Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FIFA Kicks Kuwait

FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) has officially banned Kuwait from all international football competitions until further notice. This is due to governmental interference in the affairs of the Kuwait Football Associationaction, which is an action "contrary to the road map established by FIFA and the AFC".

Fifa spokesman John Schumacher announced today that “This means that the Kuwait FA and all its members, clubs and players, are suspended from international competition beginning today and until further notice.”

To all the people who participated and contributed to this brilliant, magnificent and astounding achievement:

Congratulations and Thank You!

You’ve made us proud.

You stupid, ignorant, pathetic, hapless, sad, waste-of-oxygen, sorry excuses for human beings.


Ansam said...

LOL aste-of-oxygen <--- Loved it

Noufa said...

they sure are :/

manutdfanatic said...

Here's my addition to the list:
lifeless, idiotic, selfish, moronic, demented, lousy, pea-brained sadly living creatures!


This Lady Says said...

The dictionary is full of words that can be used to describe them.

I just dont want their pathetic little lives to take up precious blog storage space.

Anonymous said...

Lol Nothing new now we can add that to kuwait's wall of fame...
sorry shame!

yalla ma3laih tekbar il kuwait o0 tensaah... maybe ;p

Marzouq said...

We have lots of idiots in our government, its damn annoying that the one idiot who wanted to pressure the government went to FIFA to make it look like he is the little victim in this whole thing when he wanted to exploit sports in Kuwait without anyone interfering with him. This is just as frustrating as anything else!

Anonymous said...

looooool what happened?!! anyways they have nithing to offer so its better to be banned.. Thing is: Will they learn?

N. said...

This is what happens when ignorance takes over. The Kuwaiti officials have to realize that there are other countries in this world, and they wont stand for corruption, and a lot of them will NOT be bought! Ekhs.. :/

This Lady Says said...

Fashla wallah fashla :(

iHamad said...
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iHamad said...

le kol zaman dawla wa rejal .!!

and i would like to share this photo with you if you dont mind ..

and the name and description of photo really describes what i want to say ..