Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm stuck in a rut, I must say. I have to make a decision. Like, now!

Okay maybe not now, but soon. Maybe you guys can help me out. Maybe I should start a new poll.

Anyway, here it is. I want to continue my studies and do my masters degree. Only thing is, I want to do it abroad. My parents are okay with it, always have been (about studying abroad). But my friends are discouraging me, and with good reason too.

I'm not too worried about my future "marriage life" because I beleive in fate, and if it happens, then it'll happen. If it won't, then it won't. But they all tell me that if I do, then I'll ruin all my chances because by the time I get back, I'll be a) older, and b) people will forget about me! What the hell?? I don't care if they forget about me! As long as I do what I wanna do right?

But somewhere, deep down, it kind of got to me. What if I do ruin my chances? I mean, even though my parents are open-minded, they still won't let me marry anyone except a Kuwaiti. But the more important issue is that, I've lived abroad before, and I know its really hard to adapt to life in Kuwait after life outside. So I'm worried that if I do it, it'll be really hard for me to come back, especially since I'm older and more mature and more aware and appreciative of life in foreign countries. I might decide to stay there! And I know that would be hard for my family to accept.

On the other hand, if anybody knows of some available bachelors working abroad... *hint hint* Can we say, hook me up??

This lady doesn't know what to dooooooo!!


N. said...

If your parent don't see a problem with it, I'm guessing they assume that everything will be fine even after you come back that you will find someone. The women can answer this probably better.

My vote would be to go for it. Ask mom to pray for you, and you're all set :p Really, I mean it.

Hasan.B said...
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Hasan.B said...

I think it all depends on your degree, will the masters really affect or enhance it? If yes, then its up to you and not up to me to say. Best of luck

Shoush said...

At first my friends too discouraged me from going for the same reason ur friends did. But that is not a valid reason for me to put my career on hold, in my opinion. Now my friends (who came to their senses, bless them) r the ones encouraging me to go and study etc.

As u said, it's all about fate. Yama nas ig3adaw bl q8 and still nothing happened. I say since the opportunity to go abroad and continue ur education is available, go do ur masters. Marriage can wait. Wat's the rush?

WendyB said...

Oh my gosh...I think new experiences can only enhance your life. It occurs to me that your friends might not want to go because it is threatening to them. Maybe they wish they had the courage to do something fresh. Maybe they're bitter because they'll be stuck at home with every second of their future planned out for them, with a spouse that they've known since childhood. I used to see this at the office all the time, when someone got promoted out of the secretary ranks to a reporting job...the people s/he left behind were very jealous and disparaging of the new job. Whatever you do, do it because you want to and not because "they" say you should.

Princess said...

i think u weigh ur options and see which means more to u, the degree or the marriage? i dnt think it'll ruin ur chance at all, and the degree is a great opportunity, however, u not wanting to come back anymore can be a problem but i think u work out that obstacle when u get to it babes

so in conclusion i say go for it

Anonymous said...

I think you should be clear with yourself as to what you want before you take any step. Let it sit there at the back of your mind always.Because then no matter how tempted u r to settle abroad you will not do it if u know u have to come back to kuwait.
My dad always said that getting your educational degrees are an investment to your future. As to marriage, that is totally up to HIM. Just pray. :)

This Lady said...

Thank u all for ur great advice. Its nice to see encouragement for a change!

In my heart, I know that the degree won't affect my career coz i'm doing it for me, to gain more knowledge and indulge in a new and exciting experience.

As for marriage, i always say that its not in my hands, so that's the last thing on my list right now.

chikapappi said...

take it from me... focus on studies BAS

very.q8ya said...

Maastricht University in Kuwait, is a good choice

New Bride said...

i wish all the best dear go for it , do your masters and u have to thank God that your parent r open minded , everyday i met girls crying cuz the want to got scholerships but thir parent refused (i am working at the schoolerships departmant KUNIV )

so go for it dear don`t let that chance slip

abdvllah said...

What's your goal in life? To get married or develop yourself?

BossMack said...

Cop that Masters Babygurl!

Anonymous said...

I think life is to short, so live it and engoy it. go abroad and finish your studies and enjoy life abroad instead of getting stuck in marrage ind this society

manutdfanatic said...

Go study; marriage can wait. For now. You don't want your man to take advantage of the fact that he is more educated than you now, do you? (Trust me, a close friend of mine is undergoing something's pathetic considering she opted to abandon her education because he couldn't wait and wanted to speed up the marriage process.)

Also, marriage is part of fate; what is meant to happen will happen. The significant other will marry you, whether you study abroad or choose to stay in your hometown.

Best of luck.

Princess Poochie said...

I want to echo what Wendy said and encourage you to go for it.

Marriage is not longer the first and only option for women, so take advantage of that too. And by going abroad and doing what you want you will learn more of who you are and what YOU want out of life and a partner.

You will be in an even better position to find a good match and make a good marriage.


Anonymous said...

First of all, what do people mean by CHANCES?? I hate that, remember the expiry date thing? Yeah that's quite similar..
Look, if the degree is REALLY important to you, then do it.. but if you feel unsure, why don't you come back to kuwait for a few years, then later on decide to do it. and do you want to do it abroad?
I am going to start studying for masters soon, I think it's ok to start anytime and also I am doing it for me, not for work or anything.. But I feel my mind is kind of frozen lol i hope I don't fail Yiikes!
Best of luck on what you decide!

This Lady said...

Merci beaucoup tout les mondes! (Translation: thank you very much everyone!) en francais..

ur advice was goooood and helpful. Its great to know that everyone told me to go for it! wohooow.. me = happy.

I really want to do it. Its not going to do anything for my career, like i said before. but its going to make me feel better knowing i did it.

I'll keep u guys updated. If ur interested!

Marzouq said...

In all honesty, its like you said when it happens it will happen. I think you should take your chances or you will regret not taking this step in life. Things really don't change much in Kuwait! I have been on both sides! Things willl just chug along!

Chirp said...

I have the same issue too, I want to continue masters everyone is discouraging me.

Mo kela igooloon "ily allah katba bi9eer"? Then whether I am in Kuwait or not, I will marry "ili maktoob ly" right?

Do whatmakes you happy. I'm dying to leave this place, but I know coming back will kill me more than it has killed me before.