it shouldn’t happen to someone my age at all! He gave me medication to help maintain what I have left, and possibly grow more of it. He also said I need physiotherapy and that I should exercise (which I rarely do) and not gain any weight because its bad for the knees.

I wanted to cry! I have 60 year old knees! Not only that, but I am a candidate for Rheumatism and Arthritis too.

To add to that, I have poor eyesight and I need to get Lasic surgery because my eyesight keeps declining due to some weird type of stigmatism. I keep procrastinating the day of the surgery because I’m too lazy, and I’ll miss my computer :(

Another lovely Oldie feature I have is my wonderful gastrointestinal problems. I always suffer from heartburn. I can’t eat onion or garlic because it does wonders for my stomach. My stomach also reacts according to my mood. When I’m sad or stressed, my stomach gets bloated like I’m pregnant. I need to do a gastroscopy and colonoscopy, the latter now way - I don’t want them to stick a tube up my butt, so PASS.

That’s it ladies and gentlemen. This is a small peek into the wonderful healthiness that is me!

Next up: Menopause and in not time at all, NO TEETH!

Image via worldwaronecolorphotos.com

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Because I'm Nice

I read an article in a magazine about a girl who made millions off her blog. Why? Well, for one thing she had great content and many readers. But how did she make all that money, you ask? She added the Google Adsense feature to her blog. Simply put, Adsense allows ads to appear on your site or blog, and every time someone clicks on the ad, you get a certain percentage, and I think that for every 1000 clicks, you get paid as well.

Anyhoo, I thought, wow! What a great way to make money! By just blabbing to your ‘imaginary’ cyber friends/readers, you can make mega-bucks online! I thought the Adsense thing was probably complex and hard to use. But I decided to give it a try.

It worked! I have ads on my blog now. And. They. Suck.

All I get is stupid ads about meeting ‘Sexy Arabs’ or ‘Meet Single Muslims’. How tacky! How not me! And definitely not for my blog! I reported it, and we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, if you see those stupid-ass things, please don’t judge me. But if you wanna click on them, be my guest. You don’t want to be single forever, now do you?

Even though that part sucked, there is a nice feature. It’s that search thingy on the top, right below the header. It’s basically the same Google search engine as in the Google site, and it has an internal search as well. If you want to search for something I wrote in this blog, type it in the Search bar, choose ‘thisladysays.blogspot.com’ and click Search. It works. It’s fab!

I just checked my Adsense account to see how much I’ve made this week. I made $0.01. That’s one cent! Wahahahaha..

At this rate, this lady will make $1 after 100 days. Bill Gates is probably going green with envy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


One of the most annoying things on THIS PLANET is a Copycat. I can’t stand them. I can’t look at them. I want to scream at them. Seriously, they just annoy the living crap out of me! Ugh!!

I was a victim of piracy. Yes I shall call it piracy. When you copy something without the consent of someone else, it is called piracy. I should get a copyright on the stuff I do. It’s just crazy! I’m going to refer to the copied one as “The Original” and the copier as “Copycat”.

My aunt once told me that one of the best compliments a person can get is when they are copied. I see the logic in that. But come on! Can’t the girl tell me that I look nice and move on? She has to copy my look/make up/bag/whatever??

Once a seriously deranged girl admitted to me that she tried to imitate my voice + way of talking. Umm... okaaay... I have a kind of unique way of talking. It’s not an accent or anything like that. just that my voice or way of talking is “unique”. But so is everyone else! Some people may like it, others hate it.

Another time, in college, I was wearing an outfit one day, and the next day a Copycat friend wore the EXACT SAME THING, down to the shoes! It happened so many times, I can’t even remember.

I have a great group of friends. I love them to death. I adore them. However, there are some individuals who just love to copy. If they see a handbag they like, they’ll run out and buy THE EXACT SAME ONE. It takes all the fun out of your purchase! I love you guys, and I want you to have the best, but it’s not fun when you copy each other. It doesn’t happen to me only, it happens to many others.

My other friends are really great when it comes to something they like. If they like something me or any of the other girls have, they’ll ask about it, and say “Is it ok with you if I get the same?” I do that as well. But that’s usually regarding a lipstick or a blush or a pair of shoes.

With other people, it’s not just about the clothes or accessories. If The Original likes to cut her hair short, the Copycat will always cut her hair short. But if Original decided to grow her hair, then so will Copycat. Copycat also copies Original’s behavior and eating habits! When Original diets, you can be sure Copycat will do the same.

I know a Copycat who copied Original’s babies’ names!! She also goes to stores and asks them what Original bought, and she’ll buy the same. She also bought the same king-size bed that Original bought for her bedroom. Talk about creepy!

Another Copycat asked Original’s friends what car Original drives. They told her Original drives a sports car, but now she usually has her driver take her everywhere. Copycat went so far as to demand that her husband get her a driver and a car. Then she coaxed her dad into buying her a sports car. And now she parks the sports car in the garage, and has her driver take her everywhere. This is an extreme psycho case. If I was Original, I would get a restraining order. NOW!

Ekh. I’m sick of talking about those crazy psychopaths. Just one word of advice to all you Copycats out there: GET A FREAKIN’ LIFE, WILL YOU?? You're acting like the scary psycho from Single White Female.

One of the best things in life is being original.

Trust this lady. She knows what she’s talking about. *wink*

Image via www.swapmeetdave.com