Saturday, December 29, 2007

Keira Knightley

This girl annoys me. Seriously, I can't stand her in movies. It's bad enough that she has to pout her way through hours of precious movie-time, but now I have to see her pout on the covers of my favorite magazines.

I have a problem with pouting (this topic alone deserves a whole new post). I shall only say this for now - I HATE IT. It's fake and it's noticeable! Don't think I can't tell! Because I can!

So anyway, back to Keira. I don't like it when she smiles (or laughs). She scrunches her nose in this weird way. And her teeth and mouth look very strange.

Another problem I have with Keira, is that the girl loves to flaunt her nakedness! This is just annoying. What’s there to flaunt? Girlfriend, you are skinnylicious. No curves, no nothing!

She says, “People ask me to pose naked and I just say yes. I find it vaguely liberating. I hope I don’t become a nudist, but I’m definitely on my way.”

Check out some of her shots.

This lady is not impressed.

The face of Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel) perfume - 2007.

With Tom Ford and Scarlett Johannson, Vanity Fair Feb 2006 cover.

Cover of Interview magazine - December 07/January 08 issue



Anonymous said...

LoL at pouting!! Hehehe I always think about when those women pout in pictures, I think maybe men like it..

About Kiera, I don't know much, I don't hate her but am not a fan.. but yeah, that sort of body is not a flaterring one, not attractive at all, no curves, nothing = not a woman,,,

Adie said...

People who pout look like fish! I don't know, it just looks weird, stupid and ugly.

On Keira, I don't like nor hate her! She's just there, to pout I guess.

People, STOP pouting!

This Lady said...

shosho: pouting maybe once or twice but not all the time! it just annoys me!

adie: yeah, u tell them, girl!

Baroque said...

i think she's an amazing actress and totally embodies the character's she takes on... but again, thats my opinion..

Joud said...

the only time i liked her was in "love actually"

LOVE this movie

Vixen said...

she should worry about her anorexia than her becoming a nudist in the making!

'Grey' said...

Holy Mackerel ... ssssssssss I just got burned !

me talk dirty one day said...

Hey ! I'll say, must be tough on that Tom Ford putting on a straight act with both Ms. Johannson and Ms. Knightley, by his side. And what are we dahlings to make of his impeccable gay credentials now??

Anonymous said...

I hate her!

This Lady said...

baroque: i admit she's a good actress, but she annoys me with her pouting! i can't stand it!

joud: didnt watch it.

vixen: ur right.

grey: how?

me talk: hehehe

cat: i'm on my way too hehe

Princess said...

ana ma7ibha, but scarlett @@ shes so hot way3a hehehe and umm yeah the pouting is scary, ok i pout marat but ya3ni i dnt walk around sporting a pout ya3ni laman u know im bummed or watever, instinctively *blush* afashil adree oh well

Euphoria said...

Yes I agree, her laugh is just hideous! but she's beautiful!

loya said...

mashkoooora!!! ashwa moo il wa7eeda illy qathatni keira!! lo ma tebtesem a7sanlaha

eshda3wa said...

shes way way waaay tooo skinny
kilish not sexy

bs i love her face n acting

abdvllah said...

She's pretty but she's overrated.

She likes to get naked because there's nothing to show aslan. Did you know that her posters, images , etc always get photoshopped in the boobs area? ;p

But still.. too much curves is not nice ;p