Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Do You Want To Know?

I saw this on someone's blog recently. Sorry I can't give them the credit because i can't bother to check cant remember.

Since I love my blogging familia so much, I decided to do a fun thing. I will allow each person to ask me one question only. It can be anything you've been wondering about. It can be something private. It can be something silly. It can be ANYTHING. I will answer as honestly as I can. If I feel some of them are innappropriate, I will ignore them, but try anyway :P

On another note, do you get the feeling that you know a blogger so well, you might as well be friends in real life? There are so many i want to meet, and I'm kinda scared that if I ever see them, they won't look like what  I imagined, and everything will be ruined! Hahaha I know I'm weird.

But seriously, I would love to meet each and every single one of you people on the right (My Blogroll) and more if possible! Most of you were with there for me ever since I started blogging, and some of you I just added recently.

So anyway. Shoot. I'll collect all the q's and post them (with everybody's name), so you'll know who asked the silly or pervy ones :p


mrm said...

hehehehe i bet ur scared shitless to meet me

chika said...

ya 7obbe, there is nothing to be afraid of bel 3aks.. it's a good community and you will simply enjoy knowing some of us in person :)

Question is: If you were invited to attend the bloggers meeting, knowing that females will be attending, will you show up?!

Shoush said...

Hmmm. Wat shud i ask u?

U know wat, it's really late and i cant think cuz am sleepy oo waray ga3da early bachir so i'll just stop by bachir inshala. :P


Hasan.B said...

Hmmm, I could not come up with a question for awhile, but I did now, Okay;

Who will you vote for in the upcoming elections? The 4 people that you will vote for with their names please!

Peaceful Mind said...

hasan b stole my Q. :/ anyways i have another one mako sheghel ; How many times have you fell in love ? :ppp

Big Pearls said...

Hmmm..ma 3endi so2al:p

N. said...

I know you only said one question, but I have more.
1. Where's the post about work? Is it so blah that it doesn't deserve a post? :p
2. I'll save this for later.. ;P

Grey said...

Why the name : this lady says?"

This Lady said...

aaaw come on! this is all you could come up with??

dont you want to know some juicy details or gossip or stuff like that?

Tsk, tsk! This is not what I expected from you!

Hasan.B said...

Where is my answer! I demand an answer!

N. said...

Want to make it interesting?
2. What's your type of guy?
3. What is the worst thing that you've done?
4. If social norms and such didn't hold you back, what would be the wildest thing you'd do?

You can answer one of those (or all if you're feeling courageous) and I'll leave the rest for everyone else to ask... :p

This Lady said...

hasan.b: i will answer all of them in a new post with everyone's name next to their q.

I'm waiting for more q's right now.

n.: thats what i'm talking about! still a little mild :p

Shoush said...

Any love/crushes lately? If so, wat's the story (in detail :P). <-- FYI, this is ONE question.

eshda3wa said...

i know wat u mean abt feeling u know someone so well thru their blog!
i would love to meet about 100 bloggers

well maybe not 100 bs a

my question

ever went on a blind date?

eshda3wa said...

moo shar6 a romantic one

just met with a stranger

Anonymous said...

You asked for it:

Out of curiousity, did you ever watch porn?

I know that about 99.9% of kuwait's population did, but 1% would really admit it if not 0%. So, lady, did you ever?
It's ok if you don't feel like answering.

I don't have an account so I could only post under anonymous.

- Dee