Thursday, November 8, 2007

Street Entertainment

I was walking along a popular market in London, and I passed a guy standing on the sidewalk, wearing a very silly costume, holding a kid’s guitar, and miming along to a song playing on his very small and crackly stereo.

People were laughing and clapping along. I stopped to watch, but he was so unentertaining that I just thought, “Why on earth are they clapping and throwing him money?” I just want to throw him off the street!

But then I saw it. He had a cardboard sign leaning against the wall. It read (in horrible handwriting), something along the lines of “keeping street entertainment alive”

And I stood there for a couple of minutes, staring at him and his sign. I walked away and continued to think about it to this day. It really got me thinking. I finally figured out (after many months!) that even though the guy was incredibly unentertaining, and somewhat annoying, he was fighting for a cause. Say what? Yes a cause! And a good one too! He might have needed the money, sure. But that doesn’t prevent us from knowing that the guy had a point. That poor silly guy was actually doing us a favor. Yes, US!

Can you imagine the world without street entertainment? Imagine walking along busy streets without someone singing, performing magic tricks, miming, dancing, juggling, etc, etc. Instead, you'll find hundreds of people, bustling about, doing random chores without a smile on their faces.

Can you remember when we were kids and we stood watching those street entertainers make us laugh, even though they were sweating like pigs, fatigued and probably had dozens of blisters on their feet? I want my kids to have that. The ability to watch random performers do what they do, making my kids laugh, and then take pictures with them. Because that type of fun is priceless, and you can never get it at any store or on the internet!

Entertainment doesn’t have to cost a penny! It can be free and fun, and you should be able to find it (or them), right there on the nearest street. Playing a song. Juggling some stuff. Performing tricks.

And if you see them, throw in a coin. Or two.

Just like I do.

‘Cause this lady is keeping street entertainment alive!


chikapappi said...

Yes, This is the best cause to serve :P I do not like street entertainment..

Swair said...

i love street entertainment lol

abdvllah said...

Street performance is a part of tourism, no European city is without them. I love the ones who perform as statues.

This Lady Says said...

yeah, keep 'em alive ppl!!

We need them in Kuwait, dont we?

Anonymous said...

I think street entertainment is annoying..

Vixen said...

awww glad u did, i love those in convent garden :D

eshda3wa said...

i love street entertainment
i always join
sing or dance along!


the guy had a point

Joud said...

yalla start street entertainment in kuwait, i bet u'll get loads of money :P

Marzouq said...

I always see them at Covent Garden and I love seeing them! I usually toss a pound or two into that Bucket! Those guys are just great, and I even have taken my cousins to see them and the puppet shows! I loved the puppet shows!!!

N. said...

I haven't seen street entertainment in a very long time. I don't think it was popular in the city I was studying in in the US. It is very nice though, and it sure is fun to watch or listen to either way!

This Lady said...

Keep it alive then ;)

because unfortunately there r some cities that dont allow them anymore :((

yeah London is full of these entertainers.

Joud if i start it in kuwait i'll probably be harassed! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh I always do give money to those guys, I would feel bad if I don't lol.. Not that I love them, they are ok but when they smile or look at me, I have to give something lol!