Monday, August 27, 2007

In Memory Of..

In Memory of My Late Grandfather..

You are my father. My guardian. My friend. I have so many memories of you. You carry me, you embrace me, you kiss me. I want to talk with you, grandfather. You are my home away from home. You are the one I lived with during the weekends, which soon turned into the weekdays as well. I have my breakfast with you. And you feed me. And I smile.

Our memories are beautiful. You joke with me. You give me money, secretly, so that my parents don’t accuse you of spoiling me. And I giggle, grandfather, when my mother asks me what’s in my hand. And you tell her, it’s just a piece of candy. And you know that she knows that isn’t true. But you say it anyway. And I smile.

You hear me compliment the fruits in your house. And when I return home, I find crates of them just waiting for me. You call me everyday when I travel. And we don’t talk about much because there’s nothing left to say. You ask about the weather. And you love it when I complain. Because it makes you say “there’s no place better than Kuwait”. And I smile.

Some nights, when I dream of you. You don’t see me. But I can see you from afar, and I admire your posture. Your back has healed. And your limp has disappeared completely! I am so proud, grandfather. Your dark bronzed skin is glowing and glistening. But your smile has not changed at all. I see you, grandfather. And I smile.

May you bask effortlessly in God’s warm, golden glow. May you tread gracefully on His Heaven’s soft, smooth earth. May you float dreamily in His silky, silver sky.

And May we meet again, sometime in the future. Where I shall see you. And we shall smile.


Intlxpatr said...

I lost my father just before Christmas. This post brings tears to my eyes.

chikapappi said...

May he rest in peace and you always have these great memories of me ...

This Lady Says said...

thank you guys. i truly loved him like he was my father. i just thought that i'd like to say a few words to him on the anniversary of his death..

Weld El-ma6aba said...

may he RIP.. it's great of u to share such memories

Muslim Working Mom said...

wow! this was a lovely blog. I just came across your blog and read through all your entries.And kept thinking on which to comment. But this one really touched my heart. Both my grandfathers were gone by the time i was one. But this feeling in your blog sums up the relationship and feelings between a grandparent and a grandchild so beautifully. I see that now between my dad and son.
Lovely writing...... :) .
P.s -Hope to see the a blog titled 'Mama' soon :)