Friday, April 25, 2008

Repeat After Me: COPYCAT

There's a reason why our part of the world are called followers and not leaders. It's because of people like this.

This is not meant to be a blog bashing post, but seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Ok, let me elaborate. There's a very POPULAR blog in the blogosphere called PostSecret. They're so popular they've even published books about it. Basically, readers and the public in general are invited to send postcards to PostSecret that state their deepest secret, and of course it's posted on the blog. The idea being that sometimes, you want to spill out your secret to the whole world, but you want to do it anonymously. And that's a fun and creative way to do it.

Now, what bothers me, is people who go and SHAMELESSLY AND BLATANTLY COPY the whole idea, and claim it as their own. Today, I found through Safat, a blog called Post.A.No.Secret.

The 'blogger' invites people to send images displaying their secrets to his/her email, where in turn he/she posts them on the blog. Ok, let's break this down shall we?



FIRST, Copycat's layout and black background, is the same as the original.

SECOND, the Original blog is called POSTSECRET, because of the POSTCARDS that people send to the blogger. At least have the decency to come up with another name!

THIRD, to protect the identity and anonymity of the sender, the postcards are MAILED (with no return address) and not emailed.

FOURTH, come up with your own God-damned freakin' idea!

So, again, if I bashed this blogger, I'm sorry, but he/she probably deserved it. PostSecret has had hundreds of millions of visitors since they started because of their originality and ingenuity.

Maybe if the copycat blogger channeled a little bit more creativity into his/her blog, they would probably have some more original content, and would spare us the shame of people claiming that Arabs/Kuwaitis are imitators.



chikapappi said...

I sent a post card once !! I didnt know it was the fake one bas 3adi.. it's all about freedom of expressing thoughts honey

Grey said...
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don_veto said...

Actually the bloggerette Papillona Sky (now retired I guess) did credit postsecret and she did in tribute to the original blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's Papillona's blog! :O

eshda3wa said...

she does give the original site credit
she never claimed it to be her own

Delicately Realistic said...

Actually Papillona was one of the most creative bloggers to grace Kuwait Blogs and she by no means was copying Post.Secret. Get ur facts straight before u start making accusations.

Check the first post on the blog:

It cleary states:

"inspired by postsecret"

Her blog has been deleted, i wish you could read the original post where she wrote about the reason for starting the blog. The whole point was to start something for the safat family where we can all share simple thoughts with each other. Most of the postcards arent even anonymous.

Thanks for bashing the memory of our old friend.

Oranjina fadidra said...

I hate all kinds of replicates :\

I'm no lizard said...

I never understood why it was called "postanosecret."

What's the "no" for? It's either a secret or it isn't. Unless I'm missing something.

MiYaFuSHi said...

I think you owe Papillona an apology.

Either way, just to let you know, you just dissed one of the first and most loved bloggers around.

Not good.

P.S. Is this post your equivalent of creative?

Anonymous said...

its nice you girls defend your friend papilona but your friend isn't who you think she is. She wasnt creative and she stole other people work all the time. she made things up to make herself seem something she wasnt. sorry to miyafushi and delicately realistic who are nice girls who i respect. but you dont know a lot about your girlfriend paplilona. i dont care if you get mad at me it is the truth. she did a lot of nasty thigns.

Swair. said...

Sorry ThisLady, but I have to agree with DR and Miya... please research your facts before you post an accusation like that..

And to Anonymous: if you think you have the guts to post a comment like that, then why don't you have the guts to tell us who you are?
I knew Papillona and you have no right to talk about her behind her back like that.. That's just low..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think I remember that it was supposed to credit the original posters too of post secret too.

No3iK said...

like what most said here .. she did credit the original post ..

second .. she was one of the most creative bloggers! her quitting and deleting her blog was a big loss to safat and her friends.

and anonymous, we do not expect everyone to support and love pappy .. but to simply say what u did as 'anonymous' is very low.

eshda3wa said...


if u dont have the balls u reveal who u r i suggest u keep ur trap shut

roo7ay zayn said...

eshda3wa stop acting like a baby go post about your constipation again on your blog o dont tel me you never use anon before cuz you will be a liar miss balsy.if you want to believe and repeat lies your mixed up cousin made up and fed ppl in her pretend world kayfich but dont defend when you dont know the truth of the stuff she has done to ppl and there is a lot of dark secrets here

This Lady said...

anonymous and roo7y zain: please let's not stray from the main topic here.

We're not discussing a blogger, we're discussing a blog. This is not a blog where we bash individuals. This is not about Papillona. This is about my opinion on a topic.

Please don't insult her or anyone else in this blog because this is not what the topic is about.

You can all state your opinions and disagree, but let's keep it clean please.

Marzouq said...

There is a way to get the idea across without doing a photocopy of the site..

even the name could have been different, there was something like this on safat before but it was really messy since people were shooting each other down..

Stinni said...

I've never heard of Papillona and I've been blogging from Kuwait since 2001. So my critique of the copycat site has nothing to do with her personally but I have to agree with This Lady Says. There was no creativity involved. At least use a different type of template or something. I mean, why reinvent the wheel?

mrm said...

screw those, go to

Chimerical said...

I don't know Papillona and never read her blog, so i am not being biased. But, all I have to say is, so what if it was a copy cat? If she enjoyed it, then good for her, why do people have to be so criticizing and nosey? Sorry about the choice of words, I don't mean to offend anyone but I just couldn't find better words. Why do u have to look at what other people are doing and "state your opinion", which unfortunately is a very negative opinion, in public to humiliate another person? If you have negative things to say keep them to yourself, or at least don't publicize them to the extent where people like "Anonymous" can lash out at other people due to his/her own insecurities?

All I ahve to say is, it wasn't very nice of you to be negative about someone else, and I repeat, I don't mean to be offensive so please don't take this offensively, thanx.