Monday, April 28, 2008



Am I the only one who doesn't understand this commercial?

Please explain.


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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Technical Help Please

Can anybody recommend a good Internet Service Provider in Kuwait?

We're currently with UCC, previously QualityNet, and we're not too happy with our current provider. The connection freezes up a lot and often we're left with days of no service. Also, every time we call, they don't answer the Technical Support calls unless you call the Sales desk - who always answer the calls -  and complain that the Tech people aren't answering.

So, any recommendations please? And some explaining as to why, would be excellent thanks.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Reply

Since it is going to take a long time to reply to each and every one who commented on this post, I decided to reply in a post, just to make some things clear.

Swair: please research your facts before you post an accusation like that..

I got a lot of comments stating the blogger credited PostSecret when she first started the Post.a.No.Secret blog. Well, I DID research the facts. Otherwise, I wouldn't write a post about it. It doesn't matter if you credit something if you're going to copy it, also with a very similar name. The idea of PostSecret is a good one, and really fun. But what I'm saying is, WHY COPY IT? I'm sure there are so many different spin-offs to that idea.

Delicately Realistic said: Thanks for bashing the memory of our old friend.

Why are people offended just because I dissed a blog for copying an idea? They're taking it personally and defending a blogger called Papillona, who is the one behind the blog.

Why?? This is not something personal! And I'm not bashing any 'memory'. The memories you had were related to her other blog. I did not insult her in any way, I only criticized this new blog, regardless of who created it.

When we create blogs, we have to prepare ourselves for criticism because we're putting ourselves out there. Do you think world famous artists weren't criticized at some point in their life? Does that make them any less loved? There are so many artists who credit other artists in influencing their work. But do they copy the original artist's style and work? No, they work FROM it.

I'm sure she was loved and has fans who were sad when she stopped blogging but this is a critique of the blog - and not the person or her personality.

Miyafushi said: I think you owe Papillona an apology.
Either way, just to let you know, you just dissed one of the first and most loved bloggers around.
Not good.
P.S. Is this post your equivalent of creative?

Again, why is this personal? Creating a blog that's an imitation of another and having someone not like it, does not mean that it makes that person less loved. It just makes them look less creative. This has nothing to do with her personality. I'm sure she's a great person who started the blog with good intentions.

The reason I wrote that post was because it really annoys me when in the Arab World, we have people who frequently copy ideas from others whereas they have SO MUCH CREATIVITY that if put to good use, they could come up with GENIUS ideas.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Repeat After Me: COPYCAT

There's a reason why our part of the world are called followers and not leaders. It's because of people like this.

This is not meant to be a blog bashing post, but seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Ok, let me elaborate. There's a very POPULAR blog in the blogosphere called PostSecret. They're so popular they've even published books about it. Basically, readers and the public in general are invited to send postcards to PostSecret that state their deepest secret, and of course it's posted on the blog. The idea being that sometimes, you want to spill out your secret to the whole world, but you want to do it anonymously. And that's a fun and creative way to do it.

Now, what bothers me, is people who go and SHAMELESSLY AND BLATANTLY COPY the whole idea, and claim it as their own. Today, I found through Safat, a blog called Post.A.No.Secret.

The 'blogger' invites people to send images displaying their secrets to his/her email, where in turn he/she posts them on the blog. Ok, let's break this down shall we?



FIRST, Copycat's layout and black background, is the same as the original.

SECOND, the Original blog is called POSTSECRET, because of the POSTCARDS that people send to the blogger. At least have the decency to come up with another name!

THIRD, to protect the identity and anonymity of the sender, the postcards are MAILED (with no return address) and not emailed.

FOURTH, come up with your own God-damned freakin' idea!

So, again, if I bashed this blogger, I'm sorry, but he/she probably deserved it. PostSecret has had hundreds of millions of visitors since they started because of their originality and ingenuity.

Maybe if the copycat blogger channeled a little bit more creativity into his/her blog, they would probably have some more original content, and would spare us the shame of people claiming that Arabs/Kuwaitis are imitators.


Oh My God. Blogger's Block?

Is it happening already? Do I have writer's blogger's block?

God, I don't know why, but the posts are just not. coming. out. I used to be able to write a trillion posts a day, due to the overflowing amount of thoughts in my head.

Could it be that I am *GASP* at a loss for words? Trust me, if you know me in real life, you will know that this DOES NOT HAPPEN. I am a woman of opinion, and I always have something to say.

I think it may be due to the fact that:

A. I discovered I am NOT workforce material.

B. I am turning into such a political freak it's scaring me.

C. I CAN'T WAIT for the elections. Seriously.

D. It's wedding season, and I need to be in better shape for all those dresses that I'm gonna be wearing.

E. I'm constantly thinking about the summer holidays, and how I'm not going to be able to travel with my family like I used to because I have a freakin' job and I can't take 3 month long vacations. *sob*

F. It could also be the fact that I am sooo behind on my emails and blog reading that I just want to delete everything and start from scratch.

I realize that I could go on until Z.. So I'm going to stop.

So please excuse the lack of posts. I know you're disappointed. Stop pulling your hair out and bawling like babies. Put the knives DOWN. You don't want to hurt yourselves (or me) now do you?

I need a solution. Any ideas, people?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Tidbit

I realized that I missed a few people who were blog supporters and readers since I first started blogging, and because I was -and still am- reaaaally busy (you can't even imagine), I forgot to add them to my Blogroll.

I know it might not be important to some people, but it is to me because really this blog would NOT be here without your constant support, criticism and sarcasm. And maybe even jealousy due to my super success and (in the words of Miss Kimora Lee Simmons) fabulousity, not to mention the millions I'm making off these ads).

So I'd just like to say that I'm going to be adding people to my blogroll as I go along, and whenever I remember them..

Today I remembered Amuq8. He used to visit my blog a lot, and comment, etc etc.. And I just completely lost touch in between my busy-ness. So here's to you Mr. Amu. You probably don't even remember my blog, but thanks for supporting me in the beginning!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well.. Well.. What Have We Here?

I checked my blog today to find some interesting news. Apparently I've been added to Safat. I don't know when this happened, since I've applied ages ago (9 months to be precise). I might as well have given birth. But anyway.. thanks? I guess..

It's going to be kind of a new experience finding comments from new visitors. Just like the days when I first started blogging and I found a myriad of new visitors every day.

I'd like to give a big hug and huge thanks to those who stood by my side all this time, through the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope I made your time just as enjoyable as you have made mine (you better be nodding your heads). I really REALLY couldn't have done it without you.

And to all the new visitors.. Umm.. welcome?

I hope you enjoy your time here, because this is truly one of the best blogs out there. This blog is a drug. You will become addicted. You will come back. Many, many times.

You've been warned.

Friday, April 18, 2008


           cartoon internet surfing

In continuation of my previous post, I thought I'd post this tidbit regarding some statistics related to my blog.

According to my Sitemeter statistics, the majority of my readers visit my blog between 12 am and 3 am Kuwait time.

What am I? Porn??

If this is you, visitor, you better have a good explanation for this! Because I will not, I repeat NOT, be the mistress in this blogging relationship.

You better make time for me during your 'supposedly' busy day. Don't blame it on being swamped at the office because we all know you do most of your web surfing over there. And don't go making excuses about the time difference, because I KNOW 90% of my readers live here.

This Lady has a boat and she's not afraid of using it, because there are PLENTY of blogging fish in the sea. Hmph.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Search Queries That Get You Here


I'm going to add this feature to my blog. Ever since I added sitemeter to my blog, I (naturally) get statistics regarding my site. One of the cool things about it, is you get to know how people came found your site, (through other sites/blogs or through search engines) and what they searched for.

Some people searched for the weirdest things! And what's even more funny, is how the search engines decided that my blog fit that search query so well.  safat  2008

Is this an address search? An email search? Why is there a year involved?

Girl on girl action (22 times and counting)

Poor guys (or girls) must be really disappointed.

Rubbing shaking fat off

Apparently Google heard that I was on a diet.

I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirm able Bank Draft

This is from a Japanese search engine. This was typed in the search engine box when I got there. Creepy! They might as well have said "I'm watching you".

Transparent Bra

Ok that's justifiable. I have a post with that title.

Cruella DeVille Hair

Obviously Google thinks its funny to send Cruella seekers my way. I have 3 grey hairs and you have to rub it in??

Girls funny stories about bras

I'm assuming this is a guy because we girls are tormented by bras, and rarely find them funny. To him I say: Try attaching two heavy sacks to your chest and hold them together with a strap and two strings. How funny is it now? Not so much, right? What's that you say? Backache? Yeah I thought so.

الناس صنفان موتى في حياتهم

Translation: There are two types of people. Dead when they are alive.. (incomplete sentence)

I shudder to think WHY they were directed to my site. WHY??

Bottomless Girl

As opposed to a topless girl? Jerk. Sleaze-bag. Or maybe they were looking for a girl with literally no bottom. Poor thing..

Lady on girl

That would be illegal wouldn't it?


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Sunday, April 13, 2008


The title says it all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Office


The Cubicle Cult. "Get me outta heeeere.."

Yeah, no not the show. My office. The place where I work. Which is not as hilarious as the original The Office (both the U.K and U.S versions).  It's not even mildly hilarious. To be honest, if it weren't for the $$$$, I would be outta there in a nanosecond.

I have to include you guys into the wonderful snoozefest of a world that I call my work. From this day on, I'm going to call it The Job or The Office.

Ok, so I work in this place. So far, it has been boring. I doze off during meetings. I check my emails, read blogs and surf the web during work. I then stopped reading blogs and logging into my account because of The Snoop and The Ghost (see below).

My department is made up of cubicles. Lots and lots of them. You have a better chance of finding me in Alice in Wonderland's Maze than trying to reach my cubicle at work. My cubicle makes me feel like a lab rat. The department is full of men. Plenty of sleaze bags. No good-looking guys. Whatever shall I do! *Sobbing*

Unfortunately, I feel I have to introduce you to the cast of The Office. Some of them will be permanent fixtures, others will make appearances. And some of them are just extras on the set - you see them, but you don't hear them. 

The Snoop/ The Know-It-All: She likes to know everything about anything and anyone. She also knows what shoe size you wear, reader. Yes, even you Grey. And Wendy - all the way in NY. She creeps up on me and always looks at what is on my screen. She's also the office know-it-all. She knows the ins and outs and everything in between. She likes to remind you that she knows everything.

The Diva: I've heard that she makes a big deal out of everything. Drama Queen, if you will. Haven't seen anything yet. Can't wait for the dramz!

The Friendly: Friendly. Helps a lot.

The Indian Guy: He's the office number geek accountant. He works hard for his money. He has a really thick accent. Often, I don't understand what he says. He's nice.

The Ghost: He's the boss. He has no footsteps. He makes no sound. He appears suddenly behind your desk. *Shudder*

The Coffee Guy: He could be my best friend. He understands my (coffee) needs + moods. He gets me coffee without me even asking. He knows I'm watching my weight, and always gets me green tea and/or sugar free coffee. Aaww!

Extras: The Kuwaiti Guy, The Mom, The Workaholic, The Other Kuwaiti Guy, Another Kuwaiti Guy, The Sleaze, The Other Sleaze, Even More Sleazes, The Egyptian Girl. Other Indian Guy.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

You Asked, I Answered

So, my lovely readers/lurkers/stalkers/friends, this is the moment you've all been waiting for.. The answers to your intruding questions and more questions. I answered each and every single one of them honestly and without holding back. (Thank you N. for the majority of questions :p)

And you know what? I discovered that behind this screen/blog, I'm not as shy as I am in real life. Does this mean I should wear a mask when I go out? Just a thought. Enjoy!

Chika: If you were invited to attend the bloggers meeting, knowing that females will be attending, will you show up?!

I want to meet my blogger friends, so I might. I don't mind if there are guys there either. Unless I decide to stay Anon, in which case I won't. But I will RSVP!

Hasan.b: Who will you vote for in the upcoming elections? The 4 people that you will vote for with their names please!

For now, I'm leaning towards:

Adel Al-Sarawi, Mohammed Al-Mulla, Naji Al-Abdulhadi, Ahmed Al-Mulaifi.

They're all subject to change, except for Al-Sarawi. He gets my vote definitely!

Peaceful Mind: How many times have you fallen in love?

Zero. Which is a bit sad really. But considering that I'm single, it's probably a good thing because I would have been heartbroken had I been in love. I don't believe in the saying "Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" because I've seen friends who were in love and lost their mates, and they were crushed. It sucked big time. So none for me thanks. I DO want to be in love, but I want to be swept off my feet. Literally and metaphorically. Haven't met a person who did that.. yet..

N.: Where's the post about work? Is it so blah that it doesn't deserve a post?

It's coming up. I wrote it, I just always forget to publish it because something more important comes along.

Grey: Why the name 'this lady says'?

I dont know actually. Its the 2nd name I came up with. I can't remember the first name I came up with. 'This Lady Says' was befitting for me because I always have something to say, and because I'm a lady (I think?)..

N.: What's your type of guy?

GORGEOUS! Tall, dark hair, boyish features (no cutie baby or girly faced ones for me). NOT HAIRY. Ew. I dont care if he's thin or chubby, but NOT FAT. It's a matter of perspective, really. The guys I think are hot, are usually ones my friends think are not. So.. I don't know. I dont like huge noses. Crooked or imperfect is fine. Just not a big ass shnoz. And I don't like short or white guys either. I like my men to have a bit of color. No ghostly pale ones thankyouverymuch.(Sorry if I offended anyone)

N.: What is the worst thing that you've done?

I was a bully in Middle School, and probably during High School as well. I wasn't THE bully, but I did bully or make fun of some of the 'nerds' and 'weirdos' at school. And I remember really well that they didnt have any friends, and they always sat alone during lunch breaks. Whenever I remember some of the things I did, and whenever I remember those people, I feel like the worst creature on earth. I wrote about it, but I didnt publish the post. I dont know why.

N.: If social norms and such didn't hold you back, what would be the wildest thing you'd do?

Probably live abroad in a big glam city like New York or London. I would probably have a boy toy or live in boyfriend or some kind of "male" species lying around the house. I would live a jetsetter's life, assuming that I had the money. Hmm.. I dont know if that's wild enough, because I'm a pretty laid back person.

Shoush: Any love/crushes lately? If so, what's the story (in detail :P)?

I crush 600 times per minute. I forget a crush every time I find a new one. I wish I could say that one of them developed into love, but sadly no. I feel like a 12 year old because I still CANNOT get out of the crush phase DAMMIT! Why did you have to remind me??? (To know the types of guys I crush on, refer to N.'s 'type of guy' question above)

eshda3wa: Ever went on a blind date or met with a stranger?

I met with an Internet friend once when I was a teenager. She was really sweet and funny online, but in real life she was a bit weird and she knew a lot of guys - if you know what I mean. And she was not my type.

Dee: Out of curiosity, did you ever watch porn?

You said the magic word, curiosity. I'm not ashamed of saying yes I did, purely out of curiosity. And I was really young too! To say that it grossed/freaked me out would be an understatement. I also wondered why it was that only the women were fully nude, but the men weren't, their privates were always concealed. I still don't know why. I still get the odd funny/dirty email forwards from my funny/dirty friend, and I still freak out all the time. My (future) husband will have to deal with his wife's issues!

N.: Ever wanted to be a guy? if yes, then for what reason?

Yes. For all of the reasons possible. For a more elaborate intellectual answer, read here. And for all the obvious dirty/pervy reasons, read any guy's brain!

N.: Do you consider yourself normal?

Sometimes I think I'm the weirdest person in the world.. until I find someone who thinks the same way I do about a specific silly/weird topic. Then I think I'm not. But overall, I don't think I'm 'the norm' at all. I'm as different as they come.

Big Pearls: Have you ever been in love?

See above for answer.

Oranjina Fadidra: What's your deepest darkest secret that you always try to hide?

I actually don't have one. My life is an open book. I try to be secretive sometimes, but it just doesnt work! Maybe I dont have one because I never did something reaaaally bad either. I'm trying to remember but every secret of mine, there's at least one person that knows about it.

Oh, and if I had one, I would definitely not say it! There's always a chance of my 'identity' being found out..

Four Me: What is your biggest regret?

Oooh plenty! Mostly they're education choices, like "Why didn't I study at that college?" or "Why didn't I study that major instead of this one?".. Probably my biggest regret is being sort of a mean girl in school, and maybe turning down a few guys that could have been 'The One'. I don't know I'm trying to think about THE BIGGEST regret, but I'm not getting any.. Just a few small ones.

g and I: What's your favorite blog?

I'm being absolutely honest. My Blogging Familia (see right) are my favorites. I make it a point to read them before anything else. I didn't have a Blogroll before because I read so many blogs, but now I decided to add one that includes my top faves. The ones I always navigate to first and foremost, and the ones who have read my blog from the beginning..

marzouq: Have you ever flapped (slapped?) someone really really hard?

No. I have zero muscle strength, so even if I tried my hand would fall off. I might have slapped my bro when we used to fight during our pre-teen years but I can't remember.

zed: Are you making money from these ads?

Yes I am, but very very little. My ads are getting better thank God! I get some banks and Wataniya ads and other more appropriate ones than the "Online Dating Singles" ones. And you don't get a check until you reach $100, which I'm still not even close to. But anyway, it doesn't hurt to try! (Just in case I get kicked out of my job)

ms.d: What movie star do people say you resemble?

Angelina Jolie. LOL. I don't know I've been told I look like more than one actress/singer/etc, but I will refrain from saying just so you don't get any false images in your head (and no not all of them are hot). I will say that  I'm always told I resemble some of the more ethnic stars.

ms.d: Do you know how to draw/paint?

Yes I do, its one of my hobbies.

ms.d: Do you eat kidneys/livers/tongues?

Eew! NO. Never. I hate them. I tried but it tasted like blood, so NO.

ms.d: Are you an accountant?

NO. I hate accounting. I DO know how to manage my money, but I choose to spend it hahaha. No really, I do have some savings "7ag il yom il aswad" Hahaha. Translation: For the black day. If you need any help, seriously I can help.

And that's it! I had fun! Really I never knew an 'interview' could be this enjoyable. Sorry I had to make you wait, but I hope it's worth it. Cheers!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Chance..

Hey dudes and dudettes,

This is your last chance to ask me any nosey and completely inappropriate questions this weekend. I compiled all of the questions into a nice neat little questionnaire. So far, I've answered all of the questions you asked.

If there are any more people out there, or if the ones who already asked would like to ask another one, feel free to do that (I'm scratching the "only one question" part).

My next post will be posted on Sunday.

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Laptop Choice - Help Needed

No this is not my laptop, but it might as well be. Source

I need a new laptop. Mine is literally hanging on by a wire. The screen decides to flop down when it gets tired. I get all types of pop ups and errors and it freezes a lot. I'm also pretty sure there's a cockroach inside trying to get out because it makes the weirdest internal noises. It could substitute for a heater during the winter season because there's something wrong with the fan and it gets insanely hot. The fan can also substitute for an airplane engine due to its loud noise. It also shakes when the weather is cold. I think its part human. Was once drowned by yoghurt. Sometimes used as a tray (when extremely-bright-maid decided to put a cup of tea or coffee on top, as well as the odd bowl of cereal).

Remind me why I'm getting a new one? This ones a keeper! It's multi-purpose! Actually its been through a lot and it deserves to have some rest. I'm keeping it as a substitute/side computer thing.
Also its too heavy for me now (for more on my health issues go here) and I've had it for a while now - 5 years maybe. I don't know what to get. I thought I'll ask some of my more tech enthusiastic bloggers (Read: Marzouq et al.).
Here are some of my criteria:
  • It has to be a laptop. No desktops.
  • Not heavy. I want to carry it around.
  • No tiny screens. I have poor eyesight.
  • No unknown brands.
  • Good screen - visual quality.
  • Sleek and chic looking.
  • I'm not too keen on a Mac. I'm loyal to Windows.
  • Something of good quality and available in Kuwait.
  • No extremely high prices and complicated ones. I'm no Bill Gates.
Recommendations please.

What Do You Want To Know?

I saw this on someone's blog recently. Sorry I can't give them the credit because i can't bother to check cant remember.

Since I love my blogging familia so much, I decided to do a fun thing. I will allow each person to ask me one question only. It can be anything you've been wondering about. It can be something private. It can be something silly. It can be ANYTHING. I will answer as honestly as I can. If I feel some of them are innappropriate, I will ignore them, but try anyway :P

On another note, do you get the feeling that you know a blogger so well, you might as well be friends in real life? There are so many i want to meet, and I'm kinda scared that if I ever see them, they won't look like what  I imagined, and everything will be ruined! Hahaha I know I'm weird.

But seriously, I would love to meet each and every single one of you people on the right (My Blogroll) and more if possible! Most of you were with there for me ever since I started blogging, and some of you I just added recently.

So anyway. Shoot. I'll collect all the q's and post them (with everybody's name), so you'll know who asked the silly or pervy ones :p