Sunday, December 21, 2008


If the title doesn't explain itself, allow me to elaborate. I am really tired of getting excited over a cute guy without knowing if he's married or not. I'm not going to delve into the subject of single or attached, it's kind of a gray area. Let's just say that checking out a married man is completely different from checking out an unwed attached guy.

For those of you who are not Kuwaiti, let me explain that most of the Kuwaiti men do not wear their wedding rings. When I asked some of my married male relatives why, they answered that it feels like they're wearing jewelry and that rings were made for women. Also, that wedding rings are not a Kuwaiti tradition, but more of a western tradition that got incorporated into ours. However, Kuwaiti married women almost always wear their wedding rings.

Anyway, it happens to my friends and I all the time. We're sitting at a restaurant or cafe or wherever, and a cute guy would be checking one of us out. Well, being the 'good girls' that we are, we don't do anything (except ask each other if he's still looking). Most of the time, it doesn't go anywhere. After we (or he) leave, nothing happens and you don't see the guy ever again. Other times, the guy might be waiting for you to reciprocate. But truthfully, how can you tell if he's single or not? Which brings me to another problem, which I'm going to talk about in another post, why are men not making the first move nowadays??

Back to the marriage thing, there's this one guy who ALWAYS stares at me and checks me out no matter how I look and thank God I have no interest in him whatsoever because I just found out I KNOW HIS WIFE. Now imagine if I had been excited by this, how would it feel to know that he's married? I would be hurt! Imagine if someone pursued a relationship with the idiot?? They would be crushed!

So finally, before this post gets too long, please help this poor single lady out, and make her road to couple-dom easier by wearing your freakin' wedding rings!


chikapappi said...

Forget about the rings woman! Yes most don't because it irritates them but I would insist that my partner does in the future because it is a symbol of commitment.. they need mental rings man! Infidelity is a trend now! Even if he is not wearing a ring and he is married, why is he checking girls out! :o

FourMe said...

I agree I think they should wear their rings..

Grey said...

lool ! i just got so fat that the ring dont fit anymore... my wife keep on insisting that i broaden it a bit ... i guess she's worried.

Anonymous said...

it up their chances in being flirty with the girls without being judged instantly.i hate that..makes me label all the men as married and cross them over without giving anyone a chance anymore.since basicly every guy i met in the past 2 yrs is married and lied about it.

Anonymous said...

What if he's married to three? Should he wear three rings to signify there is still room for you? loool.

you're better off marrying a married guy who's been tried and tested than ending up with a lemon!

p.s.: I'm a married guy who "ventured" into the "idea" of polygany only for all hell to break loose on me for a while. All is good now.

This Lady said...

chikapappi: I would insist that my future husband wear his too!
Married men are worse than single men nowadays :(

FourMe: Thank you!

Grey: I agree with your wife. Either get thin or get it fixed!

Anonymous 1: Its annoying! If you're married then you're off the market! Don't ruin it for everyone!

Anonymous 2: Shame on you! Polygamy! Actually to be honest, its a personal decision (that I don't support) and I'm not going to judge you - but maybe a little :p

If you're married to 1 or 4, I think you should still wear it. If a girl is fine with that then she'll give you the 'go ahead'. If not, then at least you're being honest.

kella met2a5er said...

Awwal shy, Allah yaster 3ala bnat elQ8 o shababha elly e3tifas, elmitzawjeen minhom o el3azzabiya elly 6ay7een fe chbood nafshom o mo me7tarmeen themselves!!

Im 100% with keeping the wedding ring..for lots of reasons maly 5olg aktebha..

I,ve been wearing my wedding ring for the last 8 years, I never really moved it from my finger..I never wanted to anyway.And when I used to do sometimes, It always felt like somthing missing! I needed my ring back...

Recently, I lost it, I started to remove it when I go to the gym, and its just disappeared, I remember when I was inside the gym training, and I relized my ring was still on, I removed it and hocked it to the key chain, I can almost be sure that when I went back home, I removed it from the key chain and put it on the night stand...And since then, its gone!!!

Now my wife is kinda sad, cuz she want to get me another one, and I kinda feel like it will not have the same emotional value like the old one, and I still feel like something missing sometimes...I just wish that I could go back in time and find it.

6ab3an I know enna elstory elly katebha ana fog kelaha malha sho`3ol belmawthoo3, bas..I thought adlo ebdalwey since Im with keeping the wedding ring belfinger..o bas

Anonymous said...

I think they should its a symbol of commitment :)

eshda3wa said...

hey girl!

glad to see ur back!!

ugh nothing pisses me off more than a mghazilchi married man!

PaLoMiNo said...

wallah they never will ;X

Rarely i see married men wearing their rings!

MacaholiQ8 said...

Ok, I'm not married but if I was I'm sure I will never take off my ring.

However, does it really matter? Is it mandatory like shoes for example? No. You said it yourself, it was never part of our Kuwaiti tradition. Why make it?

Anonymous said...

About Polygany, I had come across an interesting article by a sister:

This Lady said...

kella meta5er: Thats a great story! I wish more ppl were like you.

Amu: yeah, its a nice symbol.

eshda3wa: ekh. hate them the most!

Palomino: Yup, its very rare for Khaleejis, but not other Arabs like Egyptians and Lebanese. They wear it more than the Khaleejis do.

MacaholiQ8: You're right its not tradition, but like Amu said before, its a symbol of commitment. It would be nice for my partner to show that he is commited, even by wearing a tiny thing like a ring. It doesnt mean that everyone who wears a ring is commited, but its a nice gesture for someone who loves you.

Anonymous: Thanks, but I am anti-polygamy. No matter what my religion dictates.

jessyz said...

I agree, maybe if they find it uncomfortable they can tattoo it on their finger. :D
7amdulla my husband keeps it on and actually enjoys the stigma of being a married man.