Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Patriot

I’m feeling patriotic today. Actually not today. Everyday.

I love my country. I love this freakin’ land! I love it! I adore it! I would die for it! Yes I would!

I was born and raised here. My parents were born and raised here. Their parents were born and raised here. And their grandparents were born and raised here. Their great grandparents were born and raised here... And well, you get the picture.

I don’t just love it because it’s my home. I love it because it has been good to me and everyone else. The majority of Kuwaitis live a well-off life compared to the rest of the world. Where else can you get free healthcare, free education (from kindergarten to university), free housing, and so much more? It’s a place where everybody knows everybody else. And even though we’re not without faults, we’re still a pretty good place.

But you know what really guts me? What kills me? What makes me want to punch someone so hard they would end up in a coma for the rest of their life? (Yeah, it’s that serious to me)

It’s when people live off this land that has been nothing but good to them, only to reap the benefits and not give back anything to this country.

The men in my family refused to leave Kuwait during the Iraqi Invasion in 1990, and spent 7 months battling terror and pollution and simply stayed put in the land that made them who they are. They lived without their families, electricity, cars and the food that they were used to, while others fled the country without looking back.

Before you attack me, I know that not everyone who fled was a coward because some didn’t want to leave their families alone abroad. I know. I’m talking about the others. They know who they are. The ones who packed up and left, thinking this country is not coming back.

How about those politicians, ministers, government authorities who think that just because Kuwait is a rich country, then it’s ok to stuff some of its money into their pockets? Their bank accounts are so full of 000’s from all the embezzlement; they must need accountants (plural) to do their bookkeeping for them.

Then we have those evil EVIL politicians who claim they want to benefit the country by forcing us to abide by non-existing Islamic laws, whereas we all know that they hide behind a curtain they call Islam, only to monopolize people into thinking they’re right so that they can become filthy rich and powerful. God, how I hate you idiots!! I hope you burn in hell for all of the problems you’ve caused this country.

And today, I heard the most audacious thing ever. Iranian politicians and Hezbollah members in the Middle East (INCLUDING KUWAIT – please don’t tell me we don’t have Hezbollah members here) mourning the death of one of their commanders, Imad Meghniyeh. The man famous for hijacking planes, kidnapping westerners, terrorist attacks on embassies, and so much more. A MURDERER. He was one of the people responsible for the hijacking of Kuwait Airways in the 1980’s. And please no one tell me that Hezbollah were not responsible. They were. He’s guilty, they’re guilty and you damn well know it. And I think I know why you might be defending him.

I could go on and on and on… but I won’t. I’m too tired. I just have this to say:

To all you people who call yourselves Kuwaitis, but your true loyalty lies in countries not too far away. To all you leeches who suck the blood out of this country and then leave it and go when you have nothing more to take. To all you idiots who don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it. I hope the day comes when this country exposes you for what you are, you filthy maggots. I hope you rot in hell, and while you’re there, I hope you see us true patriots in Heaven, looking down at you and not having an ounce of sympathy for you and all your maggot friends.

I’m done.


FourMe said...

Well said Lady..

Marzouq said...

Well said and I agree with everything you said! It gets my blood pumping when these people are complaining about the country!

Nobody wants to give back.. people just ask for kick backs.. they have no morals and it drives me nuts!

I hope one day all those leeches are burnt!!

New Bride said...

love U Lady

meeemo said...

Be thankful for what you have there ... you don't know how bad it is here in Bahrain.

Allah yahdy il jamee3 inshallah

Lala* said...

Ma daraity? sar SHAHEED!!

This terrorist is SHAHEED in their eyes!!

The man who tried to blow up our beloved Sheikh Jaber- Allah yer7omah,
The mad behind hijacking Kathma and alJabriya back in the 80's..


Ako takhallof akthut mn chetheh..

Ma 3alaina..

shoosha said...

* itgoom in9afeg*
mashkoora 6ala3tay il 7arra illy ib galbi! esamoon nafs-hum kuwaityeen but when iran or any other country gets into the picture 3ala 6ool they shift!! malat 3alaihum mal yes7eboon janaseehum!

Noufa said...

((I know this we'll piss them off, but F*uck it))

Why this Goddamn terrorist is morned in a country where he screwed in the past?

It's simple, whoever support Hezbollah and Iran (e.g Shiites and a few Sunnis) are f**cking ignorant. whatever a Nasrallah ask them to do they follow like damn sheep. they don't think for themselves. they are so blinded by the propaganda that Hezbolloh has been feeding them with. telling them that what they are doing is Jihad and a fight to protect Islam. when in fact it's Terrorism. kidnapping citizen, plans isn't jihad it's terrorism.

and one thing you should know, "those" people in Kuwait who support Hezbollah and Iran are more loyal to them than this country that gave them so much and instead of giving back, they accuse it of being "too Americanized"

**I censored my words a lot, 'cause it's a "lady's blog" ;) LOL

This Lady said...

fourme: thanks

marzouq: u wouldnt beleive how mad i was while writing it. I almost blew up the computer.

new bride: love u too!

meeemo: the rate we're going, you're going to be much MUCH better off than we r.

lala*: Ekh. They disgust me. Murderers are now martyrs I guess.

shoosha: ohma malot 7araaaaaaag.. mo bas sa7b janasi. kelhom their loyalti 7ag jama3at barra il deera. Allah ikhes'hom.

noufa: Damn right. Don't censor. Freedom of speech ;)

skinnybumblebee said...

Very patryy! nice.

But this is the case in every country thats not a good enough reason to hate the people who take these actions.

:::ShoSho::: said...

I for one don't like to diss about the country. we have some flaws but it's ok and no country is perfect and we are better than many others. We have alot of advantages but people get blinded and hungry for more.

I am a shitte and kuwaiti and it bugs me when some people think my loyalty is for Iran WTH!?!!! I know some people are but I know for sure I am not so is my family and many others..