Monday, February 4, 2008

Boycotting Starbucks

What is up with Starbucks hiking up their prices in Kuwait? I haven't been to Starbucks in a while, but today I just got slapped in the face when I ordered a (small) latte, cheese sandwich and a skinny blueberry muffin (which tastes like sugared cardboard by the way). I took out 3 KD (approx. $11 - American reader) and the barrista said "4.750 KD, ma'm" (17$).

*Blink. Blink* Whaaaaaat??

Remind me again what I ordered?? There is absolutely no reason why the prices are this high!
Everyone knows that a teabag costs you less than 10 cents from the poor tea-leaf pickers from Sri Lanka or some other poor undeveloped country. Oh, so the coffee is more expensive? 30 cents for a shot, and I think I'm overrating it, too. You also employ cheap labor like Philipino and Indian barristas. You don't want to give higher wages. That's why you stopped employing Lebanese workers.

Starbucks-Kuwait people, if you want customers to make Starbucks a daily routine, why don't you try attracting them? Don't assume that this country is full of money and is therefore willing to spend so much on a measly cup of coffee. My Nescafe at home does the job just as well, if not better. I can add cocoa powder, vanilla or cinnamon, and I don't have to go bankrupt. So there!

You can call me cheap if you want to, but I'd rather save 90KD a month and buy something useful, than waste it on money moochers like Starbucks.

This lady is boycotting Starbucks. Until further notice.


do0da said...

i wouldnt mind paying that much if it was actually good bes its not =/ in uni we have these coffee machines thingies and as unhealthy as they may be for 100fils u get GOOD tasting coffee which is more than u can ask for out of starbucks

chika said...

yalla! let's all!

Yara said...

I will boycott with u! I used to get starbucks every morning before classes and drink it in the car on the way to uni.. now i'll start making something at home and taking it with me

Hasan.B said...

Never witnessed anything special about their coffee, maybe cuz I dont drink coffee!

shoosha said...

i love starbucks :$ i dont think i can boycott

Marzouq said...

Their drinks have gone up in price, and I agree that they need to offer a little bit more atmosphere to the whole feeling!

I'm lucky I don't drink coffee, I just drink hot chocolate and their hot chocolate tastes like crap!

Oranjina fadidra said...

thats hard i'm addicted to starbucks... and don't say coffee bean coz it sucks ;s

TOUCHE' said...

It’s not only Starbucks, all of those coffee chains (Second Cup, Tea Leaves & Costa) have raised their prices concurrently.

If you like their coffee, then buy your favorite beans grind them to your choice and do it yourself.

Zed said...



they are zionists and don't deserve the money that i earn

i am never having starbucks again

WendyB said...

Saving your money to buy WendyB jewelry instead....I know that's your real motive ;-)

New Bride said...

yeh u r ooooof :( shda3wa aroo7 ma63am a7san

Anonymous said...

Its not about starbucks bs !!

Burger King
even na5i and bajeela guys !!

'Grey' said...

I hear ya ! Starbox sucks !

This Lady said...

dooda: its good, but the prices r just pathetic. They have to know that we're not money throwing idiots.

yara: yup, thats a good idea.

hasan.b: i recently started making coffee a habit thats why i noticed the prices.

shoosha, oranjina: there r many replacements if u search (Caribou & Costa r good). But i'm not forcing anyone ;)

marzouq: Good for u ;)

touche: I know ppl who do that. Its a great idea.

Zed: I dont think (or care) if they're zionists. Its just that they shouldnt take us for granted.

wendyb: u got it!

This Lady said...
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N. said...

I chose to stop drinking coffee altogether. Starbucks are more about the place really, so people will go there regardless, and since they will go there regardless people will pay.. doesn't make us feel better though ;l

:::ShoSho::: said...

Personally I don't know what the big deal about star bucks is really!!!