Monday, April 14, 2008

Search Queries That Get You Here


I'm going to add this feature to my blog. Ever since I added sitemeter to my blog, I (naturally) get statistics regarding my site. One of the cool things about it, is you get to know how people came found your site, (through other sites/blogs or through search engines) and what they searched for.

Some people searched for the weirdest things! And what's even more funny, is how the search engines decided that my blog fit that search query so well.  safat  2008

Is this an address search? An email search? Why is there a year involved?

Girl on girl action (22 times and counting)

Poor guys (or girls) must be really disappointed.

Rubbing shaking fat off

Apparently Google heard that I was on a diet.

I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirm able Bank Draft

This is from a Japanese search engine. This was typed in the search engine box when I got there. Creepy! They might as well have said "I'm watching you".

Transparent Bra

Ok that's justifiable. I have a post with that title.

Cruella DeVille Hair

Obviously Google thinks its funny to send Cruella seekers my way. I have 3 grey hairs and you have to rub it in??

Girls funny stories about bras

I'm assuming this is a guy because we girls are tormented by bras, and rarely find them funny. To him I say: Try attaching two heavy sacks to your chest and hold them together with a strap and two strings. How funny is it now? Not so much, right? What's that you say? Backache? Yeah I thought so.

الناس صنفان موتى في حياتهم

Translation: There are two types of people. Dead when they are alive.. (incomplete sentence)

I shudder to think WHY they were directed to my site. WHY??

Bottomless Girl

As opposed to a topless girl? Jerk. Sleaze-bag. Or maybe they were looking for a girl with literally no bottom. Poor thing..

Lady on girl

That would be illegal wouldn't it?


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:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooL this is hilarious!

Big Pearls said...

loool funny post!

Ms. D said...

Rubbing shaking fat off <-- a7es elly edawron diet tips online losers maylesh ;p

eshda3wa said...

im afraid to know wat ppl search for on my blog!

N. said...

You have very interesting readers, or seekers might I say. :p I had a post also similar to this, I should probably update it and get the latest search results.

Marzouq said...

I get things from Sports Illustrated, Anime - Bleach, Jessica Alba, Kuwait things, Halo 3.. and a few random other things!

EXzombie said...

mine is the strangest...

mosa sex, anal rape, barby, fish sex, pizza sex, fozia ass, butt, ass, makwa arabia, arab porn, islamic sex,...!!!

it was funny to see that a picture on a post gets 300 hits a day.....!!!

ohh and welcome to Safat

WendyB said...

LOL!!! Especially your response to "lady on girl"

Grey said...

lool ! even my site is found for hilarious reasons

mrm said...

Cruella DeVille Hair

Obviously Google thinks its funny to send Cruella seekers my way. I have 3 grey hairs and you have to rub it in??


This Lady said...

Google can be mean sometimes.. :((