Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cruella DeVille



Ok.. Wait.. *sniffles and sips water* Deep breath.. Seriously I just had one of the first and worst experiences ever..

I was sitting reading blogs, commenting and checking emails, when my hair tumbled into my face and my hair clip disappeared into the messy blob that I call my hair. I got up, went to the mirror to fix my hair into its infamous hairdo...

As I was pulling it up, I caught sight of a shimmery thing in my hair. Thinking that it was a string from a shirt I was wearing, I tugged at it only to discover that it was stuck to my head. It was a hair. A SILVER HAIR!!!!! *GASP!!!*

WHAT THE HELL?? Shinoo hathaaaaaa??? I ran into the bathroom to look into my magnifying mirror, and there it was!

I have a white/silver hair on my side part!!!! Ok.. I needed to calm down. So I decided to either pull it off or hide it behind a lock of hair. Just as I was finding something to do with it, what do I find? ANOTHER ONE!! This time I was one breath away from a panic attack.. I frantically searched my head for other invaders.. didn't find any THANK GOD. (After I was done my hair looked like Bob Marley's - R.I.P)

I cursed a bit.. then came to my senses (yeh. right) said "il7emdellah at least I'm not going bald.." but seriously, when did this happen??? Overnight? Damn those stupid grey-hair genes.

I am devastated! I'm 23!! What next? Hip replacement??

This lady is afraid she'll wake up in two weeks time looking like Cruella DeVille.. *sobbing*


Hasan.B said...

Well I am 23 aswell, and I can tell you that I do have atleast 3 or more grey ones, And almost every one I know at this age has the same thing. Getting bald is another thing!

WendyB said...

Poor lady! I found my first gray...no, not gray....white hair this year and I freaked out! Since then, there have been at least four other invaders.

N. said...

All the cool evil people have gray shades in their hair, or a part of their hair that is completely gray! The true Lady is trying to say something here..
I have some golden hairs in my mustache! That's freaky too isn't it.
I love that you said silver and not white ;)

chikapappi said...

I love Cruella! & grey hair doesn't mean you are old woman! o allah yekhalle hair coloring :P

Blue Dress said...

Looool! Woman! you should be proud of you silver hair, are you serious!

Let it show.... Its unique.
I WANT one!

Ansam said...

I had my first gray hair when I was in high school (17 yrs old)
Can you believe I didnt panic?!
Now I have much more but I dont mind it heehee....

This Lady said...

Seriously freaking out here.

Yes N. SILVER! sounds much better than white! and it was shiny, like a thread.

OH! bad memories.. i want to forget!

Marzouq said...

Ok.. I thought it was serious, as I went down I started laughing! hahaha! Ok this too funny, wala guys have it easier, I pretty much don't care for myself really!

Speedo said...

lol I was reading your post when you commented on mine :)

I know you being a girl makes u feel sad but cheer up its just a hair :) I got one white hair in my beard too :pPp

Princess said...

hehehehe stop freaking out! i dnt have any and im sure im gonna freak out but at least its bass wa7da, dye it or embrace and having shockingly sexy hair :p

desertblogger said...

:) .. well it had to show up now or later. Maybe u r under too much stress?

shoosha said...

ge63eeha :D

New Bride said...

looooool 7abeebte i have grey hairs mn 9ar 3mree 21


Swair said...

I have one on the top of my head, but i really have to dig for it LOL

mafeeha shay, take it as a sign that "This Lady Is Wise" ;)

Fayoora said...

agoooool!! :P

I'm 20 only
o 3indi foug il five grey hairs
oo ga3dezedoon by the day.

So yeah .. again 7imday rabbich ;P

*Sebaght sha3ree to cover them* =)

Chirp said...

Oooooooh! Bas it will make you unique ;)
It doesn't make you old its just something to do with the hair folical making the color of the hair .. someone explained it to me a couple of days ago.

...Highlights !

abdvllah said...

I think you guys are neglecting the bigger picture. Why do young people like us have grey hair when we shouldn't??

Stress? I dont think the majority of us are stressed.

Bad genes I tell you. So congratulations for marrying/getting married to your cousin.

:::: SHAYOUMA :::: said...

LooooooL That must be the perfect discription to everyone who first discovered white/grey/silver hair lol.. I go t mine when I hit 30 and I was like "maybe it's blonde" and I looked closer but nooo hoo it not blonde lol!
That is when I started colouring, I never did before and I am still afraid from the colouring chemicals..

eshda3wa said...

allah y3affee el hair dyes
its not the end of the world!!!

Vixen said...

*huuuuug* its ok 3aaadi!! just blame your genes my dear, and embrace the world of hair coloring :p

N. said...

I really wouldn't support hair coloring, honestly. Even if it is one or two or a few hairs, it gives a person some character. It isn't a bad thing, and it doesn't mean anything! If you women want to color your hair then fine :p

This Lady said...

To all the guys who said: women should embrace grey hair. Name one woman with full (or partial) grey hair that u think is sexy! Its not! unless u like the Queen Elizabeth look.

And to all the girls: Mali khilg i dont feel like going thru all the "hair dying" process.. I dont feel like it..

and yeah my family is known for its "grey hair" genes unfortunately.

WendyB said...

Ooh, I'm starting to feel better knowing that people much younger than I am have gray :-)
Misery loves company.