Thursday, December 20, 2007

I don't get it. I really don't. I don't understand what it should take for me to be on the list at the Kuwait Blogs website (see title)!

When I first joined the blogosphere, I wrote what I wanted and then waited.. hmmm ok now when do the comments start pouring in?

My friend (who first taught me how to blog) said "You need to comment on other people's blogs, so they can visit yours. And apply your blog to the Kuwait Blogs site." So I did that. The site's 2 requirements were: 1. "Must be from or about Kuwait" (I'm assuming this is the blog or the writer) and 2. "Must have at least 3 posts spanning the current month". I waited for about a month.. nothing. I think that during that month, my posts were not related to Kuwait, but I definitely was a Kuwaiti, so since I posted more since then, I decided to send another request. Both times I received an email notification that they received my request, but the second time, they said (and I quote) "Also please do not send multiple requests to add your blog. We received it the first time and will process it in due time. Sending multiple requests will delay your process."

So I waited.. and waited.. and waaaited.. nothing! That was in August, this is December! I've long stopped checking the Blog Aggregate site to see if I'm in or not. But today, I was reminded after I read Shosho's post ( My hyperlink thingy is not working so I have to paste links the old way.

I don't really mind that I haven't been listed. Because since then, I've visited countless blogs, both Kuwaiti and International, and gathered a collection of favorites. I've also managed to secure quite a handful of frequent readers! Yaaay! Good job right? It's just that curiosity is a nagging mother blogger! I simply want to know whyyyyy?? There isn't even a comments or contact us thingy!

And also, I've seen and checked most of the listed blogs there, and many of them have been dormant for months and some for over a year! Why are they still there? I don't know what sort of organizational system they have going on over there but anyway..

Just wanted to vent. Had a fun Eid!

This lady wishes you all a good night :)


::: ShoSho ::: said...

I replied to you on my blog, Let me paste it here:
Hmm I don’t know walla Perfecty and Lady, maybe because I was already there since last year and now they just changed the link? Or is it becauseI posted on Enigma’s and NibaQ got to read it? Check the link, he explains why

::: ShoSho ::: said...

Happy Eid BTW, you rock, I even forgot about it but when I read Enigma's post, i remembered again lol!

chikapappi said...

patience is a virtue my child ;) it is far more difficult than we think it is, I mean running Safat with all these links & feeds! soon enshallah you will join the club

Shoush said...

Happy 3eed to u too!

I know wat u mean. Mine has been pending for months too so don't take it personally. He probably just didn't hav time to update as am sure many bloggers hav put a request to be on Safat.

I guess we just hav to wait n see.

WendyB said...

Well, if I got to vote, I'd vote for you! Happy holiday.

A Black Honey Jar said...

I have my new blog since May Lady, but I didn't register in this Kuwait blogs until September. I think that you're terribly right, and I'm still waiting too.

Euphoria said...

Love your blog! :)

This Lady said...

shosho: Thank u! U rock more, dear ;*

chika: I'm sure its a difficult job. I was just wondering what the deal is, u know?

shoush: Its not really that important anymore. As long as ur settled in ur new blog-home, then that's great.

wendyb: Aaaaw that's so sweet!! Luv u!

black honey: give us ur link! I wanna check it out!

euphoria: Thank u! I'm sure urs is great!

New Bride said...

happy Eid dear

hmm it got so long to be listed 2

and btw u don`t need to be listed mashalah u giy fans already ;)

eshda3wa said...

mine was pending for like a month
then i resent it
and 3 days later i was on

Yara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog urs is great too! :) I also did the same and still not in Safat :P

Ali said...

it actually took us a long time to be listed there ... i think because of the fact lots and lots of blogs are coming to life everyday ... the Safat guy is mo imla7iq ... i am not sure what reasons are but thats what i think

--- ---
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Marzouq said...

From what I know the host for that aggregate is causing some problems so the backend is being sorted out.. on another note I don't even know if I'm on there, I have never checked if I am on there! It doesn't really matter as long as you enjoy other blogs and what you do! :)

This Lady said...

ali: i guess so :) i'm sure it takes a lot of work to do all that.

marzouq: like u said, it doesn't matter as long as i enjoy what i do :)

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