Friday, April 17, 2009

My Girl Friend

Back when we were in school, one of my girl friends (not girlfriend) had her heart broken by a guy. No surprise there. BUT, then she decided to swear off guys and turn lesbian! What the hell?? Why??! Because of a stupid guy who said he likes you and then changed his mind? It’s not like dating a girl will guarantee you a heartbreak-free relationship!

As a matter of fact, I’d rather be asexual than homosexual. No offense to all you gays out there, but I can never ever be with a girl! I mean, girls are pretty, sweet, kind and nurturing. I should know, I am one after all! But man are they we unbelievably weird at times.

If I wanted to be with someone overanalyzing, overdramatic, and full of drama.. I’d date myself! Why would I want to go through double the PMS times, double the crying, and double the emotions!

I believe men and women were meant to be together for a reason. Men are simple (not simple-minded) and logical. We, on the other hand, are complicated and.. and.. complicated!

This is not to say that all guys are easy going. I knew a guy who was emotional, sensitive, and a think tank. He wanted to be with me. I wanted to RUN!

I mean, come on! I do like the opposite sex, but for God’s sake that person was the male version of ME!

This lady thinks that if there’s going to be one drama queen in the relationship, it’s gotta be her!

[Sorry if I’ve been blogging so randomly and not visiting your blogs more often than I usually do, but I’ve been busy job hunting. It sucks. Big time]


Big Pearls said...

never destroy your life over a man. it is not worth it.

eshda3wa said...

how the hell does one switch?

isnt ur sexual attraction something you supposedly have no control over?

:::ShoSho::: said...

Yeah well I sort of agree with Eshda3wa.. but yeah mostly a couple should be opposites it's more fun.. but again like eshda3wa said, how you feel is out of control..

Marzouq said...

That is a bit ridiculous! That thought process is really out of wack!! Who just switches sexual gender preference because of one heart break! If that was the case the population of the world would be very low right now! lol

This Lady said...

big pearls: definitely! Its not worth it at all!

Eshda3wa: i was shocked by her decision.
Your sexual orientation is not something u click on and off. She was being ridiculous.

Shosho: i dont mind if she was always gay, but she wasnt and she only did it because she was pissed at the guy.

Marzouq: heartbreak is not caused by males only! what she did was just a stupid reaction. Its sort of immature if u think about it!

Grey said...

I knew a guy who was emotional, sensitive, and a think tank. He wanted to be with me. I wanted to RUN!

Poor chap ... :P

shoosha said...

ur back? :o

ya3ni for good?

Hasan.B said...

I just noticed that your not being politically active as last time. Am I right? Or are you just not blogging about it like before?