Friday, November 23, 2007

Technical Help Please


Dearest frequent, occasional, and those who gave me a 1-star-rating readers (yeah, you gave me 1 star and yet ur still here.. hmmm i wonder why?).

Anyway, I have a technical issue. I need some help pleaaase.

Whenever I try to type anything in any search bar or the bars where you type in your email address or login names, etc, I always get a list of previous searches, email addresses, login names or even names I searched for in Facebook!

Well, this is quite embarassing, and not to mention not too discreet! Whenever anyone types the letter "t", my "this lady" login appears, and hello? I'm supposed to be anonymous!

So anyway, do you know how to turn this off or delete it?

This lady is mucho grateful.


TOUCHE' said...

If you are using Explorer,

Go to Tools (top bar of window) -> Internet options -> Content -> Auto complete

Uncheck Web addresses, forms, user names & passwords
Then click clear forms & clear passwords

For Firefox,

Go to Tools -> options -> privacy -> Unckech remember what I enter in forms & search bar

Anonymous said...

well 1st thing i never gave you 1 star :)

second I am sure you got what touche' has i dont need to repeat :pPp

Anonymous said...

Isnt that an option in the
itself? well i think

'Grey' said...

lol on the 1 star ... i got 2 ( i gave myself ... how cool is that ?)

I use the office computer sometimes ..but everytime i blog i make it sure that i delete history ...
Internet options
Delete temporary internet files
Delete History

Zed said...

so did it work?

shoosha said...

sorry :P kilish moo thakeeya ib hal ashya

abdvllah said...

Sigh..I've always said this and I will say it again.. women and technology don't mix..

women and driving dont mix either... actually there's lots of things that women dont mix with.. :D

This Lady said...

touche' thaaaaanx it worked (so far)!!

blue dress: umm.. me not know!

grey: u shouldn't have! i've been debating if i should vote for myself! and YES i will give myself a 5 star!!

zed: yes it worked. Yaay!

shoosha: i7na wayid 3alaina bes we blog sa7? :p

abdvllah: how about women and men don't mix? hahaha Naaaaah i dont think so!

Marzouq said...

I think you got your answer, its all in the browser option! Keep it off! :)

N. said...

There's nothing more to add, so I'll just say Mabrook for getting that to work! :)

This Lady said...

thanx for all ur help everybody!