Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well.. Well.. What Have We Here?

I checked my blog today to find some interesting news. Apparently I've been added to Safat. I don't know when this happened, since I've applied ages ago (9 months to be precise). I might as well have given birth. But anyway.. thanks? I guess..

It's going to be kind of a new experience finding comments from new visitors. Just like the days when I first started blogging and I found a myriad of new visitors every day.

I'd like to give a big hug and huge thanks to those who stood by my side all this time, through the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope I made your time just as enjoyable as you have made mine (you better be nodding your heads). I really REALLY couldn't have done it without you.

And to all the new visitors.. Umm.. welcome?

I hope you enjoy your time here, because this is truly one of the best blogs out there. This blog is a drug. You will become addicted. You will come back. Many, many times.

You've been warned.



y7ayech o yabjech, im kinda new myself so i guess id be experiencing a lot,

o about safat, bil3aks i found them really quick, but then i guess oho 3ala 7sab ilshakhs ely khdmich, my fellow was great

chika said...

Mabrouk ;)

Anonymous said...

wooooo hoooooooo! On Safat! Wooooo HOOOOOO!

Enigma said...

zaiiiiin mabrook :)

Marzouq said...

Mabrook! At last...

somehow I was removed then added back on.. I don't even keep track! loool

eshda3wa said...

academy award hatha moo safat!

Glitter said...

Just don't forget abt ur OLD fans, in all the excitement of welcoming the NEW ;)

Ms. D said...

i have a question.. why do u care too much about who/when/why/where/how people read u blog? or where ur blog might b listed.. mmmm its not THAT important to me.. why is it THAAAAT important to u?

shoosha said...

ayabeb? wa2akheeran!

do0da said...

i wonder if im still on there :P i heard some talk of them kicking out idle bloggers :P

EXzombie said...

we only kick the inactive blogs, if you ditch the blog for more than 6 months it'd be a waste of space.....!!!

thanks Jnon, we do it because we love it.

and bare with us people, we are in the skimming process.....!!!

mrm said...

i am ur opposite, i actually dont want my blog up there. dont like visitors. but i likef u.

Grey said...

9 months to get in to Safat? anyways Mabrooooook! Blog away !

This Lady said...

Chinese Character: It took a long time, but yeah I guess it depends..

chika: Thanks. This was due to the post you wrote! So I must say THANK YOU.

intlxpatr: Kinda waited a long time soo... Not really feeling like partying!

enigma: hehe thanks

marzouq: at laaaaaast..

eshda3wa: ee wallah!

glitter: i can NEVER forget my old fans

ms.d: I DON'T really care. It's just for fun that I write this. Just being sarcastic.

shoosha: yabebay :p

do0da: yallah update!

exzombie: ya36eekom il 3afya. yes please SKIM.


Grey: I could have had a baby during this time!

WendyB said...

Good for you!

N. said...

I still remember (without even looking back) you wanted to be a writer.. hmmm wonder what happened with that! Mabrouk for gettin on Safat, they can be slow sometimes.