Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Reason(s) I Was Away

I love my blog. I didn’t think there was ever a time that I was intentionally going to be away from it, or to stop blogging. Ever. It is such a writing/venting outlet for me, to say things that I want to say, express my thoughts, my anger, my humor (yes, I think I'm funny), my mind in general.

Well, the past month was a really hectic one for me. I was running around doing all sorts of things people-who-want-to-earn-a-living have to do. They’re so many, and I need to explain them, but that would take a month, so I’ll just list them and briefly elaborate.

· I was applying for jobs. Overdosed on CV’s, phone calls, paperwork, the whole deal. Hated it.

· Doing house chores/errands because my parents think its ok to treat their kids like oompa loompas. Love/Hate.

· Gazillion social obligations that I had to do because I’m Kuwait’s Paris Hilton. Love/Hate.

· Trying to organize my hobbies & side projects to fit into my socialite life. Hate.

· Attempting a new, healthy balanced diet & exercise regimen. Unsuccesful. Hate.

· Keeping track of my numerous emails which I realized are too many for 1 human being (where the hell did they come from??) Love/Hate.

· Wanted to take a break from my life before I start work. Love it.

· Traveled for a little more than a week to Dubai. Loved it! (More on that in later posts)

I'm so worried that when I start working I'm going to have to reduce performing one or more of the above tasks. How can you bloggers do this? Blogging frequently, I mean. Gold stars to all of you!

At this rate, I'm going to have to marry a blogger, get him to write about ME, and thus provide more time for ME.

Which brings me to this point. I don't have a lot of ME time. Really, I need it.. Hmm.. maybe during the summer when the social scene is quiet and my family travels abroad. Quiet time for MEEE..!

And finally..

To all of you readers/friends/fans/stalkers, thank you so much for asking about me via this blog, thru email and the letters flooding our house's mailbox. It means a hell of a lot to me to know that my writing actually appeals to some people. Stalkers: not THAT kind of appeal.

Who knew, right?

Thanks and big hugs and kisses go out to you all. Buy my album – it’s dropping next week.


Marzouq said...

Nice to see you around again! 7amdilla you were having a good time.. to blog and work, then social stuff is just insane..means you don't sleep.. really you don't!! (I get gold star)! lol

Honestly you just have to balance what you really want to do with what you have to do.. work eats up your time.. but what can you do!

eshda3wa said...

ur doing waay too many things u hate babe!

u need more mclovin!

FourMe said...

"I'm kuwait's Paris Hilton" lool cracked me up :p at least you ain't a Tara Reid..

Glitter said...

And i'm lindsey :P

This Lady said...

marzouq: thank u! actually i do get some sleep, but my whole day is jampacked with stuff that I dont even have time to read before I sleep :(

eshda3wa: give me McLoviiiiiiiiiin!

fourme: i'd take tara reid's life over my boring one anytime!

glitter: call me, let's party.

Amethyst said...

You don't have to marry a blogger. You can marry a man who dislikes blogging and train him to blog for you because it would torture him! Shfaydat`hum?;p

Anonymous said...

* hug *
It's always good to have u back !

Joud said...

word(s) of the day: oompa loompa

Grey said...

Kuwaits Paris Hilton eh? i wonder when you will get arrested for DUI? kidding ! Good to have you back... BTW me too away from blogs for last 10 days. Not enough time .

Oranjina fadidra said...

I’m Kuwait’s Im beyonce count me in that party!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Welcome back.. You've been missed..

Hey i am cooler than all of you, I am Hermione Granger :P

Jenny From the Blog said...

There's no way you could be like Paris Hilton. You're actually DOING something ;)

This Lady said...

hahaha ur comments r so funny guys. thank u so much for asking about me and checking up on the blog.