Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Give me SPARTA!

I had a date last night. It was amaaaaaaazing!

I had a date with the most attractive men you could ever find. I was in the arms of the some of the strongest men in history. Aaah, 300 of the most strapping, handsome, sturdy, striking, muscular, brawny men I have ever met.

Yes, you heard me. 300! Three hundred of history’s most dashing, exquisite breed of males.

Before you think I’m a tramp, let me make things clear. I was watching the movie 300. I trapped myself in my room last night, locked the doors, turned off the lights, and played the movie. I might as well have been watching a romantic movie because I was enthralled! I was imagining myself in the arms of that gorgeously macho army. I was hanging on to every word, shout, movement they performed. I think I was drooling as well (couldn’t tell from the dark).

Oh how I wish I was born at another period in time. I want to be a Spartan. I WANT I WANT I WANT! I remember studying about them in school and how the men there underwent strict measures of discipline and fighting techniques. Why can’t they do this here? Ha?? Why?? It’s very important that men learn how to fight and become strong soldiers! (Not to mention become incredibly gorgeous)

All we had was “tajneed” (short period of mandatory army training for men) and they went and took that away, thank you very much! Dammit!

There’s just something about angry, shouting, strong men that just does it for me. When I see a man like that, instead of being scared, I go weak in the knees! It’s not the muscle or the look. It’s the feeling that this guy can protect me no matter what.

I think I’m going to start a Spartan School for Men.

This lady says God knows we need it!

(pics courtesy of imdb.com)


Swair said...

hehehe Spartan sexiness shall never go away lol

Anonymous said...

Lool you just watched it? It’s ridiculously amazing! I watched it 5 times and I think
I’m a Spartan; p
Talk about brain washed.

I think I might watch it today thanks to you,
Aah I wish we can go back to that time, war and love; p


P.S I think you drooled.

This Lady Says said...

Yeah i just watched it for the first time. And it shall not be my last!

chikapappi said...

LOL! Just now :) 7elooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sa7!?? TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!!!

This Lady Says said...

I wish my future hubby will shout to me that way!

He'll shout for example "GET ME WATER!" (same tone as: "This is Sparta")

And i'll go weak in the knees and all googly-eyed and giggly!

He'll think: shino hal ghabiya ili i married! AAwwww cuuute!!

'Grey' said...

lol! it must be terrible to suffer from "small penis syndrome" despite of the 6pack !

Anonymous said...

You are late in watching it but its lovely :)

lol @ your comments when you said now you want your future hubby to shout in that way :D

iHamad said...

i remember saying that when i used to live in spartan village Michigan USA ..

man thats a movie ..

read the history of spartans ..
you might not like it alot ..

This Lady Says said...

grey: umm.. who said that? about the syndrome? jealous!

amu: what can i do, i'm a bit sadistic :p

ihamad: i remember some of it in history class. in the movie they also show u some of the cons of being a spartan. but still... if it involves Spartan men, i'll take my chances!

abdvllah said...

Have you been living under a rock or something ;p

You want your husband to shout at you like that? Do you also want to be dragged by your hair wherever he walks? ;p

Princess said...

hehehehe i didnt like all the shouting jumping dying blah blah much i mean i liked it, but i didnt love it heheehe

Joud said...

i know what u mean, it's extremely attractive to know that someone can protect you and make you feel safe

New Bride said...

hehehe yaaah tell me about them

i watched the movei with hubby and 6al3 mn el cinema 7adaa ma39aeb o m7taar :P o ygool it`s a chicks movie

yah 7adhom sexy :P

This Lady Says said...

abdullah: LOOL sometimes I like it! hahaha. not abuse 3ad! bes it wont hurt to show me that he's a man's man!

princess: how can u not?

joud: aah.. *swoon*

new bride: he's jealous! aham shay ina he called it a chick flick! aslan its a total guy movie!

abdvllah said...

You're like every guy's cavewoman in shiny something.

This Lady Says said...

:D yaaay! cavewoman!

hahaha if my parents knew they raised me to be a cavewoman they'll die of shame! (esmila 3alaihom)

Princess said...

madre walla :S

Marzouq said...

There is a trying style for these men to become like that! And I am man for one that knows how to fight, I have been in my fair share of them a long time ago and even during college I held my own!

Its good character to stand your ground and fight for whats right!

You did well locking yourself in a room and joining the men of 300 in their battles!


This Lady said...

They can fight me anytime! loool!

WendyB said...

LOL @ "Spartan school for men." Great idea.