Wednesday, August 22, 2007

London, London, London

Forgive me for saying this, dear London. But what the hell is going on? I mean, seriously, what??

Ok.. Let me start from the beginning. A week ago, my plane touched down on London's busy Heathrow airport runway. I took a taxi (love those funny-looking black cabs) and went to the apartment where my family awaits me.

First of all, I don't want to sound racist, but during the whole ride from the airport to our building, I barely saw any English people. I saw every other nationality on Earth, and yet I rarely saw any of Britain's blonde inhabitants.. London has changed. And I dont mean that in a good way.

I loved coming here to experience a new lifestyle during the holidays. Taking a walk on the busy streets, shopping, enjoying the sights/weather/museums. But now what do I see?

Expensive looking cars bearing the license plates "Qatar/Dubai/KSA" parked in all areas of Knightsbridge. Arabs in sports cars cruising down Oxford Street with the car's top down. Dude, its raining! Eyes following you everywhere like you were an alien. Men with their "posse", not to mention some women with a trailing of servants carrying their bags. And not to mention the blaring of Khaleeji/Arabic music in some of London's famous department stores. How embarassing!

I mean, why the hell are those people travelling, if all they want to do is exactly the same thing they're doing in their country! They're not touring the city, they're trashing it!

I have a lot more to say about you, dear London. But it will just have to wait..


مبتدئ said...
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This Lady Says said...

hmmm.. yeah! good idea :p except u know my type:
dark, serious, angry, extremely gorgeous, smart, wentworth-miller-in-prison-break type of guy..

which means i'll probably be single for a while..