Wednesday, January 16, 2008


One of the most annoying things on THIS PLANET is a Copycat. I can’t stand them. I can’t look at them. I want to scream at them. Seriously, they just annoy the living crap out of me! Ugh!!

I was a victim of piracy. Yes I shall call it piracy. When you copy something without the consent of someone else, it is called piracy. I should get a copyright on the stuff I do. It’s just crazy! I’m going to refer to the copied one as “The Original” and the copier as “Copycat”.

My aunt once told me that one of the best compliments a person can get is when they are copied. I see the logic in that. But come on! Can’t the girl tell me that I look nice and move on? She has to copy my look/make up/bag/whatever??

Once a seriously deranged girl admitted to me that she tried to imitate my voice + way of talking. Umm... okaaay... I have a kind of unique way of talking. It’s not an accent or anything like that. just that my voice or way of talking is “unique”. But so is everyone else! Some people may like it, others hate it.

Another time, in college, I was wearing an outfit one day, and the next day a Copycat friend wore the EXACT SAME THING, down to the shoes! It happened so many times, I can’t even remember.

I have a great group of friends. I love them to death. I adore them. However, there are some individuals who just love to copy. If they see a handbag they like, they’ll run out and buy THE EXACT SAME ONE. It takes all the fun out of your purchase! I love you guys, and I want you to have the best, but it’s not fun when you copy each other. It doesn’t happen to me only, it happens to many others.

My other friends are really great when it comes to something they like. If they like something me or any of the other girls have, they’ll ask about it, and say “Is it ok with you if I get the same?” I do that as well. But that’s usually regarding a lipstick or a blush or a pair of shoes.

With other people, it’s not just about the clothes or accessories. If The Original likes to cut her hair short, the Copycat will always cut her hair short. But if Original decided to grow her hair, then so will Copycat. Copycat also copies Original’s behavior and eating habits! When Original diets, you can be sure Copycat will do the same.

I know a Copycat who copied Original’s babies’ names!! She also goes to stores and asks them what Original bought, and she’ll buy the same. She also bought the same king-size bed that Original bought for her bedroom. Talk about creepy!

Another Copycat asked Original’s friends what car Original drives. They told her Original drives a sports car, but now she usually has her driver take her everywhere. Copycat went so far as to demand that her husband get her a driver and a car. Then she coaxed her dad into buying her a sports car. And now she parks the sports car in the garage, and has her driver take her everywhere. This is an extreme psycho case. If I was Original, I would get a restraining order. NOW!

Ekh. I’m sick of talking about those crazy psychopaths. Just one word of advice to all you Copycats out there: GET A FREAKIN’ LIFE, WILL YOU?? You're acting like the scary psycho from Single White Female.

One of the best things in life is being original.

Trust this lady. She knows what she’s talking about. *wink*

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Noufa said...

I actually have never encountered a copycat! but I'm sure if I did I would give her any attention, I'm so into "Noufa" that I wouldn't notice her ;)

FourMe said...

hahah loved the Single white female remark ;) thats one freaky movie.. I get what you're saying you can let it go the 1st, 2nd time but thn it gets to a point where its pathatic.. and about copycat who whent to the shop and asked etc .. That isn't a copycat thats one demented stalker!

La Reine said...

LOL aham shay the last line hehehehhee

Marzouq said...

This is totally a girl thing.. as guys that never happens.. ever! hahaha!

Lala* said...
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N. said...

That is so extreme, the Copycat must be stopped!

They say that people who hang out a lot together slowly and unintentionally pick up habits of each other. This is perfectly normal though, but the driver/sports car thing.. yikes.. she's two steps from being a stalker.

Lord Nutty said...

Hm.. since Original isn't using her sports car... can she give it to me?

Yara said...

I know hal shay 7adda e7er :/ Great post i loved it :)

loya said...

i wrote something similar in my last post. When people change their personality, look etc...
bas i find it 3adi itha my friend saw me carrying a bag and gets a similar one, wayid it9eer..

do0da said...

il hook u up with a good lawyer if u still need that restraining order :P

WendyB said...

If you are having a Single White Female situation, make sure to keep a pointy shoe around to use as a weapon!

Hasan.B said...

I always thought that women take this way too serious. Some of the mentioned actions were way out of the line. But buying the same bag or shoe should not be a big deal. They made the bags for people to but it. When you buy one bag you do not own the other bags! Well unless you go and buy them aswell!

elaine.ess said...

im being a non-lurker and commenting on ur post :p totally get where ur coming from o 7ada iy7ir as the original puts effort in what she/he does and the copycat doesnt! as if the original is their personal stylist or something :/

This Lady said...

when i wrote this post, it wasnt meant to be just to rant about Copycats.

Its something ppl do as a habit and then they get stuck with it. And its truly one of the worst habits u can have!

We all copy something from someone we admire, like a 'bag' or aomething like that. But when ppl imitate ur whole life, as in ur eating habits, hairstyle, clothes, and everything else, it is just too much!

I lose the respect I have for ppl like that. Because they act like they dont have a mind of their own.

And yeah this happens 99.99% to girls only.

eshda3wa said...

i dont mind the i like ur handbag ill buy the same one. ya3ne elsoog malyan so 3adi

but the second person

oh my freaky god!

Chirp said...

Wedi agool ina they copy because they "look up to you" or something.
That girls case is extreme, ya3ni its okay if I see my friend wearing certain shoes/bag/dress and I like it I'll go get it, laish a7rem nafsy.
Bas itha a person they reached a point where they even copies their kids names, now I think there is a huge issue there, I'm no Dr.Phil but its kind of scary!!!

Ms. D said...


i wish someone would copycat the way i talk ;p chan ma7ad bildnya faham shy ;p

and yeah.. love ya cuz ur original babes ;)

abdvllah said...

Women ;p

G and L said...

Maybe Copycat should install a camera in original's room and copy the way she sleeps, breaths and drools! (if she drools:P)

Oranjina fadidra said...

copycat needs to have a life for a change!!

Mrm said...

tell her burlap sacks are in,
you had just gotten an 'awesome' crew cut hair due
and that ur new favorite accessory is a misba7.

then enjoy the look on her face when she realizes what shes done sees that u have done nothing mentioned above


Adie said...

I think that there is an extent to copying a person. If it's minimal like buying the same bag, shoes, or accesories in general then it's okay. However, imitating things that are related to the original's behaviour are just plain CREEPY!

Great post.