Monday, September 24, 2007

English Lit, Not Chick Lit!

I've been busy running around London, checking out different universities and their Masters programs. I'm planning to get my masters degree in English literature. It was a tough decision to make, mainly because I made a vow not to go back to university after I graduate, but hey, that's just me! But with Literature, the varieties are endless, and I just feel so alive discussing things like books and stories.. Its like gossip, but with an intellectual aspect to it! Yeah, I said it. I like gossip. What can I say? I'm a sucker for gossip, people!

I've always thought that English literature, among other things, was my calling. In fact, all types of literature are my calling. I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoy the occasional chick-lit novel now and then. Its simply one of my guilty pleasures. Romance novels are also a secret guilty pleasure as well, although THAT I hate to admit! Hahaha..

I prefer reading and writing in English. Many of the books I've read have been simply translated into English. I've recently read that Paulo Coelho, the popular international best-seller novelist (The Alchemist, Veronica Decides to Die), writes in his native Portuguese, and that his novels are translated into different languages.

Ever since I was in middle school, I would start writing rough drafts of my short stories on my then-huge-and-noisy desktop computer. But then, when I wanted to revise them, I would just get so overwhelmed that I would delete the whole thing. I still remember my first short story entitled "Mama".. I cried while I was writing it ( I wont get into that!)..

It makes me so proud to hear about novels that broke boundaries, whether they were by unknown writers, females venturing into new horizons, or maybe an Arab making it into the New York Times best seller list. Could that be me?

Maybe some day I will start writing, or shall I say, rewriting "Mama" again..

Who knows, maybe I might make it into Amazon's best seller list? Or maybe even The New York Times?!

This lady thinks that it's not too impossible.. Is it?


N. said...

Anything is possible, especially something like writing a book and making it big. I wish you all the best!

manutdfanatic said...

Nothing is impossible; keep your head up high and write to your heart's content, you'll reach the light at the end of the tunnel one day. Good luck! =)

New Bride said...

U can make it enshalah , and go for it , i am an english literature graduate but i lost most of my language plz don`t be like me

now i had this plzn ti improve my language again enshalah

so i need to read more and plz recomand good books for me

This Lady Says said...

Thanks, guys! You made me feel better! I was seriously starting to doubt myself!
New bride: Definitely, i'll recommend some books, and you yourself don't give up, English is the most important language in the world today.

Lilo said...

I love English Literature! im currently finishing my BA in English Lit. I love reading new books, old books, crazy books, and nonfiction. Goodluck with your MA! have you tried thinking of something like Creative Writing? it's a great degree! once i finish my BA i might look into that. oh, and there's literary can be a critic..
and i, like you, prefer reading and writing in English. it's great to find people who appreciate the English langauge. Kudos to you..:)

This Lady Says said...

Wallah I love all books, but I dislike science fiction and non-fiction (unless they're biographies).
Its really hard finding just one major out of so may fields.. But I havent decided yet, its tough :S
And I don't really want to be away from home (Kuwait) for a long time. I'll see how it goes for now.

Intlxpatr said...

If you want to be a writer, then you've made a good start with this blog. The secret is write, write some more, and then write some more. Writers write. Go for it!

Ana Filibini said...

I agree with intlxptr. The secret to writing is writing a lot. Good luck and everyone is right, nothing is impossible with the right determination and perserverance and of course a dash of good publicist :P kidding.