Sunday, March 30, 2008


I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the upcoming elections. Many of you are probably sick to death of political talk and whatnot, but really i have to do this. this is something i'm passionate about. Not politics, but MY COUNTRY. The goings on in Kuwait is not something i can just watch without doing anything about. the least i can do is talk to people about it, write about it, and choose to act upon it.

I think that the parliamentary elections are SO important, i cant even describe it in one post. Voting for candidates is CRUCIAL! These people are the legislatures of our country. they MAKE the laws. They are the voice of the public because they were nominated by the public, and voted for by the public. THEY ARE THE PUBLIC.

They are the crew of a ship called Kuwait. They will lead us to our destination or they can get lost on their way. If they work together cooperatively, they will acheive goals. If they dont, then we'll all die in the storm.

What they do and say affects US. Every single one of us! How can we just sit by and let the elections come and go without doing anything about it?

I know many Kuwaitis were dissapointed by the majority of the previous members. I know they failed us in more ways than one. I know that. And this is why we should do our part and vote for the ones we think deserve it!

If you're not happy with the returning candidates, then don't vote for them! Vote for someone new and fresh. Go to their rallies. Listen to them talk. Hear what they have to say. Don't let anyone's opinions change what you feel. If you feel that someone is deserving, then go ahead. Give them your vote.

And please PLEASE do not vote for someone just because they are a relative, friend, acquaintance, part of your tribe, have a certain religious belief, Sunni, Shiite, man, woman. Vote for them because they DESERVE IT and because THEY'RE GOOD. No not good. GREAT.

I will vote for someone who I believe takes a stand. I will be religiously blind. I will not vote based on math'hab (Sunni vs. Shiite). I will not vote based on tribe. I think that's ridiculous. I will be gender blind. I will vote for the better person. Not the better sex. I am a woman. But if i feel that a male candidate is more deserving, then he will get my vote. I will use my brain and that part called logic, to see who is more deserving in my mind.

The candidates. You, voters, can make or break that person. Dont think that you cant do anything. I remember the last elections, and some people won with a difference of TENS of votes. Its that close.

A few other bloggers already wrote about this topic. I can only remember Baroque, and she makes a good point.

However, to reply to Baroque and others who are just as pessimistic as her, I'd like to tell them that if they dont want a certain candidate to win then they should use their vote to help someone else they think is more deserving. And believe me there are so many who are deserving. Hear them out. They need you and you need them.

The future is literally in OUR HANDS. Just a few checks on that peice of paper, and dropping it into the ballot is all it takes. A few seconds thats all. And YOU can change OUR FUTURE.




Big Pearls said...

I hate politics...hate it hate it hate it!

Hasan.B said...

Good points, but I have a bad feeling about these elections. And LOL at "Say it. I know you want to."

Marzouq said...

Im going to go to their speeches and see what they have to say.. I'm really going to go to a lot of them, but it is really disapointing.. many of them were just bad and most were self serving.. alah ekoon ib 3oon el ikwait!

Peaceful Mind said...

I agreee.. bas not optimistic about these elections. btw nice move and keep going! :)

Ms. D said...

altho its not that promising.. but am voting for fresh blood.. for people who deserve a chance to represent us! am so glad that one of the dinosaurs in our area decided not to run for election this yr! WOOOHOOOO!!

G and L said...

you know if you did this speech in front of us we'd give you a standing ovation ;p;p

This Lady said...

aaaw G and L! Thaanks *tear*

Really guys, we have to at least TRY to be optimistic. Its our future for God's sake!

The problem is that when the MP does something we dont like, we dont do anything about it! How can we expect them to do what we want, if we're just quiet all the time! Come on its obvious we are partly to blame (china badliya but whatev)!

NeeNy said...

Nice Post ! I wish more people had the chance to read it, though..

This Lady said...

thanks neeny. oh well shinsawi ba3ad..

eshda3wa said...

i hope NO ONE not one single person from the previous parliament returns

and i hope most ppl are wise in their decisions.

too bad im missing out!