Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Reply

After my two previous posts The Patriot and The Audacity , I got some pretty interesting comments (and one hate mail). I decided to reply to the comments in a whole post because replying to each individual will result in an extreeeemely long comment.

First off, to clear some things:

In The Audacity post when I said I’d rather be an Isreali than a Hezbollah member, yes I meant it, and still do. To me, it’s much worse for people of the same religion killing each other, than for people of opposite religions to do that (at least each one of them has a completely different faith). I don’t encourage any kind of hate, especially religion, but when it comes to choose, I’d choose the lesser of the two evils.

For Shosho who asked if they found out who hijacked the Jabriyah plane. The whole world knew ever since the event happened that Meghniyeh (and Hezbollah) were behind the hijacking of the plane because there were hundreds of witnesses on board who attested to that fact.

Anonymous, who are you kidding when you said that Hezbollah is protecting Lebanon from Israel? They’re Iranians who were smuggled into Lebanon during the civil war and took place there. They’re not even original Lebanese. Their whole beliefs and ideologies were the product of Khomeini, leader of the Iranian revolution.

Israel was Lebanon’s neighbor since the beginning of those countries’ existence, and they had their fair share of conflicts, but definitely not as much as now. Now tell me why is it that Hezbollah decided to change its goals, deciding to become protectors of Lebanon? Maybe to give a more legitimate reason for their existence in Lebanon? Wasn’t that also Syria’s reason for staying in Lebanon? To protect it?

I can’t see how Lebanon has been protected, because you can’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening there these past few years. Now tell me, where are those great protectors of yours? Lebanon sure could use them at this time, don’t you think?

Other points I’d like to add:

You don’t have to defend Hezbollah if you’re a Shiite, they’re not prophets, and they’re humans like you and me. Just like you don’t have to defend Taliban if you’re a Sunni. They’re both groups of individuals who I believe made really bad choices in life.

Some MP’s in Kuwait decided to ignore the public’s feelings and hold a funeral/ceremony for that murderer. This hurts.

Shosho also said, not all Shiites are loyal to Iran. You’re absolutely right. I know so many prominent Kuwaiti families who have been in Kuwait for as long as anyone can remember. The Behbehani’s, Marafie’s and so many more families, many of whom have never even seen Iran. I know for a fact that the majority, if not all, of Kuwait’s oldest Shi’a families have loyalties that are rooted to the grounds of this country.

It really gives me immense pride and pleasure to see so many of you ‘patriots’ coming forward and not afraid to reply to my posts or say ‘We’re with you’ and ‘You’re right’..

Most of us were too young to remember details of the Iraqi Invasion in Kuwait, but my parents always tell me that it was at that time that people really knew they were one community with one loyalty and one faith.

I urge people and encourage them to forget these little differences. I’m Sunni and you’re Shi’a. So what? I’m Bedouin and you’re Hathari? So what? I’m liberal and you’re conservative? Again so what?

I’m a Kuwaiti. You’re a Kuwaiti. That’s all that matters.

Note: If any of my friends have been missing me visiting their blogs these past couple of weeks, I've been really busy applying for jobs, and doing interviews and stuff. I'm going to be away for a week during the vacation. So I'll see you when I get back inshallah. I can't wait to see what you've all been up to!


:::ShoSho::: said...

Thanks for the reply,

Hmm, look I honestly don't know anything about politics, trust me that is why I didn't know about how huzbulla formed and about Meghniya and his actions.. all the things you mentioned is new to me..

and yea no shia or sunni support anyone just because of religion, unless you believe of course, that's another thing..

I for one believe in being a Kuwaiti, a true Kuwaiti who knows no difference between a Sunni Shia and Masee7.. This is our land and our loyalty lies here!

TOUCHE' said...

Well said.

Chirp said...

Very very VERY well said!!!!
Just reading all three of those posts i can feel ur emotions.
I would write whats on my mind, but it would be really controversial and would cause a fuss on ur blog :P

allah ikhaleelna il q8 :*

and good luck on your job hunt!! :)

WendyB said...

Nice post.

Hasan.B said...

Very good post for many reasons!

Lala* said...

Thank you!

I've been meaning to write abt this bs was weighed down with all the hurt/anger/frustration I feel, so whatever I write would be totally emotional and completly incoherent..

Best of luck on ur job hunt***

Anonymous said...

Hatha el 7achy wala balaaaaaaash!


Nada said...

Intay wainich? The vacation's come and gone and Lady is still missing. Your public wants you to post.