Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bottomless Pit!

Skinny version of me courtesy of

I feel like a bottomless pit. I've gotten so fat I can't even remember what I looked like 1 year ago!

I may not be considered "fat" in the real sense of the word (but definitely in Hollywood), but I'm getting close. I've let myself eat too freely during the past months (which to my horror added up to a whole year!!), that now I'm so afraid to weigh myself. My scale is missing - or maybe it just ran away out of fear of being squashed.

All in all, last time I checked, I've gained approximately 8 kilos *sobbing*, and I'm sure I've added more but since my scale is MIA, I'll have to guess. My jeans and pants don't fit anymore. They don't pass my enormous thighs. I've grown a butt that I didn't know I could have. My tummy sticks out so proudly like a kangaroo pouch. My face became rounder and more cheek-y. Even my rings don't fit on my fingers now!

The only positives are that my arms are not fatter, and my face looks younger and more plump. Also, my *ahem* boobs grew a size, but look nicer than they did before.

These days I'm surviving on wearing track suits and/or dresses. Tracksuits are easy to wear, and dresses hide all the atrocities. So I'm on a diet now. Atkins to be precise. I like it and it likes me. So far, so good. I like protein and my body needs it because I'm pretty sure I overdosed on carbs. I don't eat junk food, but I eat everything else. The past few months witnessed an overeating pig that gorged on sugars, carbs and lots and loooots of chocolate!!

Since it's my fault that I became a bottomless pit, I have to endure the severe withdrawal symptoms of not having my daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks of chocolate, chocolate and cake. Is there a Gluttons Anonymous - as in Alcoholics Anonymous? I might have to start it.

This lady has to fit into a new dress by Wednesday (for Eid). Pray for me, will you?


chikapappi said...

Babe! Good luck! Me too :/

abdvllah said...

"I may not be considered "fat" in the real sense of the word"

You mean not fat by kuwaiti standards ;p

Seriously though.. If u wanna really get into good shape, work out. Otherwise going on a diet is just a temporary thing, and eventually you'll regain back what u lost from ur diet

Marzouq said...

I hope everything goes as you wish! Your talking about 8 kilos and I'm talking about gaining 28 Kilos! lol! What a world of a difference, I'm eating lighter but I'm still enjoying myself!

Lat 7ateen, just take it easy and keep your metabolism going! :)

OutOfReach said...

ambeeh the same problem here i want to loose weight it kills me i love chocolate:S i want to lose weight without having to workout lol
i want to do it in an easy way , maybe surgery :S
i really want to cry now :S
anyway hope it goes as you wish and we can all lose some weight

New Bride said...

good luck dear me 2 wish me luck :*

Chirp said...

Good luck!

join a gym, work out, or just power walk for an hour. Eat healthy bas if your craving something take a bite or two, latkhaleen shay ib kha6rich.

Don't go on a "diet", make eating healthy and working our ur lifestyle.

eshda3wa said...

good luck babe

im sure its not as bad as u make it out to be

just hang in there!

oh n if u find GA ... tell me i gotta join too!

'Grey' said...

Good luck !

Lala* said...

I'm afraid all enjoyable things in life come with a hefty price!*

WendyB said...

Oh dear! I vote for exercise too, it really makes a difference.

Hopeless Poet said...

I hope you can fit in the dress by Eid day and don't forget to give us 3eediya cos we prayed for you :$

Zed said...

try the all pineapple diet, it works

side effects include:
Allergic or Toxic - Rash, Pruritus (skin inflammation)

Neurological - Headache, Tremor, Dizziness, Asthenia

Behavioral - Insomnia, Anxiety, Nervousness, Agitation, Abnormal dreams, Drowsiness and fatigue

Autonomic - Excessive sweating
Gastrointestinal - Nausea, Disturbances of appetite, Diarrhea

Respiratory - Bronchitis, Rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes), Yawning

Musculoskeletal - Muscle pain, Back pain, Joint pain

Urogenital - Painful menstruation, Sexual dysfunction, Urinary tract infection, Frequent micturition

Miscellaneous - Chills

This Lady said...

thanks ya'll for all ur best wishes and ur advice even if i hate exercise and healthy food!

btw zed r u trying to help me or kill me?

Ms. D said...

am on atkins too! we need to start a support group!

Joud said...

chocolate is fattening ???????

Hugh Conway said...

I've a diet related blog, with comments on Overeaters Anonymous (close to Gluttons Anonymous)