Friday, March 7, 2008

A Beautiful Mind

A Tribute to Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubei

1949 - 2008


Yesterday, Kuwait lost one of its most respected and influential men, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubei, Harvard Graduate, Professor of Philosophy at Kuwait University, former Member of Parliament and former Minister of Education, in addition to being a well known political activist.

I am extremely proud to call this man a Kuwaiti. He was known for his golden tongue, his beautiful mind and his uninhibited prose. A man whose speech was never devoid of meaning. A man whose work was in constant evolution. A man whose heart belonged to this country.  A man whose patriotism knew no ends. A man who never stopped believing in this country. A man who never stopped believing in the power of the youth.

I was fortunate to have seen Dr. Al-Rubei on several occasions; in several lectures in universities; political rallies; and TV appearances. I am not exaggerating when I say the man’s speech delivery was mesmerizing. He had a way of convincing you in more ways than one that what he was saying was right. Not in a sly way. But in a truly logical way.

A model of modesty, I will never forget when a student asked him in a lecture at Kuwait University “What will you do if you are not elected as an MP again?” and he answered simply and honestly “I will go back to the chalk and the chalkboard (el 6abasheer wil saboora) of course!”. I remember thinking to myself, “An MP and former Minister declaring ever so simply that he will go back to his days of teaching! How very humble!” How many people would say that, let alone do that, honestly? Very few, I tell you. Very few.

Your actions and movements towards the development of Kuwait will never be forgotten. Your sacrifices and your constant efforts to make this country grow stronger and more united will never be in vain. Rest assured, Dr. Al-Rubei, they were never in vain.

My only consolation to your family, Mr. Al-Rubei, and to the rest of the country, is not to mourn a beautiful life for ending, but to celebrate this life for having achieved so much, and giving so much, in this brief period of time. Others may live longer than you, but they will never achieve the tiniest fraction of what you have done.

You will be remembered in history as an activist who never stopped giving, and who never gave up. You will be remembered by young people like me, as a father figure who never stopped guiding us. You will be remembered by your friends as a loyal brother with the most motivating discussions. You will be remembered by your family as a loving husband, father, and brother.

Words are not enough, sir, to describe you. To say you have a beautiful mind is not enough. To say you led a remarkable life is not enough. To say you are the epitome of patriotism is not enough. I hope the world never stops producing more Ahmed Al-Rubei’s. Of that, we can never have enough.

You will be missed, Dr. Al-Rubei, but never forgotten. Never forgotten.


Yours truly,

A daughter. A sister. A student. An activist.

A patriot.

Just. Like. You.


Marzouq said...

he was a man among men, he really believed in this country and he sacrificed a lot for his country, his ideals, and all that he believed in. An amazing man, alah yer7ama, and inshalla his legacy will live on.

:::ShoSho::: said...


Hasan.B said...

"Others may live longer than you, but they will never achieve the tiniest fraction of what you have done." As one said before:

الناس صنفان موتى في حياتهم * وآخرون ببطن الأرض أحياء

موت التقي حياة لا انقطاع لها * كم مات قوم وهم في الناس أحياء

Grey said...

Sorry i dont observe Kuwait politicians/ intelectuals much but my heart felt condolences . May God rest Mr Rubei in peace.

WendyB said...

Off topic but I'm glad you are back.

eshda3wa said...

allah yr7ama ebra7mita ya rab

beautifully written

Ms. D said...

allah yer7uma ow yetghameda eb ra7mita elwas3a.. truely rajul mawaqif.. ow fi3il gabel qool..

when he was running for election in 92 in the 8th district i remember being 8 or something and was too proud of him elly i never took off the badges maloot his campaign.. i even remember once we were out for lunch in alhambra restaurant in the sheraton and i was wearing the badge ;) a random man came up to me and asked me..

man: lesh 7a6a hal badge?
me: doctor a7mad wayed zen n7ebba kilna lazim
man: sheno shy zen 3nda egoola?
me: egolina lazim n7eb q8
man: kilna n7eb elq8 shmi3na ehwa gher...
me: 7a6 she3arah 3alam q8 ow min wara kil shy abyaath, el abyaath ya3ny zeen ana agolik
man: walla adre eny mara7 alga a7ad yaqni3ny feh lu ekalmoony sneen bs enty eb dgeega khaleteny afaker aeny aroo7la wasma3la.. 3asaach 3al quwa 7abooba ow enshalla lama tkubren lsanich hatha ma yaskit 3an gool el7ag.
me: *oblivious smile* :)

i feel proud iny sij i carried his word ow his stands to the ppl.. ma3a ina kan shy la yuqaran 6b3aan.. none the less; i believed ;)

intlxpatr said...

I love this entry, Lady. I imagine he would be delighted to read it.

And holy smokes, your header is magnificent!

manutdfanatic said...

Interesting portrayal. May he rst in peace.

P.S:- Things have changed around here...the hereto subtle This Lady has changed into a newer graffitied version.

(I'm talking about your blog, of course. =P)

Vixen said...

allah yer7ema inshallah, i hope more men like him exist.