Monday, March 31, 2008

The Banner

See the banner to your right? The one that says VOTE 2008. I made it to show my support for the elections.

If you want to show your support as well, you can right-click, save it and add it to your blog.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the upcoming elections. Many of you are probably sick to death of political talk and whatnot, but really i have to do this. this is something i'm passionate about. Not politics, but MY COUNTRY. The goings on in Kuwait is not something i can just watch without doing anything about. the least i can do is talk to people about it, write about it, and choose to act upon it.

I think that the parliamentary elections are SO important, i cant even describe it in one post. Voting for candidates is CRUCIAL! These people are the legislatures of our country. they MAKE the laws. They are the voice of the public because they were nominated by the public, and voted for by the public. THEY ARE THE PUBLIC.

They are the crew of a ship called Kuwait. They will lead us to our destination or they can get lost on their way. If they work together cooperatively, they will acheive goals. If they dont, then we'll all die in the storm.

What they do and say affects US. Every single one of us! How can we just sit by and let the elections come and go without doing anything about it?

I know many Kuwaitis were dissapointed by the majority of the previous members. I know they failed us in more ways than one. I know that. And this is why we should do our part and vote for the ones we think deserve it!

If you're not happy with the returning candidates, then don't vote for them! Vote for someone new and fresh. Go to their rallies. Listen to them talk. Hear what they have to say. Don't let anyone's opinions change what you feel. If you feel that someone is deserving, then go ahead. Give them your vote.

And please PLEASE do not vote for someone just because they are a relative, friend, acquaintance, part of your tribe, have a certain religious belief, Sunni, Shiite, man, woman. Vote for them because they DESERVE IT and because THEY'RE GOOD. No not good. GREAT.

I will vote for someone who I believe takes a stand. I will be religiously blind. I will not vote based on math'hab (Sunni vs. Shiite). I will not vote based on tribe. I think that's ridiculous. I will be gender blind. I will vote for the better person. Not the better sex. I am a woman. But if i feel that a male candidate is more deserving, then he will get my vote. I will use my brain and that part called logic, to see who is more deserving in my mind.

The candidates. You, voters, can make or break that person. Dont think that you cant do anything. I remember the last elections, and some people won with a difference of TENS of votes. Its that close.

A few other bloggers already wrote about this topic. I can only remember Baroque, and she makes a good point.

However, to reply to Baroque and others who are just as pessimistic as her, I'd like to tell them that if they dont want a certain candidate to win then they should use their vote to help someone else they think is more deserving. And believe me there are so many who are deserving. Hear them out. They need you and you need them.

The future is literally in OUR HANDS. Just a few checks on that peice of paper, and dropping it into the ballot is all it takes. A few seconds thats all. And YOU can change OUR FUTURE.



Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Radio Stations, Please

The title says it. But I also need to repeat it. WE NEED MORE RADIO STATIONS IN KUWAIT. If not, then at least some GOOD MUSIC for God's sake!

You're probably thinking, "T.L, what the hell? Who listens to the radio here anymore?" And to answer that, I'll say, "Of course I don't listen to the awful Kuwaiti radio stations, but this is what forced me to.."

My iPod's battery ran out last week ( I know, last week). Well I'm a lazy cow cat sometimes and I'm superbusy all the time, so in turn, I forgot to recharge my iPod. Also, I only listen to music in the car (or in parties) because when I'm with people, or when I'm doing some kind of work, I like to focus. Another thing, I have a car but I don't go driving a lot because my only outings are to specific destinations and back. Therefore, limited music time.

Aaaanyway, forgot to recharge iPod, blah blah blah.. So I got in the car Thursday and was about to turn on the iPod, when I remembered it was dead. So I turned on the radio instead. And what I got was a load of crap.

To summarize:

88.8 Marina FM- I loved them to death. Funny DJ's, always have something to talk about. I LOVE DGHAISHEM. HE. ROCKS. Funniest guy on Radio. Ever.

However, the morning DJ's are annoying. Noura and someone else. They have the most awkward dialogue and can't put a sentence together to save their life. For example, DJ Unknown in the morning show was reading a newspaper snippet about a girl who was born with two heads. And he said, "Oh now everyone will call her TWO FACED and FOUR EYES." WHO SAYS THAT???? The poor girl has another head sticking out of her neck! Ya think she's gonna have a hard time?

Also, increasingly sappy music almost all the time. At least its the best of the bunch.

92.5 Easy FM- Jazz or classic music I think. Do they still call it 'Easy FM'? Anyway, not my type. Don't listen to it.

95.7 Sawa- Ho-hum. Its ok. No DJ's, just music and brief news report. They like to repeat the same songs as well.

99.7 Super Station RKFM - Please God, tell me that they're kidding when they call it the SUPER station! Did anybody notice that they always play "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica?? Someone on that station has some issues. I swear every freakin time I turn on that station, it has that same cheesy 90's overplayed song! Its not even a classic! Jeez! Plus endless 90's songs like 'Barbie Girl' WTF? etc. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR DJ'S.

And how about that Latina Mina ? She's annoying. Overdoing and promoting her latinolicious self. Sorry. And your show is 'The Drive Back', its not the 'Salsa Show' so why do you play it all the time? The percentage of Latinos in Kuwait is probably equal to the percentage of Russians here. She has a better chance of becoming popular if she played some Indian or Pilipino.

103.7 (The Arabic Music one)- NO COMMENT. Actually I do want to comment. The fact that I don't even know the station's name says it all. Your callers are annoying. They sound like ignorant male chauvinists who blatantly say they're ditching work and are hungry for machboos*, or baby-voiced women/girls/ladies who call to say they have nothing to say. "Emm.. madri shagool.." Translation: "Um.. I don't know what to say" THEN DONT CALL, IDIOT!

How about their horrible choice in music? Unknown musicians? Check. Sappy crappy voice/lyrics songs? Check. Repeat above choices? Check and Check.

107.9 - (Not sure about the station #) The American radio station that transmits from the US I think? VOA - Voice of America? Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll catch a nice set of songs. Otherwise, its jazz, or introduction to the English language. Snooze.

97.5 - Arabic Talk radio, which if I need to hear voices, I'll listen to. Sometimes they have good topics.

There's also the Koran station which I don't listen to because I don't like the reader's voice and because I like to listen to music in the car. 

In the end, I decided to turn off that shizz and listen to the floating concert of thoughts in my head. Much more entertaining.


*Kuwaiti dish - rice piled high + meat or chicken thrown on top. Delicious.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How To Beat Time

(And other funky tips)


A lot of times I find myself with little time on my hands, but enough to do something with it. So I decide to check out the blogs I usually read. If I have more time, I’ll check out others as well.

Due to the insufficient amount of time on hand, and the growing amount of favorites, it’s too much of a hassle for me to check each and every blog by clicking on Favorites.

And then there was light.

And there was Google Reader.

It is the BEST! It’s like your own personal Blog Aggregate. Hah! Take that Kuwait-Blogs-Aggregate-who-still-did-not-add-me-after-6+ months.

  1. You enter the blogs that you want, and every time someone updates a post, it will show that Blog’s name with a number between brackets next to it, telling you the number of posts you haven’t read yet.
  2. It even updates as you are reading, so no need to refresh the site or anything.
  3. Added bonus: It doesn’t need installation. Just login and get going. Can be accessed anywhere.

Oh Google guy! Marry me! Make me the most efficient (and happiest) woman alive!

Next up:

It bookmarks sites, posts, articles and whatever else you find on the Internet. Before I started using this, I used to copy and paste the posts I liked, or saved pictures directly to my computer. I created folders within folders to organize all the files and photos. But with, you can save them without the hassle. This is done in 2 ways:

  1. Involves installing a toolbar to your browser, and then every time you want to save something you like, you click on “Post to” and then edit the details whenever you want. The toolbar is installed only on your computer.
  2. Works by copying the link and posting it to your page, in which case you should always leave another browser page open to your account. Useful for office computers when you can’t download anything.

Added bonus: can be accessed anywhere and there’s no risk of losing your bookmarks thru lets say a computer crash. Neat, huh?

Stay tuned for more tips from the ever so kind and generous and gorgeous This Lady.

Sunday, March 16, 2008



I am officially E.M.P.L.O.Y.E.D

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Realized..


That my biggest fear..


Is Fear itself.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Reason(s) I Was Away

I love my blog. I didn’t think there was ever a time that I was intentionally going to be away from it, or to stop blogging. Ever. It is such a writing/venting outlet for me, to say things that I want to say, express my thoughts, my anger, my humor (yes, I think I'm funny), my mind in general.

Well, the past month was a really hectic one for me. I was running around doing all sorts of things people-who-want-to-earn-a-living have to do. They’re so many, and I need to explain them, but that would take a month, so I’ll just list them and briefly elaborate.

· I was applying for jobs. Overdosed on CV’s, phone calls, paperwork, the whole deal. Hated it.

· Doing house chores/errands because my parents think its ok to treat their kids like oompa loompas. Love/Hate.

· Gazillion social obligations that I had to do because I’m Kuwait’s Paris Hilton. Love/Hate.

· Trying to organize my hobbies & side projects to fit into my socialite life. Hate.

· Attempting a new, healthy balanced diet & exercise regimen. Unsuccesful. Hate.

· Keeping track of my numerous emails which I realized are too many for 1 human being (where the hell did they come from??) Love/Hate.

· Wanted to take a break from my life before I start work. Love it.

· Traveled for a little more than a week to Dubai. Loved it! (More on that in later posts)

I'm so worried that when I start working I'm going to have to reduce performing one or more of the above tasks. How can you bloggers do this? Blogging frequently, I mean. Gold stars to all of you!

At this rate, I'm going to have to marry a blogger, get him to write about ME, and thus provide more time for ME.

Which brings me to this point. I don't have a lot of ME time. Really, I need it.. Hmm.. maybe during the summer when the social scene is quiet and my family travels abroad. Quiet time for MEEE..!

And finally..

To all of you readers/friends/fans/stalkers, thank you so much for asking about me via this blog, thru email and the letters flooding our house's mailbox. It means a hell of a lot to me to know that my writing actually appeals to some people. Stalkers: not THAT kind of appeal.

Who knew, right?

Thanks and big hugs and kisses go out to you all. Buy my album – it’s dropping next week.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Beautiful Mind

A Tribute to Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubei

1949 - 2008


Yesterday, Kuwait lost one of its most respected and influential men, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubei, Harvard Graduate, Professor of Philosophy at Kuwait University, former Member of Parliament and former Minister of Education, in addition to being a well known political activist.

I am extremely proud to call this man a Kuwaiti. He was known for his golden tongue, his beautiful mind and his uninhibited prose. A man whose speech was never devoid of meaning. A man whose work was in constant evolution. A man whose heart belonged to this country.  A man whose patriotism knew no ends. A man who never stopped believing in this country. A man who never stopped believing in the power of the youth.

I was fortunate to have seen Dr. Al-Rubei on several occasions; in several lectures in universities; political rallies; and TV appearances. I am not exaggerating when I say the man’s speech delivery was mesmerizing. He had a way of convincing you in more ways than one that what he was saying was right. Not in a sly way. But in a truly logical way.

A model of modesty, I will never forget when a student asked him in a lecture at Kuwait University “What will you do if you are not elected as an MP again?” and he answered simply and honestly “I will go back to the chalk and the chalkboard (el 6abasheer wil saboora) of course!”. I remember thinking to myself, “An MP and former Minister declaring ever so simply that he will go back to his days of teaching! How very humble!” How many people would say that, let alone do that, honestly? Very few, I tell you. Very few.

Your actions and movements towards the development of Kuwait will never be forgotten. Your sacrifices and your constant efforts to make this country grow stronger and more united will never be in vain. Rest assured, Dr. Al-Rubei, they were never in vain.

My only consolation to your family, Mr. Al-Rubei, and to the rest of the country, is not to mourn a beautiful life for ending, but to celebrate this life for having achieved so much, and giving so much, in this brief period of time. Others may live longer than you, but they will never achieve the tiniest fraction of what you have done.

You will be remembered in history as an activist who never stopped giving, and who never gave up. You will be remembered by young people like me, as a father figure who never stopped guiding us. You will be remembered by your friends as a loyal brother with the most motivating discussions. You will be remembered by your family as a loving husband, father, and brother.

Words are not enough, sir, to describe you. To say you have a beautiful mind is not enough. To say you led a remarkable life is not enough. To say you are the epitome of patriotism is not enough. I hope the world never stops producing more Ahmed Al-Rubei’s. Of that, we can never have enough.

You will be missed, Dr. Al-Rubei, but never forgotten. Never forgotten.


Yours truly,

A daughter. A sister. A student. An activist.

A patriot.

Just. Like. You.