Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Realized..


That my biggest fear..


Is Fear itself.


Marzouq said...

A simple yet true statement... Now get on a bike and lets see fear strike!! lol

Big Pearls said...

I wish I could be strong and not fear anything except god!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hmm... I fear alot of things..

G and L said...

deep... ;p

Zainoba said...

Wooow, I fear alot of stuff! And most important of all I fear god

eshda3wa said...

thats similar to when i can to realise
im in love with love itself

Joud said...

my biggest fear.... is roaches

Grey said...

Hey you got Wataniya ad on the header , did you make any money yet?

Amethyst said...

My biggest fear is not being able to live life like I want to;\

N. said...

And how do you combat that fear? You realize that indeed, there is nothing to fear.

This Lady said...

marzouq: that is something that i dont see happening any time soon.

big pearls: to tell u the truth, sometimes i fear trivial stupid things more than i fear God :(

shosho: join the club.

g and I: i always am..

zainoba: thats one of my fears too.

eshda3wa: i know! i'm fascinated with the idea itself too.

joud: eew!

grey: i wish. a couple of dollars only!

amethyst: thats probably going to happen. LOL.

n: so true. I'm afraid of BEING AFRAID. because its such an awful yucky feeling. If I combat that, then hoooraay! Nothing left to fear!