Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bad Monkey!

Whaaat?? What'd I do??

Did anyone hear about this??

And I quote:

" ‘Indecent’ monkey confiscated: The Ministry of Commerce shut down a shop in Mubarakiya for putting a monkey on display, reports Al-Watan daily. The monkey allegedly caused inconvenience to passersby and was known to be doing indecent acts. The monkey was handed over to the zoo. "

Wahahahahaha! This is the funniest peice of news ever!

What do you think he (I'm assuming its a he, of course!) was doing?

Hahaha.. This lady wants to buy him!

He would give Mommy a heart attack!


chikapappi said...

I would love to have a pet monkey too, that is besides my siblings of course :$ said...

its a bloody animal! thats what they do! hahahaha, why are these people taking offence?

next, theyre gonna start putting cats that do it in public in jail :p

'Grey' said...

So is he going get laid in the zoo or what ? Come to think of it .. once i got a call from a friend who was frantic cz a guy was wanking out side her window !

I pity the mokey !

Ge6awEe said...

LOL thats hilarious!!!! its an animal ya3ne, 7a6een doobhum doob el monkey el maskeen leesh.. 5alooh maskeen he needs to release the energy :P

abdvllah said...

I\d guess the monkey was playing with his wee wee ;p

FourMe said...

Poor thing even the monkey doesn't have any freedom in kuwait:p

Me said...

God help our Society our Nation . What's next ?
I pray
I hope
someone is brave enough to stand up against this.

imagine being prisoned for life just coz ur an animal and not being able be with someone of ur own kind and choice let along to masturbate .
Why ?
Animal Rights someone.

Anonymous said...

yea .. I hared that on TV yeterday ! :) monkeyzzzzzz are always fun !

Princess said...

what did he do? animals are dumbasses walla, last week my friends and ga3deen fee 7al madre aish bil hitlon, and this cat comes along, plops jidam il 5aima thing and sits in the weirdest position (LIMBER MUCH) and starts licking herself @@ hehe

i hate animals, unless its a tiger, or leapord, or lynx

eshda3wa said...

my god
min 9ijhum!

WendyB said...

Aren't monkeys ALWAYS doing indecent things? What was so surprising about this? Sheesh!

This Lady said...

hehehhe ur comments made me laugh ppl!

Yeah monkeys really do the weirdest things, but i guess the authorities were afraid it would lead ppl to do bad things! so they confiscated it.

Its better for the monkey anyway! to be with his own kind is more fun than staying alone in a store.

its probably what tempted him to do "indecent" things.