Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Radio Stations, Please

The title says it. But I also need to repeat it. WE NEED MORE RADIO STATIONS IN KUWAIT. If not, then at least some GOOD MUSIC for God's sake!

You're probably thinking, "T.L, what the hell? Who listens to the radio here anymore?" And to answer that, I'll say, "Of course I don't listen to the awful Kuwaiti radio stations, but this is what forced me to.."

My iPod's battery ran out last week ( I know, last week). Well I'm a lazy cow cat sometimes and I'm superbusy all the time, so in turn, I forgot to recharge my iPod. Also, I only listen to music in the car (or in parties) because when I'm with people, or when I'm doing some kind of work, I like to focus. Another thing, I have a car but I don't go driving a lot because my only outings are to specific destinations and back. Therefore, limited music time.

Aaaanyway, forgot to recharge iPod, blah blah blah.. So I got in the car Thursday and was about to turn on the iPod, when I remembered it was dead. So I turned on the radio instead. And what I got was a load of crap.

To summarize:

88.8 Marina FM- I loved them to death. Funny DJ's, always have something to talk about. I LOVE DGHAISHEM. HE. ROCKS. Funniest guy on Radio. Ever.

However, the morning DJ's are annoying. Noura and someone else. They have the most awkward dialogue and can't put a sentence together to save their life. For example, DJ Unknown in the morning show was reading a newspaper snippet about a girl who was born with two heads. And he said, "Oh now everyone will call her TWO FACED and FOUR EYES." WHO SAYS THAT???? The poor girl has another head sticking out of her neck! Ya think she's gonna have a hard time?

Also, increasingly sappy music almost all the time. At least its the best of the bunch.

92.5 Easy FM- Jazz or classic music I think. Do they still call it 'Easy FM'? Anyway, not my type. Don't listen to it.

95.7 Sawa- Ho-hum. Its ok. No DJ's, just music and brief news report. They like to repeat the same songs as well.

99.7 Super Station RKFM - Please God, tell me that they're kidding when they call it the SUPER station! Did anybody notice that they always play "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica?? Someone on that station has some issues. I swear every freakin time I turn on that station, it has that same cheesy 90's overplayed song! Its not even a classic! Jeez! Plus endless 90's songs like 'Barbie Girl' WTF? etc. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR DJ'S.

And how about that Latina Mina ? She's annoying. Overdoing and promoting her latinolicious self. Sorry. And your show is 'The Drive Back', its not the 'Salsa Show' so why do you play it all the time? The percentage of Latinos in Kuwait is probably equal to the percentage of Russians here. She has a better chance of becoming popular if she played some Indian or Pilipino.

103.7 (The Arabic Music one)- NO COMMENT. Actually I do want to comment. The fact that I don't even know the station's name says it all. Your callers are annoying. They sound like ignorant male chauvinists who blatantly say they're ditching work and are hungry for machboos*, or baby-voiced women/girls/ladies who call to say they have nothing to say. "Emm.. madri shagool.." Translation: "Um.. I don't know what to say" THEN DONT CALL, IDIOT!

How about their horrible choice in music? Unknown musicians? Check. Sappy crappy voice/lyrics songs? Check. Repeat above choices? Check and Check.

107.9 - (Not sure about the station #) The American radio station that transmits from the US I think? VOA - Voice of America? Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll catch a nice set of songs. Otherwise, its jazz, or introduction to the English language. Snooze.

97.5 - Arabic Talk radio, which if I need to hear voices, I'll listen to. Sometimes they have good topics.

There's also the Koran station which I don't listen to because I don't like the reader's voice and because I like to listen to music in the car. 

In the end, I decided to turn off that shizz and listen to the floating concert of thoughts in my head. Much more entertaining.


*Kuwaiti dish - rice piled high + meat or chicken thrown on top. Delicious.


Marzouq said...

I totally know what your talking about.. they should open up the radio waves for people!

Then they would be a lot better.. they make it nearly impossible to open another radio channel..

it isn't expensive send out radio signals but it would be a little weak but still a better choice!

Enigma said...

tsadgeen I don't even remember seeing a Latino here.

eshda3wa said...

my god
dont even get me started on the radio

l7agtay 3ala the blog war against dj orooj madre shismha

hahaha it was funnay!

FourMe said...

Oh you're soo0 right! I love listening to the radio but in Kuwait you just simply Can't where ever you switch the channel to its crap .. and the brandy song is so true !

Big Pearls said...

I used to like nagham il sabah on marina fm..I hate it's become silly!

This Lady said...

marzouq: wallah i can do a better job than all those stations put together! Cant we have a radio station that transmits over the internet or something?

enigma: my point exactly.

eshda3wa: i read it on some blogs but i never caught her on the radio. because i never listen to it of course.

fourme: ee wallah crap.

big pearls: i used to love it too. but now its just ridiculous!

Ms. D said...

105.5 rock!! akheeeeh 3ala ayaaich ya san franciso

ana ma3ndy ipod waala aby ipod... i still listen to oldies on my mix tapes.. YES MIX TAPES :D cuz ma7eb new songs ;D

Ms. D said...

ana 3alamy commentaty 3ala 2 elyom? nooo3y yakhticha7eb elrahy ;p

bout theintrnt radioako the kuwaiti podcast chena.. give them a shot.. i used to listen to them, very nice topics bs music madreeee

Grey said...

I cribbed my self to death about fm99.7 on my blog ! Its a shame M of Info is so lazy to update itself for a new generation .., i remember the old days when FM 899.2 played only country music and it was sooo good till they got smooth jazzed and FM 99.7 is a shame , aren't they embarrassed to call them ' gulf's no 1 music station'? probably they have not been to dubai , the only station i listen to while driving is 96.7 VOA , they play some cool music, if not 107.7 while the airwaves are clear, nice music for the US armed forces .. if not ... just not listen to FM at all... one final point ... Latina Mina and Linda can give you real road rage ... becareful !

N. said...

ee walla.. Radio lacks so much here! Forget the repetitive stations, we need more variety! And to tell you the truth, radio shouldn't all be about music, it would be nice to listen to an interesting show about whatever.. anything!

N. said...

Oh and of course, this isn't the topic here, but totally related.. the radio quality, is totally related to the TV quality, which also sucks.

This Lady said...

ms d: my car does not have a cassette thingy. Wayid mit6awra :pP

grey: road rage indeed! but actually i do like Linda. Its just that she always plays the same music. and most of it is old.

n.: definitely. its not just about the music. interviews and talk shows r just as fun.

do0da said...

they dont play my music on the radio =/

i think we need more specialist channels. like i remember b4 it was like one hour a day i think of music i like and it was like around 9pm ya3ni shino 5ala9 :P baji ilyoum masma3 shay :P

when my ipods out of battery id rather drive with no music insteada of shitty music but i always have cds lying around in the car for such emergencies :P

Chirp said...

LooooL you really are angry! Tabeen asaweelich Mix CD's? They sell this thing where u can charge ur ipod at the same time as listening to it in the car .... get it .. it is SO helpful! Cuz I never take my ipod out of the car.

And I agree with u ...we need more choices!

mrm said...

3a6ooni station adeera...shofow shbiseer :D

G.E&B said...

I was with you all through the post till you said you like D'3aishim. I'm sure he's a great guy. I can't stomach him.

You forgot Ilbarnamaj ilawal wil thani and Salam FM.

And BBC World which rocks my world.

I keep CD's books ontape, whatever for when the ipod dies.

This Lady said...

do0da: yes they do. like a rock station, a pop station, a jazz station.

chirp: i cant bother with CD's because the CD changer is in the trunk of my car. and i'm lazy.

mrm: i'm sure you would!

g.e&b: whats the frequency for BBC World and Salam FM? they sound cool (i think)