Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Office


The Cubicle Cult. "Get me outta heeeere.."

Yeah, no not the show. My office. The place where I work. Which is not as hilarious as the original The Office (both the U.K and U.S versions).  It's not even mildly hilarious. To be honest, if it weren't for the $$$$, I would be outta there in a nanosecond.

I have to include you guys into the wonderful snoozefest of a world that I call my work. From this day on, I'm going to call it The Job or The Office.

Ok, so I work in this place. So far, it has been boring. I doze off during meetings. I check my emails, read blogs and surf the web during work. I then stopped reading blogs and logging into my account because of The Snoop and The Ghost (see below).

My department is made up of cubicles. Lots and lots of them. You have a better chance of finding me in Alice in Wonderland's Maze than trying to reach my cubicle at work. My cubicle makes me feel like a lab rat. The department is full of men. Plenty of sleaze bags. No good-looking guys. Whatever shall I do! *Sobbing*

Unfortunately, I feel I have to introduce you to the cast of The Office. Some of them will be permanent fixtures, others will make appearances. And some of them are just extras on the set - you see them, but you don't hear them. 

The Snoop/ The Know-It-All: She likes to know everything about anything and anyone. She also knows what shoe size you wear, reader. Yes, even you Grey. And Wendy - all the way in NY. She creeps up on me and always looks at what is on my screen. She's also the office know-it-all. She knows the ins and outs and everything in between. She likes to remind you that she knows everything.

The Diva: I've heard that she makes a big deal out of everything. Drama Queen, if you will. Haven't seen anything yet. Can't wait for the dramz!

The Friendly: Friendly. Helps a lot.

The Indian Guy: He's the office number geek accountant. He works hard for his money. He has a really thick accent. Often, I don't understand what he says. He's nice.

The Ghost: He's the boss. He has no footsteps. He makes no sound. He appears suddenly behind your desk. *Shudder*

The Coffee Guy: He could be my best friend. He understands my (coffee) needs + moods. He gets me coffee without me even asking. He knows I'm watching my weight, and always gets me green tea and/or sugar free coffee. Aaww!

Extras: The Kuwaiti Guy, The Mom, The Workaholic, The Other Kuwaiti Guy, Another Kuwaiti Guy, The Sleaze, The Other Sleaze, Even More Sleazes, The Egyptian Girl. Other Indian Guy.

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chika said...

our office is made up from cubicles too which sux because it's like we are trapped, as for the staff ALL I can say is we have a zoo! the ape, the snake, the me3za, the cow! etc..

Tênis e Sapato said...

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N. said...

Oh already sounds like you got to work in a classic place! You can start your own comic with these characters, or own story (didn't you say you like writing once..?). Either way, see if you can make it work for you because if you couldn't you probably wont stay there for long!

Hamitaf La B. said...

this reminded me of my beautiful cage-sorry-cubicle... !!!
Although I am sad to say I don't have any interesting characters here.... *sigh*... your soo lucky!!

Grey said...

Cool ! i have one douchbag and his wife the biatch and two other numbnuts and one rackoon ( me)

Ms. D said...

dont talk $$$ :< i just found out that my boss over-works me and i dont even get paid for extra work and stuff.. and no bonuses or shit while my friends work in *a known ministry* and they get paid MILLIONS with bonuses worth mn 2000-5000 kd every 6 months.. and guess what? they barely work.. always out for breakfast and shopping and testin the newest restaurants in town.. while i slave at my job daily from 8 till 4 :(

Ms. D said...

the only thing keepin me from quitin is the fact that i love my job.. i know i will not be doin it anywhere else.. love muderty and our executives and boss and everyone there..

the only problem is the office old witch elly tkhezny :S

Yara said...

Ms D hathi ay wezara khal ashte'3el feha :P sometimes i feel i cant wait to start working.. sometimes not so much.. i dont think i will be able to handle working in a tiny space for long hours..

eshda3wa said...


the pilot

cant wait for the second episode

Ms. D said...

hal "wizara" ma3rooofaaaaaa ash`har mn nar 3la 3alam! just ask around ;p

Big Pearls said...

the indian guys at our clinic are so friendly and funny:)

Marzouq said...

I have to say that you are in a strange work place! I tend to have my screen facing only me! Even if I have work up I don't just want people looking over my shoulder, its strange! I would make the cubicles in a way that you see who is coming! I hope they are paying well!

WendyB said...

Sounds like some bad jobs I've had!

Anonymous said...

Extras: I'm the one who hides in her office and really gets her work done. And who doesn't want to hang out after work because I HAVE A LIFE!