Monday, December 17, 2007

Where For Art Thou??

I read a lot of blogs. Too many, actually.

I have a list of favorite blogs that I try to check on a daily basis. I look forward to reading what these people (who have become like part of my family) write and what they've done, and so on.. It really makes my day! Many times, I'd rather stay at home and blog about (reading and blogging) than go out.

So anyway, it really angers me and saddens me when I click on one of these links only to find out that this person's "blog/page has been deleted".

At first I get shocked, then there's disbelief *Click. Click. Click*, then there's sadness. "Where are you, blogger???? Where did you goo?? Don't leave meee!! I need you!!!!"

And finally comes anger. "Grrrrrrr.. I don't need you, idiots. You can remove your blogs all you want. I have lots more to entertain me. You can go to hell for all I care"

But actually I do care! I'm so attached to these people that it breaks my heart when they leave without so much as a goodbye! *sniff*

One of the latest bloggers to go MIA, only to reappear privately, was Shoosha. I was stricken when she left! I loved that little minx! But thank God she returned. Pheeew! Saved me from some drama.

Other bloggers who pulled the plug on their blogs are Cixousian Panic. Anybody know where she went? Chronicles of Random's blog is still there, but she hasn't written for one month and 2 days. Yes, I count. And many more that I can't remember. Why do bloggers dissapear all of a sudden. Why??

So anyway, just a word of advice, Don't you dare do that to me, bloggers! Don't even think about it!

But if you do, save this little lady some tears, and give her some prior notice ok?


Orangina fadidra said...

Gosh finally something about shoosha.. where is she?
and yeah bummer hate that feeling "click click.. NOTHING" ;\

chikapappi said...

I ain't going any where! *hug*

Marzouq said...

i'm not disappearing anytime soon (Me assuming you do read mine! hahaha)

On a side note people just want a change and they do things with their lives, they come back or move on eventually.

Chronicles of Random is probably off killing somebody or blew up her office! One of the two! hahaha

This Lady said...

chika: thank uuu 3ad intay sij if u dissapear i'm going to come after u! u feed my blog hunger :p

marzouq: thanks for the info and yes i do read urs ;)) and ur right about Random, she might be hehehe..

All i'm asking for is a little head's up that's all! Is that too much to ask, dissapearing bloggers? :(

Anonymous said...

Heheheh Shoush did that to us once but thank god she's back!

I am not going unless I say so..

and Shoosha is private now? Why do people make their blogs private? I remember there was a blogger named Blasha and she's private now..

Anonymous said...

LoL if chika's gone then blogsphere is DEAD!

'Grey' said...

I aint goin anywhere too ,

I second Shosho < if Chika' stops blogging ,,, i'm gonna get cold turkey "

Joud said...

it doesnt just suck when the blog is deleted, but also when u see the same post for like a month

TOUCHE' said...

I've seen it happened and as much as I hate it to see someone who intrigues me with their posts, I can't escape a smile when I think they've found their peace or off to pursue better things in their lives.

This Lady said...

hehehe Grey and Shosho: its interesting to know that Chika probably defines the word "Blogger"!

I agree Joud, and Touche..