Friday, December 21, 2007

Heaven and My Little Cousin

The cutest conversation between me and my 4 year old cousin.

Cousin: Do you love God?

Me: Of course I do! Do you?

Cousin: Yes! Because He gives me eeeeeeeeeverything! He gave me my eyes, my nose, my ears, my mouth, my chocolates, my toys. Eeeeeeeeverything!

Me: Yes He did. He gave me everything too.

Cousin: Why does God live in Heaven?

Me: Because Heaven is very nice! It's so beautiful and big. And its up in the sky!

Cousin: Can we visit Heaven for the vacation? (He's on his Winter Break now)

Me: No. We can only go there when we die.

Cousin: Like our grandfather?

Me: Yes, like him.

Cousin: Is there a big slide in Heaven? Can I go on it?

Me: Yes you can, because in Heaven you can't fall and get hurt.

Cousin: YES!! And can I eat AAAAAAAAALLL the chocolate in the world?

Me: Yes because you can't get a tummy ache.

Cousin: But what if I want to throw up?

Me: You can't. Because in Heaven you don't throw up.

Cousin: But what if I do?? Will God bring me a bin to throw up in?

I couldn't help laughing!! Kids can be so innocent!!


Blue Dress said...

Yeah i had similar convo's with my baby cousin, he grew up now!

They are the cutest at a certain age only! ;p

Hope said...

hehe..and they are (kids) smarter than us too..

loya said...

LOL eshaweg!!

chikapappi said...

Hehe! It's sad what kids (including us) go through in this world & how our perception on things change

'Grey' said...

sweeet ! keep him away from Chika though ! she's got contageous sweet tooth ! :D

This Lady said...

blue: u said it, at a certain age only! but this cousin is special to me, he's my baby!

hope: sometimes they r.

loya: 7adda!

chika: he's beginning to exhibit some strange religious ideals hehehe! he's so interested in Heaven and God!

grey: hahaha. I could just imagine them together with candy wrappers all around them!

FourMe said...

Ohh how sweet.. children are so innocent and pure its refreshing to have a conversation with a child, it makes one forget all the horrible acts that grown ups do. Alah ykhali likom o ya7fitha inshalla

abdvllah said...

"chika: he's beginning to exhibit some strange religious ideals hehehe! he's so interested in Heaven and God!"

That's the effects of brainwashing. Meanwhile in another place.. 4 year old Timmy is doing advanced math and has memorized the Periodic Table.

Ms. D said...

kids! thats scary! the last time i came near one of those the kid managed to damage my pretty little necklace! THEY R HAZARDOUS!

Marzouq said...

looool! Cute Kid! I can imagine what he is thinking! Just hilarious!!! :)

This Lady said...

fourme and ms. d: kids r so cute!!! they say the funniest and most innocent things. U gotta love them!

abvullah: He's so into Heaven now because my mom keeps preaching it to him ever since our grandfather died (coz he's been asking about him a lot)

marzouq: ee wallah so cute! I love him he says the most random things!

abdvllah said...

No offense to your aunt, but I feel sorry for the kid.

This Lady said...


abdvllah said...

I think it's self explanatory.

The kid is freaking 4 years old!

N. said...

Allah ekhaleeh enshalla :D