Monday, December 15, 2008

I'll Give It a Shot

Ok so I thought I'd give this a shot again. And by 'this' I mean blogging. A lot of times, when I'm thinking about something, I say to myself "I've got to write about this." And then I'd get on my computer, write it, hit save and turn off the computer. I like to write, and I do almost everyday. But sometimes writing something and saving it isn't the same as letting other people read it. When others read what I write, even if its some random thought, it's like letting them into your personal space. And sometimes I need that. Because God knows my mind sometimes speaks to itself!

Anyway, some people emailed me while I was away (thank you guys it really meant a lot to me!) asking me if I'll come back to my blog, so I thought, "I must be doing something right if people - even if it's just a few- actually want me to write again!"

A couple of things that made me consider quitting:

  • Some people make it their soul mission to find out who a blogger is. If I'm writing with an alias, it means I don't want you to know! Being anonymous makes you write more freely. And if I can't get that, then what's the purpose of my blog?
  • Another thing is, I felt like blogging made me part of "a group". I don't really know why, but I just didn't want that. I have my own 'group' in real life, but blogging is the other side of me - the independent side. In some ways, blogging felt like we all had to stick together and say nice things about each other, kinda like a clique. And there was a lot of "You visit my blog and I'll visit yours". I want you to read this because you like my blog, and not for any other reason.
  • Sometimes controversy can get out of hand. If you're a constant reader here, you'll understand what I'm talking about. I actually enjoy controversy because it means that we all have our own thoughts and ideas and not afraid to speak our minds. But threatening, trash-talking and other things that I don't want to get into? That's just crazy! If I say something that makes you mad, then by all means GET MAD. But GET OVER IT. That's life!

Pheew! Now that's that over with.. I think I'm back. For now.


Hasan.B said...

If you want to come back to blogging then please remove the word verification thing!;)

miss-informed said...

I was actually disappointed when I read you were leaving because I just met your blog and only recently started being a regular reader.

Let it be my turn to tell you why I thought it was a shame to leave this writing place of yours. I dont usually tell a blogger what I really think of him/her on her blog because, like you, I have my own set of issues regarding being a cyberworld groupie.

Also, I dont put that much effort into saying this to someone unless I really mean it and honestly I think you are one of the rarest (very rarest) bloggers I actually admire.

Throughout the 2 years that I was involved in blogging, I realized mostly everyone falls into a stereotypical block (if you wanna call it that); in the end everyone started sounding the same. They all have the same interests, they all rave about their jobs and bash others, they all watch the same TV shows and they all talk the same.

Seriously, it is as if blogging is self-definition or an identity signature that invokes on its creator some sort of a spell that makes its personal takes a life of its own and functions like the other personas.

Unfortunately there are very few genuine Kuwaiti blogs with original ideas and unique thinking and I am happy to tell you that you're one of them. I can count the others with one hand.

Anyway, this took more than I intended to but I hope it would convince you to keep on writing and give us (those who are sick of the norm and indeed of originality) a dose of good reads.

Good day and best of luck

WendyB said...

Well, I'll be happy if you stick around. Re the first commenter, don't get rid of word verification. I had word verification and comment moderation and have seen an uptick in spam anyway. I loved it when people could just post immediately but I don't see why I should give spammers a chance to put their crap links out there through me!

Cloudy Stars said...

verification plz ;p

This Lady said...

Hasan.B: Haha is that your only demand? I would love to remove it, believe me, but when I did, I got so much dirty/offensive spam.

miss-informed: This comment means so much to me, you have no idea! I'm still having second thoughts, so reading this will always make me reconsider :D Really, I mean it, you made my day! No, my whole year!

WendyB: Thank you! Do I get a piece of jewelry for sticking around??

Cloudy Stars: Read my response to Hasan.B :)

Cloudy Stars said...

omg im sorry :x
3ayal akeed maar 3alaich David Santos, ha? LOOOL

anyway welcome back! :D

Marzouq said...

This is coming from somebody that enjoys what you write and how write..

Let me say this, I know a lot of people who make it their sole mission to find out who I am.. and I couldn't care less... its no bother at all.. I still say what I want.. hell I think most of my family know what I'm thinking.. don't worry too much about it! :)

On another note I read someones blog because I enjoy it, a lot of people read my blog that I don't read theirs and visa-versa its not difference.. don't get annoyed just keep doing what you enjoy! Some people read and some don't, I know I have a lot of silent readers.. so I don't care really as long as I get my point across and a lot of people don't comment on some of my random thoughts such as anime but it doesn't stop me from writing exactly whats on my brain! :)

And the trash talking comes with their realm.. don't let it get to you! I don't .. I just delete and iggnnooorreee.. it annoys them.. I honestly smile when I hit the button! I can keep doing it! hehehe!

Keep on postin! :)

WendyB said...

I am having a sale, you know ;-)

Glit.Z. said...

Welcome Back :-)

Notorious said...

Welcome back

And u dont have to care what people its ur space u can do what ever u like and they have no say in it

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :)

outrageous said...

i was wondering were have u been :)

i think ur a normal person not like those weirdo bloggers who don't actually have a social life that they live on gossip and creating their own stupid silly groups ur either with them or against them , they just want attention while ur writing ur own thoughts and sharing it with others , so keep writing what u want it's ur blog after all :)

Euphoria said...

Finally! Welcome back! :)

:::ShoSho::: said...
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:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooL @ hasan ..

Welcome back Lady.. I do agree on your points.. I visit and comment when I like, not because I want them to visit my blog or if they don't comment I go there..

and yeah some people do get annoyed by controversy and get really worked up.. I guess people need to relax a bit and accept people for who they are.. me I don't comment if I don't like what I read.. why should I reply a create a fuss!?

Grey said...

Dont tell me you quit because of that post ??? ... controversey or not you own this blog .. so don't give in for public rants...