Monday, March 23, 2009



Have you jumped the BB bandwagon?

I haven’t. Everyone around me has, but I’m hanging tough. I really don’t need it – I’m happy with my phone right now. It has an Internet service as well as countless others, it’s sleek and light, and I’m really quite content.

I asked all my friends why they bought it, and they said because everyone else has one. And of course because they get to use the free BB Messenger chatting thingy.

Although the BBM idea appeals to me, I’m still not really convinced I should get one. I’ve seen my friends huddled over their phones typing messages like they’re some kind of weird loners who are so into their gadgets. Really it’s so annoying! They hardly speak when we’re out, because they’re busy fiddling with it and instant messaging each other. I also saw a table of 6 guys at a restaurant who barely spoke a word to each other because they were all hunched over their BB’s. They looked like idiots!

I might go for it eventually, but I just want to know..

Is this Iady the only one out there who has not BB-ed yet?

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Hasan.B said...

Its bulky and oversized. Everyone is telling me to get one, but I am not a big fan of techno mobiles. They are way complicated. Why would I need to check my email through my mobile? I know I wont be missing anything huge and I can always check it when I get back home. I like the small mobiles. Easy to use, quick to message and small in the pocket!

Joud said...

no u're not ! i'm sticking to my iphone

but its true that all my friends are switching to bb, one by one

Aggz The Aggressor said...

It's only a matter of time until some corporate smartass over at RIM decides to charge for the BB messenger, which is the BB's only lucrative feature, as far as I'm concerned.

Not much later, you'll find that even the taxi drivers will own one, as the original owners sold them off to get some new fad!

Marzouq said...

I have just joined the BB wagon..

few simple things

I text a lot and since 90% of my friends and work have BBs it is a lot cheaper to use BBM since its free with the service.. that lowers my usual cost about 50-70KD just from text msgs..

on another note..

having access to your personal email and full web browsing is very useful..

It is a very light phone..

but using a qwerty keyboard isn't the simplest thing..

I agree that it can be antisocial!