Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Decisions Decisions!

As you may have established by now, this lady is unemployed. And she needs a job. Like now! But I'm a tad too lazy to work.

All my friends have regular stable jobs, so there's no point in staying at home in the mornings, because there's no one to go out with. Except for my mom, but that's another story.

So anyway, I submitted my resume to a company without any optimism on my part. I always thought that you had to almost beg for the job, by calling the company, showing extra interest, and perking up your resume. Well, I didn't do that. I submitted a toned-down one-page C.V. I gave them my number (even though it was on the C.V) and left. And guess what?

They called! I got a call the next day, asking me for a quick random interview. I went, chatted with them and left feeling ok. I was surprisingly relaxed. I guess that when you don't have high expectations, you don't put pressure on yourself.

Anyway, I got a call a couple of days ago from someone in the company saying they were really impressed (who? me??), and that there are 3 departments who want to have me! *Blink, Blink*

So here's where the pressure kicks in. I have to choose between the 3! I asked around, and here's a simple breakdown.

Dept 1: Strict boss (i.e no slacking), interesting work, good team.
Dept 2: Friendly boss, kinda ok work, non-existent team (i.e need staff now!).
Dept 3: Ok/Nice boss, kinda ok work, fun team (i.e lots of fun colleagues).

What to do? What to doooooo??

This lady needs the $$$. But can't make a decision..

P.S Did I mention they want a decision by the end of this week? Like, tomorrow!?!
P.S.S Does being a Libra (think: scale) have anything to do with this?


Anonymous said...

If they all all offering the same package I would say go for dept. 3 :) you need a fun team to have a nice working environment! good luck..

chikapappi said...

I'd go for the first one; building up good experience the first year is important then fun comes along as you get to unwind people :)

meeemo said...

I'd go for department 2 ... always good being part of a new team .. if you are one of the first people in the team then you really help structure the department ... good exposure because you end up doing everything ... then down the road you shift to department one ...

This Lady said...

the thing is, they all offer the same pay, bonus etc, etc..

And i'm not planning on doing this long term. I have other plans. But this is just a short term 3-4 year thing.

Maybe even 5 yrs! said...

its not only about the boss... its also about what you do, if you can do it well or not, are you gonna improve over the long term? money? other benefits? y3ni wayd ashya overall...

'Grey' said...

If it was me in your place i'd look for the least responsible job !(I have a least responsible job at present and its tons of fun )
Easy go and easy come !

Yara said...

Shrayech et9aleen 9alat estekhara?

abdvllah said...

There's a job exhibition going on now at Al-Raya, you might want to check that out.

In any case, I would go to the department that is related to my major, unless your position is a general job.

Mrm said...

Libra AND unemployed? congratulations! u r qualified to join me in my quest for Deadbeatism.

N. said...

Mabrouk o beltawfeej enshalla. :)

This Lady said...

ammaro: i dont feel like thinking too much :/ i want an easy answer!

grey: i like how u think ;)

yara: ee wallah sajjaa..

abdvllah: all the depts require my major.

mrm: Great. Let me pack my stuff.

n: thanx. Ameen!

Beyond Q8iya said...

Pick option number one, u will learn alot from the team, tit3ebeen now with a astrict boss, and learn alot from the team.

at lunch hang out with fun team which is choice #3.. choice #2 not good becuz u dont have the experience to shuffle and hire, ur new, wat do u know..

with option #1, if u end up leaving the company or switching u wud have had the toughest most professional experience which will help u cruise wherever u go

hope this helps, im kinda going thru the same thing