Sunday, December 23, 2007


I don’t want to give out 3eediyas!

For all my international readers (they’re probably only 3 anyway), a 3eediya – pronounced eediyah – is money given to children during the Islamic Eid celebrations. It is a Kuwaiti tradition (I don’t know if its done anywhere else) where adults give out money to children, teenagers, and sometimes 20-somethings like me.

It can differ from household to household. For example, in my family, my mother, aunts and older cousins, all have kids, but they still receive eediyahs from their parents. Other families give money to children and teenagers only. Usually, when a person becomes employed (and over 23 mostly), they stop receiving eediyahs and instead start giving out eediyahs to the kids, like nieces and nephews, or young cousins.

The amount of money given also differs from person to person, mostly depending on your income, and your generosity. From what I’ve seen, the average given to children is KD10 (approx USD 30) and to teenagers KD20, and closer relatives usually give more, while non-relatives may give less. Some rich cheapskates give less too. Grandparents and parents usually give MORE!!

Efff… I swerved way off-topic. But you deserve it, international readers! All 3 of you!!

So anyway, I don’t want to give out eediyahs. I’m still young, fabulous, and broke. I need someone to give MEEEE eediyahs. Not me give THEM!! I need the money, I’m too old to ask my parents all the time (although age never stops me hehehe).

Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not a cheapo. I’m really generous. No really I AM!! I swear! It’s just that giving out eediyahs makes me feel old. And I don’t need that kind of drama right now. I noticed that many adults stopped giving me some $$$ because I’m too old for it I guess. Although I believe there is no such thing as being too old for money!! I also noticed that many kid relatives started congratulating me on Eid, whereas they used to ignore me before. I think it’s because they noticed I’m an adult now and they think I’m going to give them money. Hah! Fat chance.

This lady is beginning to dread Eid. It’s so awkward for her now!


chikapappi said...

Lady! I've been working since God knows when o I don't pass moneeh! I just squeeze my parents for some :D

New Bride said...

don`t don`t don`t ever give 3eedya :) mo malzooooooma

Euphoria said...

Don't, you're still young! :P

I love Eideyyas! :D

Joud said...

hehe yeah u're one big atm machine to them now

ka-chinnnnng !!!

Anonymous said...

My cousin is 35 and she has four kida and she still gets a 3idya! ;D

Anonymous said...


This Lady said...

I refuse to give out eediyahs until i have a 6 digit number in my bank account!

Marzouq said...

LOL! I know what you mean, but I have been giving eediyahs for a while now since there are some kids that I love so I give them more!

Bitter said...

Of course it takes place elsewhere! It's a Muslim tradition, not specifically a Kuwaiti one.

Besides, it was invented in Bahrain.

Not really. But we hardly get credited with anything! So I'm working on claiming Eid as ours.

This Lady said...

Its not necessarily a Muslim tradition because in some countries, they give out sweets and not money.

Also, I heard an old Kuwaiti man on the radio once, say that they used to give out dates and Laban (buttermilk) to the kids - i think that was during the 1930's.