Sunday, January 25, 2009


  • Have you ever considered blogging to be a burden? As much as I used to love it, I have to say, it’s not the case anymore. It takes up SO MUCH of my time – not the blogging part, but catching up on other people’s blogs is so time consuming.
  • Has the economic condition affected your spending habits? I know it affected mine. I’m focused more on what I need rather than what I want. And as always, quality over everything.
  • How about Obama? Did you watch the live inauguration? It felt great to watch history in the making.. As cliché as that sounds..
  • Is there an easy way to lose weight? This cold weather is killing me! All I think about is food!
  • Did you see the Oscar nominations? I’m so excited! I was disappointed that some people weren’t nominated though..
  • How’s the New Year affecting you guys? Any resolutions? I don’t do resolutions, because frankly, a person can choose to change anytime. It doesn’t have to start on a specific day.


Grey said...

Blogging : Yes it is difficult to catch up ... but its ok if you dont comment everytime.
Economy : the much i am trying to save , that much money is being lost , dont ask me how!
Obama: Media hype , everyone is making big a deal... wait till Bobby Jindal kicks his ass in 2012.
Losing weight : Eat less, drink glass of water before eating , and eat very slow, oh yes work out .
New years resolution was to lose 5kilo in a year, since my maid went on vaction i am doing the chores and lost more than 5KG :P

Happy Londoning !

FYI this is the most detailed reply i ever wrote.

Anonymous said...

1) Yes I feel sometimes its hard to post!
2) Yes it has effected my spending and business..
3)Obama wont do any good...
4)There is no easy way..the best thing is to watch what u eat :)
6) I am enjoying my time in London :D
7) Did you just copy me on that ;p

WendyB said...

LOL @ the easy way to lose weight -- it would help if I could stop eating everything in sight, but if it's edible, lately, I eat it.

eshda3wa said...

i dont know if i would call it a burden
but it really is time consuming

economic crisis hasnt affected my spending habits in any way, although my dad wishes it did

i saw the obama inauguration LOVED IT

there is no easy way to lose weight, noly to gain it

didnt watch the oscars

anf i dont do resolutions either!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes blogging is a burden, just like trying to make interesting conversation sometimes when you just want to be alone!

We are saving and spending more carefully, having watched our carefully invested funds dwindle. AAARGH. We like eating out, and the restaurants these days are almost creepily empty.

Eat lower on the food chain - more vegs, less meat.:-)

Always glad to see an intelligent blogger come back to blogging, Lady. :-)

Marzouq said...
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Marzouq said...

I go to different blogs and read what I can, when I can, recently I didn't have much time and I didn't mind being away from the computer

It has affected everyone, I know things are tight these days!

Obama is going to change things, we have hope!

Didn't watch any Oscar thing!

No new resolutions just keep the same ones! lol