Saturday, January 5, 2008

2008: The Year of Change

I shall call it, The Year of Change.

Yes, people, you heard me. 2008, God willing, will be a year of change for me.

I want to change a few things this year. No, this is not a resolution. I don’t do resolutions. Resolutions are promises you make to yourself before a New Year approaches. I don’t like them because if I don’t achieve the stuff on my list, then I’ll feel bad. And I have yet to meet a single person who accomplished ALL of their lengthy and beforehand prepared resolutions.

What I am saying, however, is that I shall try to make some changes this year, whenever they come to mind. I will try not to procrastinate, because I have a long to-do list that keeps on growing because I always delay. If I am successful, then hooray! If not, then no big deal. At least I tried.

So here’s a (glass of water) toast. To the Year of Change!

*echoes: To the Year of Change*

This lady is clink-clink clinking her glass.


Marzouq said...

loool! Happy New Years! What I do is simple, before any long trip I think about dropping some weight and I throw the ridiculous thought out! hahaha!

I just complete things as I see necessary instead of just waiting for time to do them! :)

Cat said...

Cat: To the year of changeeeee !

but wat r the stuff in ur life that u would like 2 change ? (if I may ask 6b3an )

This Lady said...

hmm i want to be healthy more. So i'll try to exercise, or at least do some form of activity.

also abi i go back to gardening. i zoned out for a while, and now i wanna go back.

and most importantly to NOT DELAY stuff..

'Grey' said...

Good , good ! A change will do you good !

Cheers * said...

Good luck with that!
I clink clink my glass with you!

FourMe said...

FourMe raises her glass Cheers Darling!

Hopeless Poet said...

I don't do new year's resolutions for the same reason too! And any good thing acheived will be unplanned thus will make me feel extra good about myself :D

Euphoria said...

Change is good! :)

'Grey' said...

you've been tagged , check my blog

Lala* said...

Love ur attitude!

*clink clinking*

Ms. D said...

*raises a bottle of water*

to enhance ourselves cuz were already amazing!

This Lady said...

grey: Cheers!

shayouma: thanks!

fourme: *gulp gulp*

hopeless: I agree!!

euphoria: yes it is.

lala*: wallah ana ili i love urs!

ms.d: Amen to that!

Oranjina fadidra said...

Good Luck ;)

Jewaira said...

A very sensible way of looking at things :-)

Have a good 2008 and may it be a year of changes for us all- positive ones

This Lady said...

Merci to you both orangina and jewaira :)