Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Girl on Girl Action?

This question is for all my guy readers out there. Or anyone else who stumbled here either by sheer luck or by mistake. Lesbians please refrain from commenting because this question is addressed to straight men only and will answer one of the most important questions that has been nagging me forever.

Why do men like girl on girl action??
Do all men feel that way??
Why is it that this is such a recent development in sexual fantasies? I never heard about this 6 or 7 years ago.
Doesn't it make you feel sick? I mean, I know that most girls (if not all) are not attracted to man on man action!! Eeew! Its like watching gay porn. Turn off for straight people, I'm sure.

Do this lady a favor and answer pleeease ;)


chikapappi said...

well, LOOOOOL! Every girl I know cussed boys today! hehehee! It is a turn off of course, bas why! It's a mystery! Men are a mystery!

eshda3wa said...

because its two naked women instead of one.

Marzouq said...

very simply when its women... the more the merrier... that is it... that is all you get.. that is all we think... or don't think...

'Grey' said...

Yeah ! its two instead of one ! and men are mysterious too !

I have watched a lots of it when i was young ! but i dont think its practical in real life.

Reminds me of Ross from friends !

TOUCHE' said...



Princess said...

hehehe umm yeah! why? *looks around*

N. said...

The more the merrier as Marzouq said. Touche' also mentioned genetics which is somewhat true. This goes back to the idea that women prefer the idea of having one guy all to her own, and the idea of having two guys in general doesn't seem right. While, men feel differently. They wouldn't mind the idea of having one or more women all to their own.

I got to this through the notion of the idea of two women together not being disgusting, because a man wouldn't mind having one or both of them. Women would feel icky because if she would want one, she'd want him for herself, if she saw him with another woman, she'd want him more probably, and if she saw him with another man, she'd probably wouldn't want him cause he'd be an alien form of competition.

Something like that!

Zed said...

lesbians are hot, girl on girl action is ultra hot

its probably been there long before our time, but we never noticed

2 women, ok i have to go now said...

i think it's been mentioned a few times; guys prefer quantity, hehe. its just the way they're made. another thing is, guys are more turned on by sight than women, so that's why more guys are into porn and so on than women. also another reason guys would rather keep the lights on.

Nutty said...

I know I'm supposed to "refrain from answering" but I'm addicted to sciolism XD And since I am both a wiseacre and a talented deipnosophist I'll pull a Socrates on you and ask you some questions instead. (Lol, I'm refraining from answering, but not from asking ;))

1) Is the biology of men and women inseparable from their gender? If so, does their definite discrepancy conclude a uniform and global behaviour?

2) Are you familiar with the human nature of the past ages? Does the advancement in technology and the aggrandisement of the media today have anything to do with the popularity of the notion?

3) What are you basing your wonderful, but masculine, heterosexual, and oriental knowledge upon? And are your expressing an opinion or what you presume to be a scientific, social, or an otherwise approved fact?

For the record, j’aime beaucoup homme-sur-homme action XD très délicieux ! XD

This Lady said...

u know what ppl? the answers actually make sense! in a weird way though..

its typical (and stereotypical) guy behavior to want and enjoy watching more than one girl "in action".

girls however, excluding nutty (if she's a girl), mostly feel disgusted when they see two guys in action. Its not attractive at all. Maybe because a lot of gays r portrayed as somewhat feminine, whereas a lot of lesbians r portrayed in the media as feminine and not "butch" like we always thought (and saw)..

nutty i dont feel like answering all those q's! but i'll answer simply:
1. i dont know
2. i think media and technology has a LOOOOOT to do with it
3. this blog always represents my opinion. So unless i reference an actual fact and state the source, then its only MY opinion :)

Noufa said...

straight men kissing is hot but I don't know about the "real action" I'd probably think euw too

Vixen said...

LOOOOL @eshda3wa!!

Ms. D said...

simple.. girls are sexy, guys arent ;p

eemm.. should i publish this comment? chena too lezbo? well am not a lesbian.. why should i care ;D

here ya go :)

Ms. D said...

i think its the ancient women submissive nature.. thats what men like abt it! they think women will do anything they ask of them! i think the 1st pair of lesbians came alive when a caveman asked 2 of his cavewomen to do it to him ;p too bad stupid caveman didnt realize that back then he looked ikkier than the 2 women.. 2 women loved it and VIOLA!

This Lady said...

Hahahaha ms. d ur soo funny!!

i actually like the story! could be true, u know.. maybe he was too haiy and stinky :/

abdvllah said...

Hey what no demo?! ;p

This Lady said...

nooo this is a Rated 15 blog :p